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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
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Saint Bernard

Sallie Jones Keith Faggard, A. 1994 F-LAV-PK-1-86 38 (96) E Stands light lavender-pink; green-yellow style arms, claws tipped lavender-pink, falls lavender-pink, large yellow crest. Mistis X Deneb
View larger Sam Redurn Iris
Sam Redburn Granger, M. 1973 QQ66-44 16-20 (41-51) M Stands light rose-red; falls dark rose-red; yellow signal. Queen O' Queens X King of Clubs
Samurai Wish Chenoweth, V. 1986 PI-1 36 (91) M Stands amber with bright red center; falls light red, large yellow signal. Professor Ike X Mertzweiller C-74-78A
San Domenico Taylor, J.C.* 1986 L83-BC 39 (100) EM Stands white, veined yellow green; yellow green style arms; falls white, yellow signal. unknown X unknown
Sands of Time Sands of Time (Heather Pryor, R. 2003).  Sdlg. 4/96-A, LA, 42" (107 cm), M & RE.  Deep cream, petal edges overlaid with fine beige speckling, rebloom with lemon toning, all petals with lime olive line signal spreading out to veining; style arms pale cream; ruffled.  Sorrento Moon X Lucy Payens.
Santa Fe Tile Strawn, K. 1993 39-1984 40 (102) L Stands grayed red; style arms same; falls darker grayed red, yellow-orange signal. Sun Fury X Shrimp Louis
Sara E. Bryan Fabel-Ward, R. 1990 35 (89) EM Red brown, large yellow signal. Freddie Boy X Little Miss Sims
Sarah Ann Sarah Ann (D. L. Shepard, R. 2004).  Sdlg. 21044-82R.  LA, 36-38" (91-97 cm) M. S. rich gold, upright; F. rich gold, darker blaze through center, dark gold line signal, crimped edges.  Harland K. Riley X Thibodaux.  Shepard 2004
Sarah O'Connor O'Connor, P. 1987 81-25 30 (75) M Rose self. This I Love X unknown
Satchmo Dunn, M. 1986 L80-80-1 34 (86) M Bright blue purple, very dark in center of falls. New Offering X Full Eclipse

Saturn Swirl Pryor, H.* 1995 57/90-4 38 (96) ML Pale lemon, washed soft rose at end and edges, white rim; darker rose veining; raised bright lime green line signal on all petals; style arms bright lime green. Desert Jewel X Noble Planet
View larger image Sauterne Iris
Sauterne Durio, K. 1981 TY-1-79 30-36 (76-91) M-ML Stands very pale yellow, tinted pale violet with lavender veining, very pale yellow midrib and edge; falls pale yellow, green throat under style arms, lightly veined lavender near base, full yellow line crest, light yellow signal path. Professor Claude X Professor Ike
Sawtooth Dunn, M. 2000 245-1 32 (81) EM Stand light lime yellow; falls lime yellow; petal edges serrated. Sea Consul X 173-3: (Dominique X Bourbon Street)
Scamp Arny, C. 1973 N/R 42 (107) ML Stands red; falls lighter, bright yellow signal. Louise Arny X Bayou Comus
Scarlet Lady Mertzweiller, J. 1980 N/R 39.5-47 (100-120) ML Iridescent brick red, yellow line signal. unknown X unknown
Scarlett Dunn, M. 1998 220-3 36 (91) M Red self; signal yellow. (Billy x Billy) X Midnight Drama
Screen Gem Arny, C. 1982 Pi-I-80 30 (75) M Deep pink, edged silver, large yellow signal. Charlie's Michele X Ellene Rockwell seedling
Sea Consul Taylor, J.C.* 1990 OL140-1 47 (120) EM Lightly ruffled blue, lighter reverse and serrated edge. M28-2: (Koorawatha sib x Lucile Holley) X Helen Naish

