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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006

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C’est Bonne Dunn, M. 1986 L75-80-13 32 (81) M Stands fuchsia magenta; falls same with crepe texture, yellow signal. L13-74-13: (Ila Nunn x Her Highness) X Creole Flame
C'est Chic
C’est Chic Dunn, M. 1983 L42-78-2 34 (86) M Red violet, orange yellow signal; ruffled falls. L1-73-1: (Blue Shield x Katherine L. Cornay) X L8-73-1: (Black Widow x Katherine L. Cornay)
C'est Fantastique
C’est Fantastique Dunn, M. 1990 L135-2 37 (93) M Stands light magenta burgundy; falls smooth light magenta burgundy; small yellow signal; lightly ruffled. Fantastique X Plantation Beau
C’Est La Mote Dunn, M. 1988 LA46-3 30 (75) M Mid-blue, large orange spear signal; ruffled falls. Mikal X Clara Goula
C’est La Vie Dunn, M. 1987 L71-4 36 (91) M Velvety deep plum. Large gold area in center producing a star effect, large deep gold spear signal. Delta Wing X Carmen
C’est Magnifique Dunn, M. 1979> L-18-3-731 30-32 (76-82) M Stands white with slight deep yellow signal line; falls white, deep yellow signal; warm white style arms. Mrs. Ira Nelson X Queen O’ Queens
C’est Moi Fabel-Ward, R. 1983 36 (91) E Stands cream; green style arms; falls yellow. (78BW04 x 78BW09) X I. vinicolor
C’est Si Bon Taylor, J.C.* 1983 BFI 35 (89) E Blue violet with white spray pattern, white rim on petals (close to plicata pattern). Freddie Boy X Royal Lady
Caddo Gap Morgan, R. 1992 L439-V 32 (81) M Red-violet, orange-yellow steeple signal; lighter red-violet style arms. Strange Romance X L4-A: (Trail of Tears x Bayou Comas)
Cajun Angel Rowlan, H. 1992 89LA58 34 (86) ML Stands spiraea red; falls darker spiraea red, cream area surrounding green, edged yellow, line signal; ruffled; slight musky frangrance. Bold Copy X Chowning red-brown seedling

Cajun Belle Rowlan, H. 1991 89-LA-38 35 (89) ML Stands magnolia purple; lilac purple style arms and crests; falls lilac purple, large green border, cream ray signal; lightly ruffled; slight sweet fragrance. Monument X Crisp Lime
Cajun Caper
Cajun Caper MacMillan, W. 1975 PAT-11-75> 42 (107) EM Stands pale violet; green style arms; falls pale red-violet blend with dark orange suffusion, bright yellow triangular crests. unknown X unknown
Cajun Cookery
Cajun Cookery Hager, B. 1989 L112 27 (69) M Deep red, narrow yellow line signal. L79: ((Delta King x Acadian) x (“Mistletoe Garnet” x Delta King)) X Cajun Country sib
Cajun Country Hager, B. 1985 L100Rd 34 (86) ML1 Stands maroon red; falls slightly deeper, short yellow line signal. Creole Flame X L80Rd: (L40A: (Delta King x Acadian) x F.A.C. MaCulla)

Cajun Lace Strawn, K. 1993 K-1985 38 (96) L Stands red-purple; red style arms over yellow; falls red-purple, yellow signal. Lafitte’s Retreat X Charles Arny III
Cajun Love

Cajun Love Rowlan, H. 1989 83 LA 35 32 (81) M Ruffled Indian lake, large yellow sunburst signal. Charlie’s Michele X Dr. Doryman
Cajun Love Story
Cajun Love Story Haymon, D. 1999 81-92-1 39 (99) M Pallid flesh pink, slight mauve overlay, small olive veins; signals green gold, small; style arms pink; tailored; slight sweet fragrance. Charlie’s Karen X All Agaze
Cajun Merry 
Cajun Merry Dunn, M. 1995 L174-1 36 (91) M Ecru mauve, falls with tiny red brown lines at edge of green signal. Fat Tuesday X Cammeray

