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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
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F.A.C. McCulla Arny, C. 1973 N/R 43 (107) ML Beet red self; yellow line signal. Bayou Comus X unknown
Fading Beauty Arny, C. 1973 N/R 30 (75) M Pale yellow self; serrated edge on falls; yellow line signal. unknown X unknown
Faenelia Hicks 
Faenelia Hicks Arny 1969 42 ML Uniform medium rose self, yellow line crest. Louise Arny X LSU Beauty

Fiat Accompli Fait Accompli Dunn, M. 1990 L107-10 34 (86) M Rosy pink with texture veining, yellow green line signal with deep spot at end; lacy green style arms. Monument X Handmaiden
False River O’Conner, P. 1992 82-9 36 (91) M Red with yellow signal lines radiating out irregularly from style arms; yellow-green style arms tinged red. Mockers Song X Harland K. Riley
Fancy Time Arny 1982 BIT-R-1-81 36 (91) ML Ruffled red bitone; large yellow signal. Charles Arny III X Ann Chowning

  Fantastic Dunn, M. 1980 L13-74-71 34-36 (86-91) M Stands yellow; falls ruffled yellow, deep yellow line signal. HM83 Ila Nunn X Her Highness
Far and Away Far and Away Dunn, M. 1991 L122-1 35 (89) M Ruffled deep red purple, yellow signal. L87-1: ((Blue Shield x Black Widow) x Full Eclipse) X Clara Goula
Fashion Sense Fashion Sense (Heather Pryor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 176/96-A.  LA, 41" (104 cm), ML. Medium rose pink with white rim and reverse, fine raspberry veining, striped lemon and black blotch signal overlaid by yellow steeple signal; style arms pastel pink, lemon edge, tip, and sometimes lemon horn; ruffled, overlapped form, S. and F. equal size; slight fragrance.  Little Treasure X Fashion World.
Fashion World Taylor, J.C.* 1994 RL 33-81 51 (130) ML Rosy carmine-pink, veined darker, white to pale pink rim, yellow signal. Watch Out X Margaret Lee
Fast Travler Arny, C. 1982 BIT-R-1-80 30 (76) M Rose red bitone; yellow signal. Price Redmond X Louise Arny seedling
View larger Fat Tuesday Iris Fat Tuesday Dunn, M. 1987 44-78-151 36 (91) M Stands butter yellow with violet stain on lower portion; falls butter yellow, deeper line signal. Charlie’s Michele X Harland K. Riley
Faubourg-Saint John Faubourg-Saint John (Patrick O’Connor, LA, R. 2001).  Sdlg. 97-8.  LA, 34" (86 cm), M. Reddish purple, F. with yellow crown-shaped signal; style arms reddish purple with greenish cream base; heavily ruffled.  Helen Naish X Fale River
Fauve LSU, O 1965 (o) Fawn colored; overlapped drooping segments; prominent line crest.