Sea Drift Raabe, R.* 1982 U-80-12 35 (89) EM Stands methyl violet; falls methyl violet. Emma Hansen X A-9: (Clyde Redmond x self)
Sea Knight Morgan, R. 1985 L63-D 20-25 (50-64) EM Very dark blue, orange line signal. New Offering X Clyde Redmond
Sea Lord
Sea Lord Taylor, J.C.* 1989 M9-D 36 (91) L Blue, yellow signal. Cammeray X Secret Spell
  Sea Pearl Arny, C. 1978 LBL-6-75 24 (61) M Light gray-blue self; lighter blue style arms; light yellow signal. Ellene Rockwell X Clyde Redmond
Sea Wisp Rowlan, H. 1983 80 LA-12 36 (91) M Wisteria blue, raised yellow line signal edged white. F.A.C. McCulla X Dixie Deb
Secret Decree Secret Decree (Heather Pryor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 24/93-B.  LA, 45" (114 cm), ML. S. medium pink marbled and blotched white, yellow line signal; style arms pastel pink, lemon blush at tip; F. medium pink with cream rim, pastel pink reverse, golden steeple signal; ruffled.  Hot and Spicy X Dancing Again.  Iris Haven 2002.
Secret Spell Secret Spell Arny, C. 1982 N/R 30 (75) M Blue violet, large yellow signal. Clyde Redmond X Ellen Rockwell
  Selena Taylor, J.C.* 1989 N63-3 43 (110) M Pale cream, greenish line signal. Secret Spell X Koorawatha
Seminole Autumn Seminole Autumn (Harry Wolford, LA, R. 2004).  Plantation Point 2006.
Seminole Sunrise Seminole Sunrise (Harry Wolford, LA, R. 2004).  Plantation Point 2006.

Serene Presence Carroll, C.* 1995 91-C-C 41 (104) M Stands and falls pink, veined light brown, signals yellow, tipped pink. Opening Presence X Andy Danoy
View larger Seriously Blue Iris
Seriously Blue Taylor, J.C.* 2000 UL 8-1 43 (110) M Blue, signals yellow; style arms lemon, tipped blue. C'est La Mote X First Favourite
Sextet Raabe, R.* 1982 R-76-12 31 (80) M Stands very light solferino purple; falls slightly darker. M-32-74: (66-61 x 64-B-1) X M-17-74: (64-B-1 x pink seedling)
Sharon Juliette O'Connor, P. 1999 96-9 30-33 (76-81) EM Stands light red, suffused white; style arms cream yellow; falls medium red, deep yellow spear signal on yellow field veined red. False River X High Rank
Shines Brightly Chowning, F. 1981 FC 78-2 24 (61) ML Red orange prominent gold signal; yellow gold style arms. Spangled Organza X Gold Reserve

