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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
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Painted Clown Raabe, R.* 1977 M-39-76 23 (58) M Stands white, randomly splashed peony purple; falls peony purple veined darker. Crescent City X 70-77A: (seedling x Counterpoise)
Palmetto Purple Plum Palmetto Purple Plum Smart, S. 1977 PGG-93-1a-101 25 (66) EM Stands purple; style arms plum purple, yellow midline; falls plum purple, Indian yellow signal. Ann Chowning X Evelyn Boon
Pam Truscott Arny, C. 1971 N/R 36 (91) ML Deep blue-purple; bright yellow signal. unknown X unknown
Pamela Cameron
Pamela Cameron Pryor, H.* 1996 60/90-9 40 (102) ML Stands soft lemon washed maroon red, red center line signal; style arms bright lime green, tips butter yellow; falls red washed yellow under style arms, deeper red veining from yellow splash signal with red veining and lime green steeple center, fine yellow petal rim, pale lemon reverse; lightly ruffled. Gladiator’s Gift X Desert Jewel
View larger image Pamela Hart Iris
Pamela Hart Taylor, J.C.* 1993 RL 9-4 55 (140) M Ruffled and serrated yellow with green-yellow signals on all petals. Green Elf X Margaret Lee
Pamela Mary Pamela Mary (Peter Jackson, LA, R. 2005).  Iris Acres 2005/06.
Papa Bear Fritchie, C. 1982 77E3 43 (110) ML Stands full yellow; style arms same; falls full yellow overlaid with brown wash; broad steeple-shaped bright yellow signal. Counterpoise X G.W. Holleyman
Papillon Jaune Fabel-Ward, R. 1983 N/R 32 (81) E Yellow with pale green tan veining on falls; green line signal; green style arms. (Vinicolor x self ) X self
Parade Music Morgan, R. 1983 L94-A 30 (75) EM Stands dark red; falls deeper, gold wire rim, large orange signal. Town Council X Shines Brightly
Paramount Star Paramount Star (Bernard Pryor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 62/96-B.  LA, 30" (75 cm), ML. Deep velvety purple, white rim and reverse, bright yellow steeple signal on all petals; style arms pure white tipped purple, base golden; ruffled; slight fragrance.  New Vogue X Our Dorothy.
Parfait Supreme Arny, C. 1987 BIC-ROY-1-85 36 (91) ML Stands light yellow; light greenish yellow style arms; falls light rose, large yellow radial signal. Valera X Easter Tide
Park Avenue Princess Park Avenue Princess (Heather Pryor, LA, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 129/96-A.  LA, 41" (104 cm), ML. S. pale icing pink, red line signal to near edge, pale pink reverse; style arms pastel lemon, tips pale icing pink; F. pale icing pink, orange steeple signal with red eyeliner changing to red line signal, pale pink reverse; ruffled, fine piecrust edging; slight fragrance.  Crushed Ice X Eastman Winds.
Parrot Fashion Pryor, H.* 1997 29/93-E 40 (102) ML Cerise red ground veined darker, lemon rim; raised steeple signal lime green surrounded by yellow; style arms lemon, blushed cyclamen at base; ruffled. Vocanic Wildfire X Fashion World
View larger image of Pastel Accent Iris
Pastel Accent Pryor, H.* 2000 56/95-A 42 (107) M Stands winter white, edges blushed soft pastel peach; style arms pastel lemon; falls soft pastel peach, lemon rim and cream reverse; golden line signal based olive green on all petals; ruffled. 7/92-A: (Lucy Payens x Speckled Hen) X 14/91-A: (Koorawatha x Marsha Sue)

Pastiche Hutchinson, J.* 1999 PPGL-1 52(132) M Stands palest cream, ¼” pink edge, midrib yellow and tan, paler at base; style arms warm cream touched tan, crests pinkish tan; falls pale raspberry pink, paler line edge, hafts heavily veined, narrow green signal edged tan, pronounced fragrance. Glowlight X unknown
Pat's Velvet Pat’s Velvet Betts, T.J.* 1989 734C 36 (91) EM Stands red; falls red purple, green gold spears on striped triangular signal; ruffled. Ila Nunn X Bayou Comus
View larger image Patient Reward Iris
Patient Reward Taylor, J.C.* 1984 JJL10-2 30 (75) M Pink, yellow signal. Ann Chowning X Clara Goula
Patio Party Strawn, K. 1993 AAA-1985 37 (93) M Stands light greyed orange; yellow style arms brushed light yellow-orange; falls darker greyed orange, yellow-orange signal. Deneb X President Hedley
Patrice Cherie Patin 1961 OD-1-59 30 M Yellow striped and blended pink and amber; edges yellow, pink clas.