Feliciana Hills O’Conner, P. 1987 81-2 34 (86) M Pink. Deneb X unknown
View larger Fesival's Acadian Iris
Festival’s Acadian Haymon, D.1 1989 34-84-10 30 (75) L Stands red purple, frequently with signal and yellow halo; cream style arms veined red purple; falls slightly darker red purple veined darker, radiating yellow dots toward edge, yellow halo around edge, yellow steeple signal. Fading Beauty X Charjoy’s Mike
Festive Dream Morgan, R. 1991 L203-E 30 (75) M Stands pale red; falls slightly darker, narrow buff rim, light yellow signal. Melon Time X Chowning 77-6-C: (Mockers Song x Ann Chowning)
Festive Fever Taylor, J.C.* 1994 RL 35-F1 48 (122) M Stands violet-pink veined darker; falls violet-pink, yellow signal; ruffled. Wine and Dine X Margaret Lee
Few Are Chosen Few Are Chosen (Heather Pryor, LA, R. 2002).  Iris Haven 2005/06.
View larger Fiddle-Dee-Dee Iris
Fiddle-Dee-Dee Campbell, F. 1998 95-301-A1 32-35 (81-89) M Stands medium yellow; style arms medium yellow, orange tips; falls medium yellow, orange veining radiating from orange signal; ruffled. 92:41: (Goula sdlg. (Ann Chowning x Mrs. Ira Nelson) x C’est Se Bon) X Noble Planet
Fiery Angel Raabe, R.*1 1984 U-80-77 20 (50) M Stands orpiment orange veined jasper red, edges Spanish orange; fall sjasper red, edges Spanish orange, prominent striped signal. Andy Dandy X unknown
Fiesta Gal Arny, C. 1987 BIT-RBR-1-82 36 (91) M Stands blood red, falls blood red, large bright yellow irregular signal. Valera X Charlie’s Ginny
Fighting Spirit Pryor, H.* 1995 60/90-31 47 (120) EM Stands soft rose maroon, paler reverse; style arms pale green, flushed maroon; falls deep maroon, paler reverse; signal on all petals, triangular bright yellow, brighter yellow steeple center. Gladiator’s Gift X Desert Jewel
Final Frontier Final Frontier (Bernard Pryor, LA, R. 1999).  Iris Haven 2001.
Fine Warrior Taylor, J.C.* 1990 OL119-1 43 (110) M Heavily ruffled greyed orange, veined greyed orange, yellow signal on stands and falls. L93-1: (blue Freddie Boy seedling x Grace Scott) X Pintharuka
View larger Finders Keepers Iris
Finders Keepers Chowning 1961 1958-4123 L Stands ivory-flecked caeurulean blue on margins; falls ivory-flecked and bordered blue; style arms blue, gold line signal. I. brevicaulis X I. brevicaulis
First Favourite Taylor, J.C.* 1991 OL100A1 39 (100) M White veined yellowish green. Joel Fletcher X Helen Naish

First Lane Betts, T.J.* 2000 005H 43 (109) E Stands pale greenish yellow; style arms green yellow; falls creamy green tipped blush, signal long with green veining; falls reflexed, ruffled; slight sweet fragrance. Lime Dash X Joy Flight
Flame On Flame On Rowlan, H. 1985 83LA-3 38 (86) EM Stands cardinal red, red crest and style arms with green throat at base of style arms; falls cardinal red, large yellow flame type signal, ruffled. Roll Call X Tarnished Brass
Flame Test Raabe, R.* 1977 R-10-741 31.5 (80) ML Blood Red infused Indian orange. Marie Caillet X Delta King
Flamenco Ruffles Flamenco Ruffles Pryor, H.* 2000 5193-K1 40 (102) L Stands rosy lavender, cream reverse; style arms deep crimson, midrib yellow; falls deep crimson, rosy lavender rim and cream reverse, golden yellow raised steeple signal; heavily ruffled. Joe de Vivre X Stylish Socialite
Flareout Flareout Granger, M. 1988 CC72-13 17 (43) M Cartwheel falls, light blue, greenish white center. Double Talk X CQ69-1: (Creole Can-Can x Queen O’ Queens)
Flamingo Flamenco Flamingo Flamenco (Bernard Pryor, R. 2003).  Sdlg. 34/97-C.  LA, 35" (90 cm), E. Hot raspberry, intense lime at base, white sunray pattern around golden steeple signal on all petals; style arms hot raspberry, golden midrib; triangular form.  74/91-C: (Desert Jewel x Piece de Resistance) X Dainty Lace.
Fleur Collette Louise Bailey, A* 1992 CBL88-1 23 (58) E Stands violet; falls violet with white ray pattern, yellow throat, deep yellow signal line; wavy. Cuisine X Bryce Leigh
Flight of Fantasy Taylor, J.C.* 1986 M9-4 31 (80) ML Stands white, edged violet; falls violet, edged lighter, yellow signal surrounded by white. Cammeray X Secret Spell
Flyaway Blues Flyaway Blues Hutchinson, J* 1998 KW/OM/B2 33-36 (84-91)1 M Stands lavender to rosy lavender blend, grey violet infusion, pale line edge; style arms rosey lavender over lime, deeper crests; falls rich medium rose violet, grey violet influence, veined, pale line edge, small yellow and green signal; heavily ruffled; slight fragrance. Koorawatha X Our Mister Bailey
Fondly Fondly Dunn, M. 1998 223 38 (97) EM Red purple, falls with yellow spear signal. Whistling Dixie X Fine Warrior
View larger For Dad Iris For Dad Pryor, H.* 1996 34/92-B 30 (76) M & RE Stands and falls bright yellow, darker veining forming center line, orange line signal changing to lime green near bright yellow style arms; ruffled. Gladiator’s Gift X Designer’s Dream
For Zoe Taylor, J.C.* 1997 UL-28-2 39 (100) M Stands and falls light purple, purple veining, reverse lighter, signal yellow-green; style arms light purple. Lina X Helen Naish