Shizuoka Sunrise Shizuoka Sunrise (Patrick O’Connor, R. 2001).  Sdlg. 91-1.  LA, 37" (94 cm), M. S. orange buff base overlaid with deeper red orange veining; style arms red orange to orange buff; F. red orange, large yellow orange arrowhead signal with short deep red orange line marking at tip.  Ann Chowning X President Hedley.
  Shrimp Creole Ghio, J. 1974 LY-162-A 40 (102) M Shrimp rose self; gold signal. Delta King X Tressie Cook
  Shrimp Louis Hager, B. 1978 L57 36 (91) M Stands shrimp pink; falls blend of catsup and mayonnaise; deep yellow signal. Delta King X Frances Elizabeth
Shy Royal Shy Royal Taylor, J.C.* 1994 RL 74-1 38 (96) M Stands pale pink, veining darker pink; falls magenta pink edged pale pink, pale pink reverse, green line signal surrounded by yellow; ruffled and fluted. OL142-3: (( C'est Si Bon x Charles Arny III ) x Helen Naish ) X Margaret Lee
  Sidney Conger MacMillan 1965 Wh cr 16-62 30-40 EML White tinged cream; tint on stands lighter than falls. 212-60 X 110-60
Sidoux LeJeune MacMillan, W. 1970 N/R 30 (75) M Lavender-pink self with white underlay. unknown X unknown
Singer of Songs Singer of Songs (Janet Hutchinson, R. 2001).  Sdlg. MS/DW/CARO.  LA, 52" (132 cm), EM. S. pale ivory cream, veined and marked ruby wine, yellow base; style arms ruby wine over yellow, green throat; F. ruby wine, pale narrow line edge and reverse, yellow spray pattern signal, yellow green centerline; lightly ruffled; slight fragrance.  Marsha Sue X Dural White Butterfly.  Iris Haven 2001.
Silencio Taylor, J.C.* 1993 RL 68-2 47 (120) ML Very heavily ruffled violet, lighter rims and reverse, and yellow signals on all petals. OL 137-4, Margaret Lee sib X Margaret Lee
  Silent Woods Raabe, R.* 1983 U-80-220 38 (96) M Stands white; falls light barium yellow; ruffled. Clara Goula X Uralba Mist
View larger Simple Melody Iris
Simple Melody Morgan, R. 1983 L43-A 42 (107) M Full red, large yellow signal. F.A.C. McCulla X Ann Chowning
View larger Simply Irresistible Iris
Simple Irresistible Pryor, H.* 1998 50-90-A 45 (115) M Stands cherry red, lemon rim and reverse; style arms cherry red; falls deeper cherry red, lemon rim and reverse, raised lime steeple signal; ruffled. Designer's Dream X Gladiator's Gift
Sinfonietta Raabe, R.* 1986 RM 109-81 33 (84) EM Mid gentian blue, gold yellow crest. Bethany Douglas X U80-27: (Clara Goula x Gatewood Princess)
Sinyaya Ptitsa Fabel-Ward, R. 1985 H(BW)04-80 30 (75) ML Stands dark blue; white style arms; falls dark blue, mid-yellow signal; ruffled. Dixie Deb X I. hexagona (Georgia)
Sit In Sit In Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL16-4 43 (110) M Light red purple, midribs darker, lighter edge, falls with yellow signal; style arms lemon. Dancing Vogue X Noble Planet
Ski Seson Ski Season Jackson, P.* 1999 LWM2 39 (100) EM Lightly ruffled white, gold spear signals, style arms green, tips white. Watch Out X Malibu Magic
  Slick Willie Fabel-Ward, R. 1992 32 (81) EM Red-tan with cream spray overcast. I. fulva (light tan) X Bayou Goula
  Slowpoke Ennenga, J. 1993 14 (36) L Violet-blue, white signal with yellow and green infusion at midrib; zigzag stems with flowers at nodes; slight sweet fragrance. Selection of I. brevicaulis collected near New Hope, AL
Smart Card Smart Card Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL29-4 47 (120) Stands and style arms purple; falls purple, deeper in center, signal yellow. Louie X Rachel's Request
Smarten Classy Smarten Classy (Bernard Pryor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 47/93-A.  LA, 30" (75 cm), M. Ruffled pastel pink, white rim and reverse, long lime yellow signal on all petals; style arms white, pastel pink midrib.  Playful Minx X Little Treasure.  Iris Haven 2002.
Smiley Smiley Hutchinson, J.* 1995 MSDWB/HS 43 (110) EM Stands clear light yellow, deeper at edge, light olive buff center veining; style arms light yellow, deeper tips; falls light yellow, deeper edge, narrow deep gold signal; ruffled, edges serrated;slight sweet fragrance. Marsha Sue X Dural White Butterfly
  Smoke and Flame Rowlan, H. 1986 83 LA 26 36 (91) M Stands lavender; deep green style arms with lavender rib; lavender crest; falls ruffled grayed lavender violet blend, yellow flame line signal, full violet mid-line. G.W. Holleyman X Eolian
  Smokey Joe Conrad Powell, M. 1993 PIP8805 38 (96) M Stands lavender; deep green style arms with lavender rib; lavender crest; falls ruffled grayed lavender violet blend, yellow flame line signal, full violet mid-line. G. W. Holleyman X Eolian
Snap Frozen Snap Frozen (Peter Jackson, R. 2003).  Sdlg. L007-1, LA, 44" (112 cm), M. Ruffled creamy white, F. with gold line signal.  Extraordinaire X Gate Crasher.  Iris Acres 2003/04.
  Snow Cap Neugebauer 1971 (o) Twilight Mist X unknown

Snow Pearl Arny 1963 24 ML White self, yellow line signal. Louise Arny X (Holleyblue x Buttercup)

