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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
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Nancy Ruth Holleyman, G. 1963 59-19 40 M Stands deep purplish-pink; falls white, purplish-pink edges, self veining, forming sunburst pattern. (Wheelhorse x Brandywine) X Baby Ruth
Natural Wonder Taylor, J.C.* 1990 OL116-1 51 (130) M Fluted greyed purple, yellow signal with green veining on stands and falls, cartwheel form. Koorawatha X unknown
  Naughty Lady Ghio, J. 1973 LZ-155A 40 (102) EM Red-violet or magenta self. Katherine L. Cornay X Black Widow
  Navajo Coral Shepard, D.L. 1996 88007-8605 36-40 (91-107) ML Stands sandy coral, deep coral center line; style arms greenish yellow; falls deeper coral, spear-shaped yellow gold signal with ¼” dark coral red outline. Ila Nunn X Bobbie Lou
  Navajo Princess Shepard, D.L. 1999 89514 35 (89) ML Stands light lavender, burgundy veining, darker centerline; style arms light burgundy; falls burgundy, veined darker, large yellow signal. unknown X unknown
  Navajo Rose Shepard, D. 1992 88009 42 (107) M Rose red, veined darker red, dark gold steeple signal. Bobbie Lou X Creole Flame
Neches Royallty Neches Royallty Faggard, A. 1975 F-GR-1-74 36 (91) E Stands full violet; falls dark violet; hidden yellow-gold crest; full violet style arms. Price Redmond X Pegaletta
  Neon Moon Granger, M. 1994 92-UNK10 25 (64) M Tailored pure white, greenish yellow signal; slight fragrance. unknown X unknown
Neon Ruby Shepard, D. 1992 88006 40 (102) M Stands light rose red; brick red style arms; falls brick red, veined darker, 1/16” pale yellow edge, neon green-yellow signal. Bobbie Lou X Creole Flame
Neon Shadow Neon Shadow (Rodney Baron, R. 2004).  Sdlg. 98JXCC1.  LA, 32" (81 cm), M.S. deep purple-pink (ISCC-NBS), bright blue iridescent flush; style arms strong purple-red, think cream edge on sides; F. strong purple-red, bright blue iridescent flush, darker veins and edge, small vivid yellow signal hidden by style arms; light ruffling.  Jeri X Cajun Cookery.
Never Say 
Never Say Taylor, J.C.* 1993 RL 58-2 51 (130) M Stands creamy pink, irregular flushed magenta; falls magenta-pink with light rim, yellow signal with distinct green line; ruffled. OL 113-I: (Koorawatha x Dazzling Star) X Margaret Lee

New Comer New Comer Holleyman, G. 1960 42 ML Deep purplish-red self; yellow green throat. Storm Signal X Wheelhorse
New Dimension
New Dimension Taylor, J.C.* 1984 JIL5-1 31 (80) ML Stands rosy magenta; falls slightly dark rosy magenta, yellow signal; ruffled. Pay Check X Clara Goula
New Orleans Lady New Orleans Lady (Joseph Musacchia, R. 2004).  Sdlg. 99-12-1.  LA, 46" (119 cm), E. S. pale yellow; style arms light yellow; F. light yellow with some green veining, green line signal.  Glowlight X (Lavender Ruffles x unknown).
New Vogue
New Vogue Pryor, H.* 1995 56/90-10 38 (96) EM Stands and falls barium yellow; golden yellow line signal; style arms lime green, tipped yellow; heavily ruffled. Designer’s Dream X Gladiator’s Gift
News Brief News Brief Rowlan, H. 1982 80LA9 32 (81) ML Stands red; falls chrysanthemum crimson, lime line signal. Miss Arkansas X Dean Lee
  Nick’s Nugget Betts, T.J.* 1995 117C 38 (96) EM Stands yellow; style arms yellow; falls yellow, orange streak signal, ruffled. Carioca Carnival X 930A: (Ila Nunn X Shrimp Creole)
Night Thunder Night Thunder Morgan, R. 2000 LU-1 26 (66) M Ruffled dark violet to near black, falls velvety with bright orange steeple signal. unknown X unknown
  No Data Rowlan, H. 1988 85LA55 29 (74) ML Deep full violet, greenish line signal. unknown X unknown

Noble Moment
Morgan, R. 1985 L99-B 32 (81) M Mid-blue; mid-yellow over white blaze signal. Winter Veil X Tru-Glow

Noble Planet
Taylor, J.C.* 1990 OL137-8 47 (120) ML Ruffled light yellow veined yellow; yellow style arms. Dazzling Star X Helen Naish
Nottoway Nottoway (Patrick O’Connor, R. 2005).  Sdlg. 00-03.  LA, 32" (81 cm), M.S. white, gold veins; style arms cream; F. white, deep gold center line signal surrounded by lighter gold veins; lightly ruffled.  94-1: (Hurricane Colin x Irish Bayou) X Sharon Juliette.
Notturno Raabe, R.* 1983 U-81-300 30 (75) M Deep aster violet, vivid green throat. Sylvandale X E.H. Martyn
  Now and Forever Pryor, H.* 1997 29/91-C 35 (89) M Stands soft lavender, purple veining, white reverse; style arms soft lime green, lavender tip; falls soft lavender, purple veining, white rim and blush near lime green steeple signal; slight ruffled. Cammeray X Classical Note
  Now Hear This Pryor, H.* 1994 55/90-5 36 (91) ML Stands deep rose pink; ruby red style arms with yellow center line creating a star effect; falls darker ruby red, green reverse, raised yellow dagger signal; ruffled. Gladiator’s Gift X Designer’s Dream
  Nuka Durio, K. 1992 PAD-3-PATH 26 (66) M Stands full violet-blue edged cream, light yellow line signal; falls full violet, edged cream, large yellow-gold signal readiating outward; pronounced spicy fragrance. Bowie X (Bowie x Godzilla)
Nutcote Nutcote Pryor, H.* 1999 9/93-A 38 (97) E, RE Ruffled ice blue with green line signal, falls with additional faint green veining, bright orange line signal extending ¾ petal length; style arms lemon, with green and purple midrib blush. Sinfonietta X 16/90-1: (Koorawatha x Alluvial Gold)