Patrice Brooks Strawn, K. 1993 26A-1985 36 (91) E Stands greyed orange; light greyed orange style arms; falls darker greyed orange, bright yellow-orange signal. Little Miss Leighley X Valera

Paul Payens Taylor, J.C.* 1990 OL142-2 47 (120) ML Stands greyed purple; lighter edge and reverse; falls greyed purple, lighter edge and reverse; marbled sepals. M24-4: (C’est Si Bon x Charles Arny III) X Helen Naish

Pay Check MacMillan, W. 1975 PL-14-73 42 (107) ML Ruffled pale violet self, yellow signal patch; ruffled lavender style arms appendages, green style arms. unknown X unknown
View larger image of Peaches in Wine Iris
Peaches in Wine Pryor, H.* 1997 7/93-A 35 (89) E Stands peach, deep red line signal, paler reverse; style arms peach, yellow midrib; falls deep red, fine salmon peach rim, peach reverse, lime yellow steeply signal; ruffled. Brushfire Moon X Lucy Payens
Peasant’s Pride Neusgebauer 1964 (Syn. Yellow Skirt) 14 36 M Greenish-yellow self. Violet Ray X Wheelhorse

Pee Dee Enchantment Herz, U. (by Wood, J.) 1990 30 (76) L Purple violet. Sweet Accord X unknown
Pegaletta Holleyman, G. 1963 36 M Light purple self, large deep yellow signal. Peggy Mac X Holletta
Penmate Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL22-2 39 (100) M Ruffled white yellow spray pattern signal; style arms lemon, edged white. Gladiator’s Gift X Dural Dreamtime
Percolator Percolator (T. J. Betts, LA, R. 2001).  Iris City 2005
Persistent Cuss Persistent Cuss (Patrick O’Connor, R. 2004).  Sdlg. 94-11.  LA, 36" (91 cm), M.S. rose, white suffusion, darker rose veining; style arms cream, long; F. rose, white veining around styles.  (Deneb x unknown) X Irish Bayou.
Perfect Match Taylor, J.C.* 1989 L99-1 51 (130) M Rosy magenta, green in heart, large yellow signal. unknown X unknown
Perth Cupwin Betts, T.J.* 1984 522P 26 (66) EL Violet blue, gold spear signal; violet blue style arms. Wood Violet X Clyde Redmond
  Perth Sky Betts, T.J.* 1995 718L 48 (122) ML Stands and falls violet blue; white burst signals; style arms purple, centered green; petal edges crimped. Mac’s Blue Heaven X La Perouse
  Peter Bowen Betts, T.J.* 1979 501C 44 (112) EM Dark red-purple, small gold signal becoming brown streak; pale red-purple style arms. Katherine L. Cornay X Naughty Lady
  Petite and Sweet Chowning, F. 1978 N/R 12 (30) ML Snow white self; self style arms. unmixed I. foliosa X unmixed I. foliosa
Petite Peach Petite Peach Pryor, B.* 2000 21/94-A 30 (76) M Peach sherbert veined red, paler rim and reverse, stands with lime line signal. Falls with lime steeple signal; style arms lime lemon, midrib and tip lemon. Sweet Caprice X Hot and Spicy
  Petruschka Kokich, P. 1977 N/R 34 (86) M Stands light naples yellow, lightly flushed sparkling tan; falls naples yellow; veronesa green style arms with naples yellow style arms crests; lightly waved. Amber Goddess X unknown