Snowy Change Clark, B. 1994 87-5 31 (80) E Stands cream white veined green with slight blue infusion when fresh; lime green style arms tipped cream; falls cream white veined green, long lime green signal; slight spicy fragrance. Professor Paul X Professor Paul
View larger So Loyal Iris
So Loyal Taylor, J.C.* 1995 RL67-2 35 (89) M Stands white with variable purple veining; style arms yellow green blushed purple at tips; falls purple, edged lighter with yellow signal. OL136-1: (M19-1: (C'est Si Bon x Koorawatha sib) x Helen Naish )) X Margaret Lee
View larger Soft Hearted Iris
Soft Hearted Dunn, M. 1999 L247-5 36 (91) ML Medium blue self, white hairline edge, slight yellow signal; style arms white. (Plantation Beau x Easter Tide) X Sea Consul
Soft Laughter
Soft Laughter Hutchinson, J.* 1987 37 (93) M Stands warm cream, softening on 2nd day; cream and green style arms; falls warm cream, faint pinkish gray influence on edge (fading to pale cream with gray shadowing on 2nd day), green veining, gold signal; ruffled. Ila Nunn X (Charlie's Michele x unknown)
  Solar Light Arny 1962 36 ML Cream white self; yellow-green line crest. (Holleyblue x Buttercup) X (Louise Arny x June Cloude)
View larger Sorbet Iris
Sorbet Dunn, M. 1991 L125-1 34 (86) M Stands lemon cream; ivory style arms; falls lemony cream, large green area in center, lime green line signal. Fantastic X Delta Dawn
Sorrento Moon
Sorrento Moon Pryor, H.* 1997 4/91-B 40 (102) E Stands and falls soft creamy white, veined beige, lime yellow line signal; style arms soft lime green tipped beige; heavily ruffled. Koorawatha X Fat Tuesday

