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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
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Valencia Vanity Rowlan, H. 1984 80 LA 4 36 (91) M Stands orange brown, yellow crests; yellow style arms, orange brown at base touched green; falls orange brown, yellow signal; sweet fragrance. Miss Arkansas X G.W. Holleyman
Valera Arny, C. 1980 BR-1-77 30 (76) M Lightly ruffled apricot buff, deep yellow line signal; light green style arms. Sun Fury X red seedling
Vanilla Mist Vanilla Mist   (Heather Pryor, R. 2004).  Sdlg. 33/96-C.  LA, 40" (102 cm), E. S. deep cream with fine gold line signal; style arms cream with palest yellow blush at edge; F. deep cream with long golden lime steeple signal; form slightly reflexed; sweet fragrance.  Crushed Ice X 003/95: (Malibu Magic x Spanish Ballet)
Velvet Memory Morgan, R. 1994 L662-RV 28 (71) M Dark red-violet, tan halo on falls, medium green-yellow steeple signal; lightly ruffled. Treasured Memories X L203-A: (Melon Time x Chowning 77-6: (Mockers Song x Ann Chowning ))
Venus Vortex Pryor, H.* 1998 50/93-A 45 (115) M Deep purple, white spray pattern, rim and petal reverse; lime green signal radiating to white spray pattern; style arms pale lime green, white tips blushed purple, ruffled. Saturn Swirl X Saturn Swirl
Vermillion Davis, C. 1960 Flat, dark red heavily veined. Cherry Bounce X unknown

Vermillion Queen Goula, R. 1992 G-87-G1 38 (96) EM Stands pale cream; falls medium buttery gold, greenish gold signal; ruffled; slight spicy fragrance. Clara Goula X Gold Plaque
Vermillion Treasure Haymon, D. 1986 44-83-1 39 (100) M Red violet, veined darker, silver serrated edge on falls, large yellow sunburst signal fading to white. Delta Prince X Ann Chowning
Vested Ways Morgan, R. 1982 L9-D 38 (96) M Stands very pale violet, fading to cream; falls yellow, orange line signal. Missey Reveley X Ila Nunn

Victoria Inn Victoria Inn   (Patrick O’Connor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 94-17.  LA, 37" (34 cm), M.S. lavender rose, red violet centerline; style arms lavender rose washed on cream, center cream; F. deep red violet, edge slightly lighter, yellow crown signal; crepe texture.  False River X Irish Bayou.
Victorian Love Victorian Love   (Joseph Musacchia, R. 2003).  Sdlg. 99-2-6.   LA, 36-40" (90-1-2 cm), M. S. pink, darker edges to lighter center; style arms burgundy rose; F. burgundy rose, yellow cathedral signal.  Fiesta Gal X unknown.
  Violet Lae Loveridge, G.* 1974 L14 34 (86) M Violet-rose self, yellow signal. Chowning seedling X Chowning seedling
Virginia Plauche Arny, C. 1989 Bic-PiW-83 36 (91) M Stands white; falls pink, large light yellow radial signal. Myra Arny X unknown
Vision Splendid Vision Spendid   (Heather Pryor, R. 2002) Sdlg. 16/93-A.  LA, 43" (109 cm), ML. S. pastel salmon blushed darker, fine red line signal; style arms pastel lemon, midrib pink; F. medium salmon pink with pale rim, fine red veining, yellow blotch signal overlaid by golden steeple signal, deep red rim; ruffled.  Ginger Fudge X Never Say.  Iris Haven 2002.
Viva La Difference Dunn, M. 1989 L107-5 34 (86) M Stands light orchid lavender; green style arms; falls lightly ruffled light orchid lavender, yellow line signal. Monument X Handmaiden
Volcanic Wildfire Click on picture to see larger view. Volcanic Wildfire Pryor, H.* 1994 60/90-1 30 (75) EM Yellow base with brown-red veining and wash, falls with additional thin yellow edge and red-brown line signal surrounded by yellow area; yellow style arms; lightly ruffled. Gladiator’s Gift X Desert Jewel
  Voodoo Magic Rowlan, H. 1986 84 LA 4 32 (81) EM Stand fuchsia purple; fuchsia style arms and crests; falls fuchsia purple, large yellow spray signal. Black Gamecock X Dr. Dorman
Voodoo Music Rowlan, H. 1987 85 LA 15 28 (71) ML Ruffled violet purple, creamy yellow sunray signal; self style arms and crest. Roll Call X 77 LA 4: (Miss Arkansas x Peggy Mac)
Voodoo Queen Click on picture for a larger view.
Voodoo Queen Rowlan, H. 1992 91-LA-20 36 (91) EL Ruffled dark violet-purple, yellow line signal; slight spicy fragrance. Graceland X Mentida
Voodoo Rite Click on picture for a larger view Voodoo Rite Rowlan, H. 1989 82 LA 12 35 (89) ML Intense violet red, yellow ray pattern on stands and falls; violet style arms and crests, green in throat; slight spicy fragrance. Black Gamecock X unknown
Voodoo Song Click on picture for a larger view Voodoo Song Rowlan, H. 1988 85 LA 22 30 (75) ML Spectrum violet, raised orange line signal bordered cream sunburst pattern; self style arms and crest. Charlie’s Michele X Black Gamecock
  Vow Ghio, J. 1979 LU-10 42 (107) ML Blue-violet, turquoise undertone on falls. Ila Nunn X Sundown Shadows