Phoenix Park Pheonix Park Taylor, J.C.* 2000 UL 8-447 (120) M Blue: signals yellow, surrounded by white spray pattern; style arms white, tipped blue. C'Est La Mote X First Favourite
  Phoenix Red Velvet Dopke, B. 1987 ACDP-83-4 36 (91) EM Stands dark red violet; falls velvety dark red violet, gold line signal. Ann Chowning X Delta Prince
Piece De Resistance Piece De Resistance Dunn, M. 1987 L85-5 36 (91) ML Orange red, small yellow signal. Fantastic X Hager L80: ((Delta King x Acadiana) x F.A.C. McCulla)
  Pink Bo Peep Granger, M. 1994 83-5C 21 (53) M Stands light pink, greenish yellow style arms; falls pink, greenish yellow signal patch; slight spicy fragrance. I. brevicaulis, dark purple X BR77-23: (69-1: ((Bramble Queen x pink seedling) x Louisiana Sambo) x Charlie’s Michele)
  Pink Frolic Granger, M. 1975 BA66-20 25 (64) E Stands light to moderate purplish pink with light reddish purple edge and strong reddish purple splashes running lengthwise; falls light reddish purple to strong reddish purple near tip; small greenish yellow signal. 8Q64-21: (Bramble Queen x pink seedling) X Sam Redburn pink seedling
Pink Honey Arny 1962 12-62 36 ML Shell pink self; large steeple-shaped yellow crests. Louise Arny X June Clouds
Pink Poetry Rowlan, H. 1987 83 LA 64 29 (74) M Ruffled shell pink, yellow steeple signal, creamy white style arms, shell pink crests; slight spicy fragrance. Bryce Leigh X Winter’s Veil
Pintharuka Taylor, J.C.* 1986 L96-1 31 (80) EM Pale creamy yellow veined yellow greenish. Screen Gem X Helen Naish

Plain Talk Rowlan, H. 1989 87LA14 34 (86) ML Stands lilac purple; falls lilac purple, green line bordering cream steeple signal; slight musky fragrance. 77LG1: (Mrs. Ira Nelson x Gypsy Moon) X Dean Lee
Plantation Beau Dunn, M. 1984 L79-80-1 38 (96) M Ruffled smooth violet, deeper around small spear shaped signal of lime green; violet style arms. L18-76-16: (Queen O’ Queens x Mrs. Ira Nelson) X Dark Tide
Plantation Belle Dunne, M. 1995 L209-3 37 (93) M Iridescent lilac violet self, falls with large light line signal; style arms greenish and lighter lilac. Plantation Beau X Wine Country
Playful Minx Playful Minx Pryor, H.* 1995 LHP/90 25 (64) EM Stands soft pastel pink, darker veining, white rim; style arms butter lemon, speckled pink; fall pink, darker wash at edge, white rim, darker pink veining, green raised signal; slight ruffling. Lucile Holley X unknown
View larger image of Pledge Iris
Pledge Ghio, J. 1975 LX-145A 35 (89) M Blue-purple self; small yellow spear on falls. Clyde Redmond X Sundown Shadows
Plenty Pink MacMillan 1963 Pi-23-62 30 ML Strong purplish-pink bitone. W.B. MacMillan X Unknown
Plum Good Plum Good (Ira Nelson, deceased, by Barbara Nelson, R. 2001).  LA, 30" (76 cm), ML. S. plum red; style arms plum red, midrib yellow; F. plum red, large golden steeple signal extending beyond style arm.  Parentage unknown.  In commerce prior to 1955.