South Sea Pearl South Sea Pearl (Heather Pryor, R. 2001).  Sdlg. 87/96-A.  LA, 41" (105 CM), M. White with silvery grey (RHS 202D) overlay, lime green centerline signal surrounded yellow, F. with white rim and reverse; style arms silvery white.  Deep Sea Quest X Frosted Moonbeam.
  South Yarra Darling Pryor, H.* 1999 20/94-A 43(100) ML Red brown, pale lemon rim and reverse, raised yellow steeple signal on all petals; style arms lime green base, yellow midrib, brown tip. 35/92-A: (Volcanic Wildfire x Spanish Ballet) X Hot and Spicy
Southdowns O'Connor, P. 1992 80-6 38 (97) EM Light blue-purple with pronounced white underlay, giving pale blue effect, orange signal; white style arms-arms. Cajun Caper X unknown
Southern Drawl Dunn, M. 1986 L81-80-1 30 (75) M Stands soft lilac pink, falls lilac pink, lighter serrated edge, yellow signal. King Creole X Ellen Rockwell
View larger Southern Expression Iris
Southern Expression Dunn, M. 2000 231-1 26 (66) ML Stands tomato red; falls yellow base overlaid tomato red, gold dagger signal. L170-2: (L7-4 (Mary's Charlie x Ann Chowning x sib ) X Gladiator's Gift
Southern Lady
Southern Lady Dunn, M. 1983 L23-76-2 34 (86) M Light orchid lavender, lime yellow signal. Monument X Monument
  Southern Skies 1971(p) Low, midseason. Deep blue. Breeding involving I. giganticaerulea
Southerner Ghio, J. 1981 LU-272C 36 (91) M Stands ocher gold; falls gold washed rusty red, deepening at edge; yellow signal. Charlie's Karen X Cajun Caper
Spangle Organza Chowning 1961 1958-1 18 L Chrome yellow self; large lance-head signal patch of gold. Promise Land Sibling X Pomp and Glory
View larger Spanish Ballet Iris
Spanish Ballet Taylor, J.C.* 1991 OL138-1 36 (91) M Ruffled cream, veined greenish yellow. Dazzling Star X Watch Out
Spanish Fiesta Strawn, K. 1993 JJJ-1985 41 (104) M Stands grayed orange; style arms same with some yellow; falls darker grayed orange, yellow-orange signal. Kirk Strawn X Count Pulaski
  Spanish Spirit Strawn, K. 1993 FFF-1985 46 (117) M Stands grayed orange; style arms same; falls grayed orange, yellow-orange signal. Kirk Strawn X Count Pulaski
  Spanish Sunrise Rowlan, H. 1990 89-LA-10 30 (75) ML Stands mars orange; greenish orange style arms and crests; falls burnt orange, maroon signal edge orange. Missey Reveley X Dixie Deb
  Spanish Sunset Rowlan, H. 1986 83 LA 12 36 (91) M Stands Spanish orange; self style arms and crests; falls Spanish orange, yellow steeple signal; ruffled. Mary Dunn X Valencia Vanity
  Spanish Town O'Connor, P. 1987 81-18 36 (91) M Red orange. unknown X unknown
Speclded Hen Speckled Hen Pryor, H.* 1994 31/90-3 31 (80) E Stands soft peach tan veined slightly darker; yellow-green style arms, bright yellow crests; falls soft tan base with rose-pink veining and speckling, fine yellow border, yellow signal veined green; lightly ruffled. Myra Arny X Lucy Payens
Spice Attack Spice Attack Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL29-5 47 (120) L Stands and falls purple violet, midrib darker, buff edge and reverse, yellow signal; style arms buff, brushed purple violet; fluted. Louie X Rachel's Request
Spice World Spice World Dunn, M. 1999 L248-8 34 (86) EM Mocha tan self, gold fan signal; style arms yellow. (( Charlie's Michele x Rhett ) x (Clara Goula x Southerner)) X Rich Tradition
Spirit of Spring Spirit of Spring (Heather Pryor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 20/96-A.  LA, 38" (97 cm), M. S. lemon, fine lime line signal; style arms golden yellow; F. medium yellow, lime blotch signal running out as orange line signal to edge; ruffled, slightly reflexed.  Jazz Hot X 009/93; (Louie x Rachel’s Request).
Slitter Splatter Splitter Splatter (D. R. Grieves, R. 2004).  LA, 31" (80 cm), M.S. off white, light veining; style arms cream, veined purple, cream crests; F. mimosa yellow, veined and random bleeding beetroot purple (HCC 830/3), gold signal bleeding to purple.  Parentage unknown.
Spring Shadows Granger, M. 1991 88-19D 19-20 (48-51) EM Stands light chartreuse yellow; falls medium chartreuse yellow, edged smoky tan, small greenish yellow signal; slight fragrance. unknown X unknown
Spring Tapestry Spring Tapestry Pryor, H.* 1997 20/92-B 38 (96) EM Lightly ruffled cream self with fine golden veining, lime green signal surrounded by golden yellow; style arms lime green, tipped lemon. Koorawatha X 27/90-1: (Rosebery x Old South) 
Spring Welcome Spring Welcome Pryor, H.* 1996 26/90-2 38 (97) VEE Stands and falls soft lemon veined mauve, falls with bright green to golden yellow blush signal between mauve veining; lightly ruffled. Dazzling Star X Old South  
Squidlee Squidlee (m.d. Faith, R. 2004).  Sdlg. S22A.  LA, 42" (107 cm), M.S. purple violet (RHS 82B) fading to silvery white; style arms and F. purple violet (76C), lighter toward edges, prominent gold steeple signal; ruffled, open form.  Cajun Belle X Rowlan sdlg.  Faith 2004.
Stage Shy Taylor, J.C.* 1993 RL 42-1A 55 (140) EM Stands light yellow with magenta midline and flush; falls magenta-pink, rimmed yellow, yellow signal with light green line. Dawn Planet X OL 113-1: (Koorawatha x Dazzling Star)

Star Power Dunn, M. 1993 L122-3 36 (91) M Ruffled and velvety plum purple, medium sized spear-shaped gold signal. L78-1: (Bajazzo x Full Eclipse) X Clara Goula

Starbound Hutchinson, J.* 1995 GLB2 39 (100) ML Stands white, veined olive buff, center line pinkish mauve; style arms white, washed cream, mauve to buff; falls deep mauve pink, white linear edge, small signal yellow green over white; ruffled, petals serrated; slight fragrance. Glowlight x unknown, probably Buxom
Starlet Scarlett Starlit Scarlet (D. L. Shepard, R. 2004).  Sdlg. 88017-8610.  LA, 30" (76 cm), E. S. ;burgundy red, slight gold edge; style arms burgundy tipped gold, deep red center; F. darker burgundy-red, slight gold edge, deep gold spear signal.  President Hedley X 82U: (Delta King x unknown).  Shepard 2004.
View larger Starlight Starbright Iris
Starlite Starbrite Granger, M. 1985 CC73-10 24 (61) M White, small greenish yellow signal; slight fragrance. Involves long line of crosses of unnumbered seedlings of Creol Can-Can.
Starry Dusk Betts, T.J.* 1980 512A 41 (104) E Stands dark purple violet; falls dark violet, silver flecked signal. Pegaletta X Katherine L. Cornay

