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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
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Oaklands Amethyst Jackson, P.* 1999 LAW6 35 (90) M Stands medium amethyst; style arms light amethyst, center darker; falls rosy amethyst, gold line signal surrounded by lighter triangular area; lightly ruffled. All Agaze X Watch Out
Oaklands Jewell Oaklands Jewell Jackson, P.* 1997 LDD1 44 (112) EM Stands soft violet, veined and washed deeper violet; style arms cream, tipped soft violet; falls medium violet, fine lighter edge; yellow steeple signal with green center line; ruffled; pronounced fragrance. Dural White Butterfly X Delta Dove
  Oath Ghio, J. 1997 LU-208C 36 (91) L Blue-purple, velvety falls; yellow signal. Blue Shield X Pledge
Obvious Heir Taylor, J.C.* 1991 OL137-5 43 (110) M Heavily ruffled, olive green veining and signal on stands and falls. Dazzling Star X Helen Naish
Ocean Fisher Ocean Fisher (T. J. Betts, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 317C.  LA, 43" (109 cm), L. Lightly ruffled blue (RHS 88A), veined, F. with pale rim, green streak with lime burst signal; style arms purple, pale reflexed lacy crests.  Malibu Magic X Delta Dove.
Ocean Going Ocean Going Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL8-8 47 (120) M Stands blue violet; style arms white, tipped blue violet; falls blue violet, lighter edge, yellow signal surrounded by white. C’est La Mote X First Favourite
October Eve Betts, T.J.* 1997 O25A 31 (80) ML Stands amethyst violet; style arms cream; falls amethyst violet; darker veining, creamy central infusion, signal faint orange on cream. Deeper Echo X Evelyn Boon
Odean Morgan Morgan, R. 1982 L9-C 36 (91) M Medium yellow, lined pale rose on falls; orange line signal. Missey Reveley X Ila Nunn
Offshore Flow Offshore Flow Dunn, M. 1997 L 213-1 35 (89) M Blue-violet self, lighter falls area, green finger signal; style arms centered rosy violet. Boy Crazy X Malibu Magic
Oh Happy Day Oh Happy Day Pryor, H.* 2000 1/95-F 44 (112) E Ruffled cadmium orange, olive green stands veins, style arms base and line signal on all petals giving star effect. Bushfire Moon X Lots For Words
View larger image Oklahoma Kitty Iris
Oklahoma Kitty Granger, M. 1990 82-8 28 (71) M Stand light pink; falls bright medium pink, small greenish yellow line signal; slight fragrance. BR77-23: (69-1: (( BQ64-24 x Louisiana Sambo) x King of Clubs) x Charlies’ Michelle X 75-15, unknown
View larger image Old South Iris
Old South Dunn, M. 1985 L72-1 26 (66) M Stands ivory cream, veined and washed light violet; style arms stained violet; falls cream, veined and washed light violet, yellow line signal. L13-74-10: ( Ila Nunn x His Highness) X Carmen
Old South Ball
Old South Ball Haymon, D. 1989 46-85-1 36 (91) EM Heavily ruffled and pleated medium lavender fading to pale lavender, ¼” white halo around edge, gold steeple signal changing to white spray; slight fragrance. (Clara Goula x Charlie’s Angel) X Easter Tide
Oliver Monette Olivier Monette MacMillan, W. 1970 N/R 30 (75) EL Dark red-violet; yellow line signal. unknown X unknown
  On the Bayou Vaughn, K. 1997 E-8-3 32 – 36 (81-91) ML Stands amethyst violet, dark orchid veining; style arms near-white, dark orchid midrib and crest; falls dark orchid, edge white; lightly ruffled, laciniated. Kay Nelson X Jazz Ballet
Opal Sunset Opal Sunset Pryor, B.* 2000 9/94-B 32 (81) EM Golden yellow veined rose, edges blushed rose pink, all petals with lime green steeple signal with yellow sunburst surrounded by rose red; style arms rosy pink, base of midrib yellow; ruffled. 74/91-B: (Desert Jewel x Piece de Resistance) X Spanish Ballet
  Open Letter MacMillan 1965 Ye-5-65 40 EL Stands brilliant yellow veined purple; falls same with more purple. Lune X Unknown
  Opening Presence Carroll, C.* 1986 38 (96) M Stands pale lavender, dark purple style arms; falls lavender, yellow signal edges white. Marie Caillet X Mrs. Ira Nelson
View larger image of Our Dorothy Iris
Our Dorothy Pryor, B.* 1997 41/93-F 38 (;96) ML Stands pale lemon, cyclamen pink rim; style arms apricot, blushed cyclamen pink; falls lemon apricot, wide suffused cyclamen pink rim, lime yellow steeple signal outlined maroon; flower color changing to pink with edge. 61/90-1: (Frank Chowning X Desert Jewel) X Heather Pryor
O Mr. Bailey
Our Mister Bailey Hutchinson, J.* 1983 33 (84) M Stands blue violet with red violet cast; falls deep blue violet with red violet cast; white style arms shading to blue violet. Ila Nunn X Mac’s Blue Heaven
View larger image Our Parris Iris
Our Parris Carroll, C.* 1987 86-69 36 (91) EM Stands cream, veined green; cream style arms with dusty pink speckles; falls cream ground with peach to dusty pink overtones, yellow signal with gold dagger, ruffled. (Marie Caillet X Gypsy Moon) X Myra Arny
Over Fence Generosity Arny, C. 1985 RPu-1-82 36 (91) M Slightly flaring purple red, yellow signal almost completely covered by long purplish red style arms. Mighty Rich X Charjoy’s David
Over The Top Taylor, J.C.* 1996 SL-59-1 47 (120) ML Stands cream, purple spray pattern; style arms cream, blushed purple; falls purple, light edge, signal yellow; recurved falls form; slight fragrance. Paul Paynes X OL-137-9: (Dazzling Star x Watch Out)
Overnight Success Overnight Success Ghio, J. 1996 LA93-233A 36 (91) EM Plush red purple self, contrasting gold signals. High Pitch X Margaret Lee