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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
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View larger E.C. Everingham Iris
E.C. Everingham Raabe, R.* 1976 M-2-741 39 (100) E Stands light methyl violet, white edge; falls hyacinth blue, white edge. Katherine Cornay X 65-30
E.H. Martyn Raabe, R.* 1974 N27 36 (91) M Sulphur yellow self, shading to chartreuse style arms and inner shafts. G.W. Holleyman X Mertzweiller 62-137
Early On Early On (Patrick O’Connor, R. 2005).  Sdlg. 01-31.  LA, 36" (91 cm), E. S. white veined medium orchid, more pronounced near outer edges; style arms cream, green cast, orchid on either side of midrib; F. medium orchid suffused white toward center, yellow  thumbprint signal, orange center line becoming wine red extending almost to outer edge; irregularly ruffled.  95-12: (Shizuoka Sunrise x False River) X Bubble Gum Ballerina.
View larger Easter Love Iris
Easter Love Faggard, A.1 1982 F-LAV-L-75 32 (81) E Light pastel yellow, veined dark imperial overall except small ruffled edging, fold steeple crest; cream yellow style arms with purple ribbing. Contraband Days X Harland K. Riley
Easter Tide Arny, C. 1979 BiC-Y-Lav-2-77 30 (75) M Stand lavender-blue; falls light yellow; deep orange-yellow irregular-shaped signal; broad lavender-pink style arms. Lucile Holley X lavender seedling
Eastman Winds Eastman Winds (Bernard Pryor, R. 2001).  Sdlg. 56/93-C.  LA, 30" (76 cm), ML. Bright fuchsia pink (RHS 72C) with allover red veining, lemon rim and reverse; all petals with greenish yellow steeple signal with surrounding yellow line signal outlined red, giving star effect.  Monet’s Magic X unknown.
Echo's Red Imp Echo's Red Imp (M.D. Faith, R. 2004).  Sdlg. S50.  LA, 24" (61 cm)s M. Scarlet red (RHS46B)self; darker red-brown line signal merging into faint veining over falls; open form.  Red Echo X G9656: (Bit of Blue x LRF 94-1, dwarf fulva type).  Faith 2004.
Edina Taylor, J.C.* 1986 M9-1 31 (80) M Light blue, yellow signal on falls. Cammery X Secret Spell
Edna Claunch Edna Claunch (Harry Wolford, R. 2004).  Sdlg. 16/99/06.  LA, 26" (66 cm), M.S. lemon lime veined lime green; style arms yellow with lime green throat; F. lemon lime veined lime green, fine lime green line signal on S. and F.  Atchafalaya X Dural White Butterfly.
Edna Grace Edna Grace (Heather Pryor, R. 2006).  Sdlg. 117/00-A. LA, 33" (84 cm), ML & RE.S. and F. palest ice blue, deeper flush at edge, white reverse; style arms lemon ice tipped ice blue; signals on all petals, star pattern, olive-lime steeple with white surround; very ruffled, round overlapping form; spicy fragrance.  Swirling Waters X Truly Scrumptious.
Edith Fear Taylor, J.C.* 1979 GFL 59-1 40 (102) M Stands cream, suffused magenta; falls magenta; green-yellow steeple-shaped crests; magenta style arms tipped cream. Mrs. Ira Nelson X Charlie’s Felicia
Elaine's Wedding 
Elaine’s Wedding Pryor, B.* 1996 34/92-B1 30 (76) EM Stands soft lavender, red violet line signal, paler reverse; style arms white, blushed lavender; falls lavender, red violet veining, white rim, raised deep yellow steeple signal edged red violet, falls reverse paler; ruffled. Bayou Short Stuff X Spanish Ballet
Electric Firefly Electric Firefly (Bernard Pryor, R. 2004).  Sdlg. 171/96-B. LA, 35" (90) cm), ML.S. and F. deep cerise red with cream rim, beige reverse, thick, raised lime steeple signal with pronounced orange tip and ruby red surround on all petals; style arms ruby rose; ruffled, slightly reflexed.  Little Treasure X Fashion World.
Elizaabeth the Queen Elizabeth the Queen (Ira Nelson, deceased, by Barbara Nelson, R. 2001).  LA, 36-40" (91-102 cm), ML.  Pale powder blue to light lavender, F. with yellow linear signal.  Parentage unknown.  In commerce prior to 1955.
Eliza DeBurgh 
Eliza De Burgh Hutchinson, J.* 2000 DJDD 34 (86) EM Ivory white, all petals with rich golden yellow star signal, green throat; style arms rich cream, yellow midrib, green throat. Daisy Jane X (Delta Dawn x Dural White Butterfly)
Ellene Rockwell Arny, C. 1973 LBL 2-71 30 (75) ML Light blue self; orange line crest. Gulf Surf X unknown
View larger Elusive Butterfly Iris
Elusive Butterfly Ghio, J. 1983 LU-79-283A 40 (102) EM Lavender biolet with white spray pattern on falls. Charlie’s Michele X Pay Check
Émigré Dunn, M. 1990 L108-2 35 (89) M Stands blue with lavender undertone, texture veined; wide ruffled matching styles; falls ruffled blue with lavender undertones, serrated edge, small yellow spear signal. LaPerouse X Monument
Emily Strawn Strawn, K. 1993 K-19851 37 (93) E Stands mimosa yellow; darker yellow style arms; falls mimosa yellow, bright yellow-orange signal. King Creole X Just for Joe
Emma Hansen Raabe, R.* 1975 71-T-221 54 (137) M Stands white; falls flax flue, fading to white. unknown X unknown
Emory Smith O’Conner, P. 1999 95-9 36 (91) M Stands blue lavender; style arms cream, tipped blue lavender; falls blue lavender, small white thumbprint signal veined blue lavender and small yellow line signal; lightly ruffled, serrated. Noble Moment X Sea Consul
Empress Josephine Haymon, D. 1989 37-84-9 32 (81) ML Ruffled velvety dark red violet, veined and streaked black, bright fold yellow spearhead signal; dark red violet red arms edged green. Full Eclipse X Ann Crowning
Encased Opal Betts, T.J.* 1983 834F 38 (96) M Stands dark violet; green style arms with purple-flushed crests; falls dark viole, pale reverse, lime green signal. Full Eclipse X Ann Crowning
Encounter Bay Encounter Bay (Peter Jackson, R. 2002).  Sdlg. LMM4.  LA, 39" (100 cm), M. S. white, washed and veined violet; style arms white, washed violet; F. medium blue violet, slightly veined, signal green and gold; ruffled.  Malibu Magic X Margaret Lee.
Endearing Thought Endearing Thought (Bernard Pryor, R. 2004).  Sdlg. 160/96-A.  LA, 34" (87 cm), ML.S. medium mulberry rose; style arms dark mulberry wine; F. slightly darker mulberry rose, bright yellow steeple signal; heavily ruffled, rounded form.  Flamenco Ruffles X 007/95: (‘Bout Midnight x Rachel’s Request).
Ending Balance Ending Balance (Mary Dunn, deceased, by Joseph Ghio, R. 2002).  Sdlg. L256-3.  LA, 30" (76 cm), M. S. grape; style arms green; F. grape, greenish fan-shaped signal, reverse green.  Midnight Drama X self.
Entrée Ghio, J. 1984 LU-78-01 36 (91) ML Stands near white; falls light to mid yellow. Charlie’s Michele X unknown
Enviable Enviable (M. D. Faith, R. 2002).  Sdlg. S86A.  LA, 42" (107 cm), M. S. greyed translucent white, aging paler; style arms soft creamy yellow; F. indian yellow (RHS 17C), veined brown, paling to near-white at outer edge; ruffled.  Rowlan sdlg., unknown, X unknown.  Faith 2002.
Envy in Gold 
Envy in Gold Huchinson, J.* 1995 MSDWB/JH 43 (110) EM Stands rich yellow, edges deeper; style arms deep green, crests yellow; falls deep rich yellow edges darker; strong green signal on all petals; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance. Marsha Sue X Dural White Butterfly
Erolian Arny 1967 BLB-64 42 M Blue self with small, light yellow crest; ruffled. Louise Arny X New Offering
Erika Joy Matheny III, E. 2000 L: 03-02-97 27 (69) L Reddish purple, falls with bright yellow signal; style arms light red. Black Gamecock X unknown