  Cajun Pinstripe Vaughn, K. 1997 E-49-1 38-41 (96-102) ML&RE Stands and falls white, all over lavender blue veining except ¼” unmarked edge, small falls signal mostly hidden by style arms; style arms white, veined and infused lavender-blue, green at base; tight small ruffles. Dural White Butterfly X Malibu Magic
Cajun Rose Rowlan, H. 1988 85 LA 21 33(84) ML Stands magenta rose, narrow white halo; green style arms edged yellow; magenta rose crest; falls ruby red, center blending to magenta rose, narrow white halo, greenish yellow sunburst signal. Charlie's Michele X Gamecock
Cajun Sunrise Mertzweiller, J. 1992 74-22 34-36 (85-90) EM Stands red, narrow yellow edge; intense yellow style arms; falls red, yellow sunburst blending to red, narrow yellow edge, yellow line signal.(1) MacMillan yellow seedling X 60-87: (58-69: (( Bayou Sunset x Peggy Mac) x Upstart) x Belle Lou
Cajun Sunset Granger, M. 1990 75-Y1 15 (36) M Stands light yellow; falls deep greenish yellow; slight fragrance. 67-2: (Gypsy Moon x Queen O’ Queens) X G.W. Holleyman
Cajun Wedding Vaughn, K. 1997 E-4-3 36-42 (91-107) ML Stands white, veined greenish yellow; style arms cream; falls white greenish yellow veins and signal, petal edge often gold; heavily ruffled, laciniated. Alluvial Gold X C-9-1: (Gourmet x Koorawatha)
Cajun Whirl Haymon, D. 1987 4-83-1 40 (102) M Ruffled white with gold, veined olive from base to edge, gold signal veined olive; cream style arms. Alston X Charjoy’s Mike
Cajundome Arny, C. 1985 R-1-82 36 (91) M Stands purplish red; falls deep beet red, irregular large yellow signal. Ann Chowning X Charles Arny III
Calico Girl Granger, M. 1981 69-7 22-24 (56-61) M Stands light rose pink; falls dark rose pink with yellow sunburst pattern in signal area; greenish yellow thin-line signal. BQ64-24: (Bramble Queen x unnumbered pink seedling) X (Violet Ray x Wheelhorse)
Calvin Blue Arny, C. 1985 LAV-BL-3-82 30(75) M Stands lavender blue; falls lightly ruffled lavender blue, greenish yellow signal. seedling X Clyde Redmond
Calvin’s Robe Betts, T.J.* 1999 OO8C 38 (96) M Stands mallow purple, pale rim, darker veining; style arms pale magnolia purple; falls lilac purple, pale rim, darker veining, gold spear signal; ruffled. Sun Dream X Nick’s Nugget
Camille Durand Foret Camille Durand Foret Haymon, D. 1994 87-88-2 30 (75) M Ruffled bright yellow-gold with darker gold signal, green in heart of flower extending to signal. 29-85-1: (Teresa Margaret x (Uptight x Lucile Holleyman)) X 111-86-1:(Easter Tide x Swamp Flame)
Cammeray Taylor, J.C.* 1984 JJL-4-1 28 (71) E Blue. Bit of Blue X Clara Goula
Canary Duet Pryor, H.* 1998 55/90-8 47 (120) EM Stands pale creamy lemon; style arms and falls lemon peel yellow; olive green line signal on all petals; heavily ruffled. Gladiator’s Gift X Designer’s Dream
Candle Glow Holleyman, G. 1967 Yellow, overlaid with terra-cotta Wheelhorse X I. nelsonii
Captain Gates Louisiana iris.
Captain Gates Pryor, H.* 1998 25/91-B 39 (100) ML Stands violet, white rim and reverse; style arms white, violet tips and midrib blush; falls slightly deeper violet, white rim and reverse; yellow signal with raised golden yellow steeple; ruffled. Koorawatha X Sea Lord
Carioca Carnival 
Carioca Carnival Betts, T.J.* 1984 826PA 36 (91) ML Ruffled dark red, gold line signal: dark red styles. Ila Nunn X unknown tan seedling
Carmen Louisiana Iris
Carmen Durio, K. 1972 Re-100-70XX 25 (64) M Stands dark red-violet; falls same with red-violet edging and reddish tan underneath; distinct yellow triangular crests on sepals. Re-18-68: (Wheelhorse x W.B. MacMillan) X W.B. MacMillan
Carole Lynn Patin 1965 V-13-641 38 M Dark violet. Stock destroyed and name released, 1974. Sara Gladney X seedling #2