Plum Pleasing Strawn, K. 1993 C1985 39 (99) M Stands purple-violet; purple style arms; falls darker purple-violet, yellow signal. Valera X Neches Royalty
Plutocrat Strawn, K. 1993 LL-1985 39 (100) ML Stands greyed purple; yellow-orange style arms; falls darker greyed purple, yellow signal. Charlie’s Ginny X Charles Arny III
  Polished Brass 1972 (p)
Popsie Popsie Hutchinson, J.* 1991 88SLBM 47 (147) EM Stands white, veined and lined magenta; falls ruffled mid magenta pink, edged white, pale reverse, yellow signal with green line. Soft Laughter X Buxom
  Port Barre Hexagona Conger 1981 Campanulate form (syn. Tall Foliosa) I. hexagona
  Poseidon’s Pool Taylor, J.C.* 1989 M9-1 51 (130) M Blue, lighter serrated edge, yellow signal. Cammeray X Secret Spell
  Postmaster Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL29-3 47 (120) M Purple; signals yellow. Louie X Rachel’s Request
Potato Chip Arny 1962 30 M Yellow-brown self; yellow line crest, deep brown margins. Louise Arny X King’s Gold
View larger image of Potpourri Rose Iris
Potpourri Rose Pryor, H.* 1995 60/90-12 30 (75) ML Stands mid rose; style arms mid rose, rib centered yellow; falls rose; yellow dagger signal with raised center; ruffled. Gladiator’s Gift X Desert Jewel
Poverty Point O’Connor, P. 1999 36 (91) M Medium rose suffused white, aging whiter, falls with large yellow arrowhead signal and darker rose petal rim; style arms medium rose. Ann Chowning X unknown
Praline Festival Haymon, D. 1992 12-84-2 34 (86) M Cream, heavily veined and dusted rose-tan, yellow-gold signal streaked green full length of falls; ruffled; rose-tan style arms, edged cream. (1) Valera X President Hedley
View larger image President Barnett Iris
President Barnette Haymon, D. 1999 138-92-1 39 (99) EM Heavily ruffled green-veined white, green gold signal changing to green veining; style arms dark green, fading to white at tip; slight sweet fragrance. 6-1-88: (Kitty D. x 52-83-5: (Charlie’s Angel x Clara Goula)) X Helen Naish
President Hedley Mertzweiller, J. 1979 71-55 32-34 (81-86) E Dark yellow with slight brown shading on front edge of falls; darker yellow-orange line signal; yellow style arms. G.W. Holleyman X 60-87: (( 54-24 x Upstart) x Belle Lou)
Press Release Mertzweiller, J. 1986 66-8 23-30 (71-76) M Stands light lavender rose; dark rose style arms; falls dark lavender rose, bright yellow steeple signal; slight musky fragrance. 64-E-4: (Belle Lou x (Peggy Mac x Bayou Sunset )) X self
Price Redmond Arny, C. 1970 36 ML Stands magenta rose; falls magenta rose with bright yellow steeple-shaped signals; edges slightly ruffled. I. foliosa X W.B. MacMillan
View larger image Princess Leia Iris
Princess Leia Pryor, H.* 1997 60/90-16 45 (114) M Stands and falls cyclamen purple, white rim and reverse, raised lime yellow steeple signal with crimson veining; style arms white, pale pink blush when fresh; ruffled. Gladiator’s Gift X Desert Jewel
View larger image Princess Sharma Iris
Princess Sharma Taylor, J.C.* 1994 RL 41-2 52 (132) ML Pink, veined lemon yellow; yellow signals. N61-A: (red seedling, unknown parentage, x Koorawatha ) X Margaret Lee
Prissy Miss Holleyman, G. 1964 60-51 Purple with pinkish case, short line signal; frilled.