Europa Taylor, J.C.* 1989 N63-2 39 (100)1 M Stands pale pink suffused rose pink; green style arms edges yellow; falls light rosy pink, yellow edge and reverse, yellow signal and spray. Secret Spell X Koorawatha

Evangelist Billy Graham Fabel-Ward, R. 1989 24 (61) E Ruffled white, orange signal; deep green throat. (C’est Moi x Mellon Party ) X Dixie Deb
Evelyn Boon Arny, C. 1977 BiC-Y-B-1-75 40 (102) M Stands light blue; deep cream style arms; falls pale yellow; bright yellow signal. HM79
Even Handed 
Even Handed Dunn, M. 1994 169-1 37 (93) M Milky violet, small green spearsignal. Plantation Beau X Easter Tide

Ever More Wyatt, C. 1978 N/R 36 (91) L Light lemon cream self. Ila Nunn X seedling
Everett Caradine Arny, C. 19704 36 (91) ML Stands sea blue frequently with orange-yellow signal; falls sea blue with bright clear orange dagger-shaped signal. Puttytat X (blue seedling x Dora Dey)
Exclusive Label Taylor, J.C.* 1994 RL 58-11 60 (152) ML Ruffled burgundy, edged yellow, green line signal on falls surrounded by yellow; yellow style arms brushed burgundy. OL113-1: (Koorawatha x Dazzling Star) X Margaret Lee
Exploding Star Exploding Star (Heather Pryor, R. 2002) Sdlg. 42/96-D.  LA, 38" (97 cm), EM. Medium orange, lemon rim and around signal; lime steeple signal with golden tip and darker orange line signal to edge on all petals; style arms lemon lime; ruffled, slightly reflexed.  30/93-A: (Margaret Lee x Heather Pryor) X Lost for Words.
Exquisite Lady Owen, A. 1986 AO-2 28 (71) E Medium lavender blue, yellow signal, ¼”silver rim around stands and falls. Clara Goula X Mrs. Ira Nelson
Exquisite Miss Strawn, K. 19934 45 (114) M Stands purple; green-yellow style arms, yellow tips; falls purple, yellow reverse, yellow signal. Marie Caillet X unknown
Extra Dazzle Extra Dazzle (Heather Pryor, LA, R. 2003).  Sdlg. 54/96-A.  LA, 40" (102 cm), E. Dark cyclamen rose rimmed white, lemon reverse, intense white sunray pattern on all petals with long lime steeple signal surrounded yellow; style arms strong lime, tips cream white; ruffled.  Spring Tapestry X Golden Fireworks.
View larger Extraordinaire Iris
Extraordinaire Dunn, M. 1990 L122-2 36 (91) M Ruffled and serrated metallic purple, lime green signal. L78-1: ((Blue Shield x Black Widow) x Full Eclipse) X Clara Goula
Eyed Excitement Faggard, A. 1994 FBL-10-881 37 (93) ML Ruffled medium blue-lavender, rich lime-green signal crests; rich lime-green style arms tipped lavender slight sweet fragrance. Bayou Classic X Gulf Shores