Foreman Crawford Raabe, R.*1 1983 U-81-78 34 (86) EM Stands light Chinese yellow, veined darker; falls light Chinese yellow with dense tan stippling on lower part, reduced to none at hafts. Uralba Gold X R-11-75: (Amber Goddess x unknown)

Forever a Favorite Faggard, A.1 1994 FLAV-1-89 38 (96) M Ruffled dark lavender, pencil line yellow signal; style arms green, veined lavender. Mrs. Ira Nelson X seedling
Fortune Finder Fortune Finder (Heather Pryor, LA, R. 2002).  Iris Haven
Foxy One Foxy One   (M. D. Faith, R. 2003).  Sdlg. S67E.  LA, 38-42" (97 - 107 cm), ML. S. and style arms light violet (RHS 87D); F. violet (87A), prominent gold signal; ruffled, flat form.  H. Rowlan sdlg., unknown, X Cajun Angel.  Faith 2003.
  Francis Kingdon-Ward Fabel-Ward, R. 1987 H78BW/021 14 (35) M Dark violet, narrow cream signal, cream edge on falls. I. hexagon X (I. brevicaulis x Black Gamecock)
  Francois Rowlan, H. 1984 82 LA 17 31 (80) ML Full violet, small yellow signal rimmed deeper violet; deep violet crest and style arms; slight fragrance. Lake Maumelle X unknown
Frank Chowning Frank Chowning Rowlan, H. 1984 82 LA 71 33 (84) ML Stands currant red; currant red crest and style arms; falls currant red, bright yellow steeple signal. Ann Chowning X Miss Arkansas
  Frank’s Legacy Morgan, R. 1985 L52-B 22 (56) M Stands full red brown, large fold steeple signal. Delta King X Gold Reserve
  Fred Durio, K. 1987 LA-4Y87 30-36 (76-91) ML Stands light violet-orange, veined dark violet-orange; light green-yellow style arms with light yellow appendages; falls full yellow, veined light violet-orange; full yellow signal. Harland K. Riley X Gold Reserve
Freddie Boy Mertzweiller, J. 1974 66-133 32-36 (81- 91)> M Stands pink with orange cast; falls deep red. unknown X Crescent City
Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass   (Dorman Haymon, R. 2001).  Sdlg. 6-92-1.  LA, 30" (76 cm), M. S. medium to dark plum purple; style arms very dark plum purple; F. very dark velvety plum purple, gold steeple signal; lightly ruffled.  Wine and Dine X Jeri.
Freedom Ride Taylor, J.C.* 1995 RL9-5 39 (100) M Stands and falls violet blue, light rim; style arms white, brushed light violet blue; yellow green dagger signal on falls, spray on stands. Green Elf X Margaret Lee
French Quarter Dunn, M. 1997 L 216-81 34 (86) M Milky chocolate tan, falls ruffled with large yellow signal; style arms lighter chocolate tan. L 157-3: (Elusive Butterfly X L 95-5: (Ila Nunn x Professor Ike)) X Gadiator’s Gift
Frenchman Strrt Frenchman Street   (Patrick O’Connor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 00-02.  LA, 38" (97 cm), E. Light buff orange, F. with 1/4" wide salmon streak from tip of light buff orange signal to within 1/2" of petal tip.  95-12: (Shizouka Sunrise x False River) X Emory Smith.
Fresh Mint Dunn, M. 1994 L 125-31 35 (89) M Stands ivory faintly shaded lavender; style arms creamy light yellow; falls greenish yellow, fine lime green line signal; wide form. Fantastic X Delta Dawn