Pristine Priss Chenoweth, V. 1981 79-7-W 34 (86) M Ruffled cream white with yellow line in center of both stands and falls, yellow signal. Clara Goula X unknown
Prix D'Armour
Prix D’ Amour Taylor, J.C.* 1994 RL 64-1 44 (112) ML Ruffled and laced light pink, veined rose pink, lighter rims, green line signal surrounding by yellow. OL121-1: ((Edith Fear x Valera ) x Limited Edition) X Margaret Lee
Prix D'Elegance Prix D’ Elegance Pryor, H.* 1995 38/91-F 35 (89) EM Stands and falls soft rose pink, cream rim and reverse; style arms lemon, flushed rose pink; yellow green signals ribbed deep rose on all petals; ruffled. Dazzling Star X Jazz Ballet
Professor Barbara Mertzweiller, J. 1990 T-63-79A 32-34 (81-86) M Stands medium yellow with pale bluish cast; greenish style arms; falls medium yellow, greenish orange signal; musky fragrance. C-76-4: (Professor Ike x Wheelhorse, colchicines treated chimera) X C-76-88E: (66-G-Z, colchicines chimera x Professor Ike)
Professor Claude Mertzweiller, J. 1973 C-70-68-A 34 (86) M Red-violet self; bright yellow signal. 67-AL-99, colchicines induced chimera: (59-103 x G.W. Holleyman) X 67-AC-1, colchicines induced chimera from unknown parentage
Professor Ellis Mertzweiller, J. 1986 C-74-78A 40-44 (102-112) EM Lightly ruffled blue violet, veined dark violet; green yellow signal on cream ground; slight musky fragrance. Professor Ike X 67-AC: (Mrs. Mac x unknown diploid)
Professor Fritchie Mertzweiller, J. 1993 T-85-41A 40 (102) E Stands medium yellow with slight blue cast; falls medium yellow, inconspicuous greenish yellow signal; slightly musky fragrance.
Professor Ike Mertzweiller, J. 1973 70-68-B 44 (112) M Red-violet self; bright yellow signal. 67-AL-99, colchicine induced chimera; (59-103 x G.W. Holleyman) X 67-AC-1, colchicine induced chimera from unknown
Professor Jim Mertzweiller, J 1986 C-76-48 38-42 (96-104) EM Medium red, veined dark red violet, yellow signal; slight musky fragrance. Professor Ike X Wheelhorse
Professor Marta Marie Mertzweiller, J. 1990 C-76-4C 30 (75) EM Rose pink, medium greenish yellow signal; musky fragrance. Professor Ike X Wheelhorse, colchicine treated chimera
Professor Neil Mertzweiller, J. 1990 T-63-79B 30 (75) M Stands dark red; falls velvety dark red; large brilliant yellow signal; musky fragrance. C-76-4: (Professor Ike x Wheelhorse, colchicines treated) X C-76-88E: (66-G-Z, colchicine treated chimera X Professor Ike)
Professor Paul Mertzweiller, J. 1980 C-71-24 29-38(75-80) ML Stands pale blue lavender; falls pale blue lavender, veined darker; greenish style arms with lavender cast. Wheelhorse X 67-AL-84: (70-71 x Queen O’ Queens)
Professor Sigmund Mertzweiller, J. 1980 C-75-88 35.5-39.5 (90-100) M Dark red violet; brilliant yellow signal. 66-G-2 X Professor Ike
View larger image Pumpkin Chiffon Iris
Pumpkin Chiffon Shepard, D.L. 1999 88004-8603 36 (91) M Stands pumpkin orange, darker centerline; style arms creamy pumpkin, edged darker; falls pumpkin orange, lime line signal surrounded by large dark pumpkin blush; flat form. Bobbie Lou X Creole Flame

Puree Water Pure Water (Joseph Musacchia, LA, R. 2002).  Iris City 2004.
Purple Lassie Strawn, K. 1996 X-1985 28 (71) M Stands and falls violet purple; style arms beetroot; signals yellow green. unknown X Black Gamecock

Purple Memories Faggard, A. 1980 F-PUR-1-75 38 (96) E Dark purple; thin line gold crest; dark purple style arms. Arny blue seedling X Olivier Monette
View larger image Purple Pallas Iris
Purple Pallas Taylor, J.C.* 1989 OL101-1 43 (110) ML Purple bitone with lighter serrated edge on falls, yellow signal; purple style arms. Joel Fletcher X Limited Edition