Stella Pelissot Taylor, T.J.* 1993 RL 40-1 55 (140) ML Stands light purple ground with darker purple feathering; falls purple, yellow signal; ruffled. Heliostat X Margaret Lee

View larger Stop and Go Iris
Stop and Go Dunn, M. 1995 L159-11 35 (89) M Rosy shrimp red, falls with large yellow signal; style arms pale yellow. Southerner X L96-15: (Charlie's Michele x Rhett)
Stop the Nation
Stop the Nation Taylor, J.C.* 1995 RL 25-5 43 (110) ML Stands white; style arms cream, blushed pink; falls mauve-toned pink heavily veined darker violet pink, white around yellow to green signals, lighter falls rim. Margaret Lee X Dancing Vogue
Storm Boy Storm Boy (Peter Jackson, LA, R. 2001).  Iris Acres 2001/02.
View larger Strange Romance Iris
Strange Romance Campbell, O. 1978 OC1 36 (91) EM Stands dark red-purple; falls light red-purple; gold signal. Mrs. Ira Nelson X Ann Chowning
Strawberry Hill Raabe, R.* 1977 72-T-1 23 (58) EM Stands geranium lake, edged darker; falls blood red. unknown X unknown

View larger Streaker Iris
Streaker MacMillan, W. 1975 DP-16-73 42 (107) M Stands dark violet; dark violet style arms edged white; falls darks violet, lightly marked red, prominent green triangular crest edged white. unknown X unknown
Styletime Rowlan, H. 1990 83-LA-11 32 (81) EM Stands magenta rose, 3-point red line from throat halfway to edge; style arms magenta rose; falls magenta rose, yellow lance-head signal edge green, ruffled. Miss Arkansas X Roll Call
  Stylish Lady Strawn, K. 1993 R2-1985 36 (91) M Stands grayed orange; yellow style arms with hint of grayed orange on end; falls grayed orange, yellow signal. Valera X Charles Arny III 
Stylish Socialite  Stylish Socialite Pryor, H.* 1994 40/90-9 35 (89) E Stands cerise mauve, bordered white; style arms cerise mauve, fringed white, yellow center ribs; falls darker cerise mauve, bordered white, yellow raised steeple signal; no fragrance. Alluvial Gold X Gladiator's Gift  
Sue Fleming Sue Fleming (Dale Ross, R. 2005).  LA, 30" (76 cm), M.S. and F. red violet; style arms light red-violet with cream cast, red violet tips; yellow steeple signal.  Natural hybrid: collected; presumed to be l. giganticaerulea-l. fulva cross.
  Successful Bid Taylor, J.C. 1994 RL 7-3 26 (66) E Ruffled cream, green line signal surrounded by yellow; lemon green style arms. Dazzling Star X Margaret Lee

Sugarplum Treat Sugarplum Treat (Heather Pryor, R. 2004).  Sdlg. 9/01-A.  LA, 46" (108 cm), EM. S. pure white with cyclamen purple rim, lemon line signal; style arms creamy pink with cyclamen blush at edges; F. medium cyclamen purple with darker petal rim, lime steeple signal; ruffled, triangular form.  Renee’ Fleming X Our Dorothy.
Summer Minstrel Raabe, R.* 1983 U-80-257 44 (112) M Stands light magenta rose; falls magenta rose; ruffled. E.C. Everinghman X Buffaroon