Friends' Song Friends' Song   (Dorman Haymon, R. 2001).  Sdlg. 114-92-1.  LA, 32" (81 cm), EM. S. medium pink, darker streaks; style arms dark green shading to cream at tip; F. dark pink, darker streaks, green-tipped gold steeple signal; ruffled.  Heavenly Glow X 7-85-1: (29-83-1: (Pegaletta x Charlie’s Michele) x 4-83-16: (Alston x Charjoy’s Mike)).
View larger Fringed Gold Iris
Fringed Gold Shepard, D. 1992 88013 30 (75) M Stands brick red, brick red style arms fringed gold; falls brick red, gold 1/4” edge and reverse, rich golden yellow signal spraying out like a star; heavily ruffled. President Hedley X 82U: (Delta King x unknown)
From This Moment 
From This Moment Pryor, H.* 2000 16/95-A1 35 (89) E Stands pastel pink, edged blushed dark red; red violet line signal; style arms cream, rosy blush; falls lilac purple, paler rim and reverse, raised deep yellow steeple signal with red violet surrounding area and red blush; petite. Prix d’ Elegance X Elain’s Wedding
Front Row Center Butler, R. 19804 30-34 (76-86) EM Stands bright yellow with occasional fine red line markings; falls medium to dark rose, small yellow line signal Marjorie Brummitt X Gold Reserve
Frosted Monnbeam 
Frosted Moonbeam Pryor, H.* 1994 64/90-2 35 (89) ML Ruffled soft cream veined lime green, lime green-yellow signals on all petals; soft lemon style arms. Drual White Butterfly X Designer’s Dream
Frosted Morn Ostheimer, R. 1991 Wh1-851 38-40 (96-102) VEL White, yellow orange signal. Alston X unknown
Froth and Bubble Froth and Bubble   (Bernard Pryor, R. 2004).  Sdlg. 110/96-C. LA, 33" (85 cm), EM. S. pale apricot brandy with raised yellow steeple signal; style arms brandy with golden midrib; F. pale apricot brandy, yellow blotch overlaid with raised golden signal, outlined brandy; heavily ruffled, rounded form.  Lots of Joy X Little Nutkin.
Frou Frou Fancy Dunn, M. 2000 249-2 34 (86) ML Stands smoky plum; style arms cream; falls smoky plum, yellow steeple signal. L179-1: (C’est Manifique x (Crisp Lime sib x Dark Tide )) X L110-3: (Cest Chick x Easter Tide) X Rich Tradition

Fruhlingsstimmen Fabel-Ward, R. 1985 H(BW)07-82 38 (96) E Stands light violet; falls cream, veined violet, pink yellow signal. (Dixie Deb x Cathedral Blue) X I. hexagona

Fugitive Tylor, J.C.* 1998 UL13-4X 39 (100) M Stands buff, veined light red purple; style arms buff and darker red purple; falls red purple, edged lighter, signal yellow green. Dancing Vogue X First Favourite
Full Eclipse Hager, B. 1997 L64DK1 38 (96) M Dark violet self. Blue Shield X L47Dk: (Black Widow x New Offering)
Future Classic 
Future Classic Pryor, H.* 1997 16/93-K1 43 (110) EM Stands salmon red, darker rose veining, lemon rim; style arms yellow, red blush; falls deep red with lemon rib and reverse, bright yellow raised steeple signal; ruffled. Ginger Fudge X Never Say