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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
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Yarrawonga Taylor, J.C.* 1984 BCH1 35 (89) ML Royal blue. unknown X unknown

Yellow Banner Davis, C. 1965 34 Light yellow. Yellow seedling 58-48 X Wheelhorse

Yellow Fever MacMillan, W. 1975 BY-13-73 36 (91) EM Ruffled and fluted full yellow self; green-gold line crests; green style arms. unknown X unknown

Yellow Sails Granger 1965 61-11 M Medium yellow self; no signal; greenish-yellow style arms. Royal Lady X Frustrations
Yellow Web Arny, C. 1977 HVE-Y-10-75 40 (107) M Yellow-orange with heavy reddish purple veining, small greenish yellow signal surrounded by maroon-colored margin. Harland K. Riley X unknown
Yeloponie MacMillan, W. 1975 RY-5-73 36 (91) EM Ruffled light yellow self, green line crest. unknown X unknown

You Little Beauty You Little Beauty   (Bernard Pryor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 62/96-M. LA, 30" (75 cm), ML. S. cerise violet, white rim and reverse, fine violet line signal; style arms white, blushed pink; F. darker crimson violet, white rim and reverse, golden steeple signal surrounded lime yellow; heavily ruffled; slight fragrance.  New Vogue X Our Dorothy.
Yumali Yumali   (Peter Jackson, R. 2004).  Sdlg. L99Y1.  LA, 35" (90 cm), M.S. terracotta pink, light gold edge, varies in lightness; style arms light gold; F. terracotta pink, fine light gold edge, veined; large gold signal, green centerline edged dark terracotta; ruffled.  Guessing Game X Gladiator’s Gift.  Iris Acres 2004/05.
  Yummy Durio, K. 1992 HKR-JR # C 24-30 (61-71) ML Stands full yellow heavily veined violet-blue with violet splashing; falls full yellow, heavily veined violet-blue, dark yellow signal; slight sweet fragrance. Harlan K. Riley X Uralba Gold