Summer Symphony Pryor, H.* 1997 41/93-D 35 (89) EM Stands soft lemon, burnt red blush at edge; style arms apricot lemon; falls yellow base, terra cotta blush at edge, lemon rim, raised lime green signal surrounded by yellow; ruffled. 62/90-1: (Frank Chowning x Desert Jewel) X Heather Pryor
View larger image Sun and Surf Iris
Sun and Surf Pryor, H.* 2000 63/95-B 40 (102) M Stands ice blue, olive green line signal; style arms lemon; falls pastel lemon veined darker, bright orange line signal extending petal length. Mad About You X 9/93-B: (Sinfonietta x 16/90-1: (Koorawatha x Alluvial Gold)
Sun Chaser Arny, C. 1987 BIT-Ror-1-83 36 (91) ML Brilliant orient red, large bright yellow irregular signal; short yellowish pink style arms. Charlie's Ginny X Lucile Holley
Sun Dream Taylor, J.C.* 1986 JIL3-3 33 (84) EM Yellow with darker yellow signals on stands and falls. Dural Charm X Clara Goula
Sun Flare Haymon, D. 1989 21-85-1 40 (102) E Stands yellow gold streaked green, falls deep yellow gold, streaked green to edge, deep gold line signal; flared and ruffled. (Valera x Fading Beauty) X Charjoy's Mike
Sun Fury Arny, C. 1980 G-1-77 30 (75) ML Light golden yellow, greenish gold signal; greenish style arms. Martin Redmond X yellow seedling
View larger image Sunburnt Country Iris
Sunburnt Country Hutchinson, J.* 1995 DDSL3 33 (84) EML Stands pale apricot to terra cotta, strong pinkish brown center line; style arms blended apricot yellow, green center; falls pink apricot to terra cotta over cream, tips tinged mauve pink, brown center line, olive veining, small rich yellow signal; slightly ruffled, slight sweet fragrance. Delta Dawn X Soft Laughter
Sundown Shadows Ghio, J. 1972 LZ-152-A 40 (102) M Stands blue-purple; falls dark blue-purple, slight signal of yellow. Black Widow X New Offering

Sunlit Shores Sunlit Shores (Heather Pryor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 11/96-D.  LA, 40" (102 cm), EM. Ruffled lemon yellow, lime line signal on all petals; style arms medium yellow; slight fragrance.  Lost for Words X Halo Dolly.
  Sunny Angel Rowlan, H. 1989 87LA28 35 (89) ML Ruffled and semi-flaring lemon yellow, green line signal; green style arms, yellow crests; slight sweet fragrance. 77 LG 1: (Mrs. Ira Nelson x Gypsy Moon) X FC 42, unknown parentage
View larger image Sunny Episode Iris
Sunny Episode Rowlan, H. 1983 80 LA-8 37 (93) M Yellow, greenish line signal; green style arms, yellow crests. Walter Dupree III X Missey Reveley
Sunny Miss Rowlan, H. 1984 80LA-7 34 (86) ML Lemon yellow, fading to cream by second day, orange signal, serrated edge; self style arms and crests. Walter Dupree III X Missey Reveley

Sunny Mood Rowlan, H. 1990 86-LA-5 36 (91) ML Ruffled canary yellow, raised green line signal. yellow seedling X Winter's Snow

Sunny Reflection Strawn, K. 1996 AA1985 36 (91) M Stands canary yellow; style arms barium yellow; falls sulfur yellow, signal aureolin, deeper at center. Sun Fury X Charjoy's Anne

Sunshine Bridge Sunshine Bridge (Patrick O’Connor, R. 2001).  Sdlg. 94-13.  LA, 38-40" (97-102 cm), EM. S. rose wine, blended cream near signal area, upright; style arms cream; F. lighter rose wine, yellow thumbprint signal surrounded by cream area veined rose wine; flared.  Charlie’s Michele X Beausoleil.  Bois d’Arc 2000.
Sure Bet
Sure Bet Dunn, M. 1994 139-3 34 (86) M Velvety red purple, tine lime yellow line signal; waved, ruffled. Full Eclipse X Gold Reserve
Surprise Caller  Surprise Caller (Peter Jackson, R. 2006).  Sdlg. 3J1. LA, 43" (110 cm), EM. S. wine red; style arms cream washed wine red, light edge; F. velvety wine red, very fine light edge, heavy gold line, 3 gold signals; ruffled.  Gate Crasher X Gentleman Caller.  
  Surprise Offer Taylor, J.C.* 1991 OL137-7 43 (110) M Ruffled mauve, lighter mauve rim; sometimes double. Dazzling Star X Helen Naish  
Susan B. Anthony Susan B. Anthony (Bernard Pryor, R. 2001).  Sdlg. 62/96-BB.  LA, 35" (89 cm), EM. S. pastel lilac veined darker, white rim; style arms cream white; F. red violet, lime yellow steeple signal, white rim and reverse; ruffled.  New Vogue X Our Dorothy.
Susannah Fullerton Susannah Fullerton (Heather Pryor, LA, R. 2003).  Iris City 2006.
  Suzanne Arceneaux MacMillan 1961 3-60 34 EE Hydrangea pink self. Mistis X Swamp Angel

Svetlana Allilueve Fabel-Ward, R. 1984 H(BW)07-1978 40 (102) E Blue, yellow signal. Clyde Redmond X Clyde Redmond

Swamp Fever Herbert, T. 1986 RED-1-83 16 (41) EL Stands red purple; falls red purple, orange sunburst signal; lightly ruffled. unknown X unknown
View larger image Swamp Flame Iris
Swamp Flame Mertzweiller, J. 1985 78-82 34-37 (86-94) M Stands light orange, veined red; blended red yellow style arms; falls orange red, broad bright yellow signal. Marsha Sue X orange blend seedling
Swamp Monster Durio, K. 1992 CAN-PAT#11 36-48 (91-122) ML Stands full violet, edged pale violet, full yellow signal; pale violet style arms and appendages; falls very dark violet, full yellow signal; slight spicy fragrance. (Professor Ike x Professor Claude) X Godzilla
Swamp Pioneer Swamp Pioneer Faggard, A. 1994 FPP-3-87 36 (91) E Stands light peach, yellow midline; yellow style arms; falls light peach with yellow signal crest radiating over white ground; slight sweet fragrance. unknown X unknown  
  Sweet Accord Warburton, B. 1982 N-LA-GB-1 25 (64) ML Stands purple violet; falls warm medium violet, inconspicuous yellow signal. Arny seedling: "Bayou Goula" X Dorothea K. Williamson
Sweet Caprice Sweet Caprice Pryor, B.* 2000 16/92-D 25 (64) M Stands pastel pink, rose line veining; falls slightly deeper pink, lemon rim and reverse, bright yellow starburst signal. Spanish Ballet X Playful Minx  
Swee4t Cosette Sweet Cosette Taylor, J.C.* 1997 UL-17-3 39 (100) ML Pink-tan, blending to buff at edge; signals yellow-green, darker pinkish tan halo; style arms cream and buff. Dancing Vogue X Durral White Butterfly  
Sweet Miriam Sweet Miriam Hutchinson, J.* 1998 MA/AD/1 37-45 (94-114) M Stands pale pink over white, tip darker, pale line edge, salmon brown midline; style arms cream; falls light old rose pink, darker toward edge, pale line edge, salmon brown midline, lime green and white signal; lightly ruffled, slight picotee edge; fragrance. (Myra Arny x Andy Dandy) X Dural White Butterfly  
Swirling Waters Swirling Waters   (Heather Pryor, R. 2001).  Sdlg. 105/96-B.  LA, 43" (110 cm), EM. Heavily ruffled deep blue violet.  S. with fine yellow line signal, F. with yellow blotch signal with overlaying yellow steeple signal; style arms apple green, violet tips.  Alicia Clare X 9/93-B, Nutcote sib.

Swiss Chaletarlie's Ginny X Clara Goula

Switched On Taylor, J.C.* 1996 UL-20-5 39 (100) ML Stands cream, rose marbeling and central rib; style arms green, blended cream and rose; falls yellow, sprayed rose edge; green signal surrounded by yellow; slight fragrance. Desert Jewel X Margaret Lee

Swords Drawen Swords Drawn   (Heather Pryor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 105/96-C.  LA, 41" (104 cm), ML. Medium blue violet with cream rim and lilac reverse, yellow blotch signal overlaid by long golden steeple signal surrounded red violet; style arms lilac tipped white, midrib lemon; ruffled, rounded form.  Alicia Claire X 9/93-B: (Sinfonietta x 16/90-1: (Koorawatha x Alluvial Gold)).  Iris Haven 2002.
Sydney Harbor Sydney Harbor   (Heather Pryor, R. 2003).  Sdlg. 93/96-A.  La, 48" (122 cm), M. S. cobalt blue; style arms cream, with lime green base, violet blue tip; F. deep cobalt blue, pale cream rim, white blotch overlaid with golden steeple signal, very deep cobalt blue surrounding area; ruffled.  9/91-A: (Spanish Ballet x First Favourite) X Nutcote.
Sylvandale Raabe, R.* 1978 72-T-6 31 (80) EM Dark amethyst violet self. unknown X unknown