Carole Lynne Patin, J. 1974 YBR-12-741 34 (86) M Strong orange, chartreuse crest with orange tip surrounded by deep brown; distinct brown claw. Golden Heritage X MacMillan seedling
Carolyn LaPoint Arny, C. 19734 36 (91) M Rose-pink self; yellow signal. Katherine L. Cornay X Katherine L. Cornay
Carrie Fahrmann Patin 1963 B-2-63 36 M Apricot self; gold spear signal edged brown, brown rib in stands. Marquis De Lafayette X I. nelsonii ( yellow )
Cass White Turley, R. 1996 SPEC(hexagona) 30-36 (76-91)E Stands and style arms white; falls white, yellow signal; slight spicy fragrance. I. hexagona collected at Olga Lee County, Florida
Cassez Une Jambe Fabel-Ward, R. 1995 BW 42/1 H 39 (100) E Rose pink self, yellow signal. Jerry Clower X Bayou St. John
Cassiopee Anfosso, L.* 1988 P 80 L 12 24 (61) M Brick red, large golden yellow signal, yellow veining on falls; gold style arms. Creole Flame X Shrimp Louis
Catahoula Blue Chowning, Conger 1981 (o) (Syn: Lake Catahoula Hexagona) 30 VL Dark blue. I. hexagona

Catch Cry Taylor, J.C.* 1986 M9-3 31 (80) M Stands white, edged pale blue; falls light blue, yellow signal. Cammeray X Secret Spell
Catwalk Idol Louisiana Iris
Catwalk Idol Pryor, H.* 1997 18/93-E 32 (81) EM Stands hot cerise, rim white, pale reverse; style arms beige with cerise blush; falls deeper hot cerise, rim white, pale reverse, raised orange steeple signal; ruffled. Stylish Socialite X Fasion World
Cedar Bayou Strawn, K. 1993 R1985 32 (81) EM Stands violet-blue; lighter violet-blue style arms; falls violet-blue, yellow signal. Acadian Miss X Easter Tide
Chacahoula Cha Cha
Chacahoula Cha Cha Ostheimer, R. 2000 30 (76) M Royal purple; signals yellow orange surrounded by white; pronounced musky fragrance. Blue Duke X Clyde normalRedmond
Chacahoula Fire Chacahoula Fire (Rusty McSparrin, R. 2005).  Sdlg. FIRE 4.  LA, 36-38" (91-97 cm), M.S. and style arms orange red (RHS 35D), style arms yellow green (150C) toward throat; F. orange red (34D) shading toward (35D) on edges, yellow (13A) steeple signal bordered red (180A).  Cajun Caper X unknown.  Bois d’Arc 2005.
Charge D’ Affaire Dunn, M. 1990 L119-3 36 (91) M Stands light plum, lighter serrated edge; green style arms tipped purple; falls velvety deeper plum, lighter serrated and ruffled edge, yellow signal. Clara Goula X L40-10: (Charlie’s Michele x Carmen)
Charjoy’s Anne Arny, C. 1977 VY-1-73 36 (91) M Bright orange-yellow self; small greenish yellow line signal. Anne Caradine X G.W. Holleyman
Charjoy’s Beth Arny, C. 1977 N/R 36 (91) M Lavender self; greenish yellow triangular signal. Charlie’s Michele X unknown
Charjoy’s David Arny, C. 1977 ViR-GS-1-73 30 (75) ML Stands violet-red; falls slightly darker; green style arms; yellow-green line signal. Charlie’s Michele X Charjoy’s Dottie
Charjoy’s Dottie Arny, C. 1977 HY-2-71 40 (102) M Chinese yellow self; yellow-green line signal. unknown X unknown
Charjoy’s Jan Arny, C. 19784 30 (75) ML Blue-purple self; short purple style arms; large, steeple-shaped deep yellow signals. Clyde Redmond X unknown
Charjoy’s Jewel Arny, C. 1977 Y-FOL-76 30 (75) M Maize yellow self; yellow line signal; Stands slightly fluted. Bayou Comus X King’s Gold
Charjoy’s Mary Arny, C. 1977 HVE-5-75 36 (91) M Cream-white with heavy lavender veining; lavender-pink style arms; large triangular yellow signal. Harland K. Riley X Rainbow Inn
Charjoy’s Mike Arny, C. 1977 Vi-7-73 36 (91) M Tyrian purple self with fine silver margin; pinkish cream style arms; yellow signal. Charlie’s Michele X King Calcasieu
Charlatan Hutchinson, J.* 1996 MSDWB6 47 (120) M Stands yellow buff, mulberry veining heavier in center; style arms mulberry and buff; falls medium purplish mulberry, deeper center line, pink buff marginal line, wide short yellow signal, deeper center line; lightly ruffled; slight fragrance. Marsha Sue X Dural White Butterfly
Charlene Strawn Strawn, K. 1993 68-19841 40 (102) M Stands light purple veined darker; purple style arms; falls purple fading lighter, green-yellow signal; ruffled. Mrs. Ira Nelson X Kirk Strawn
Charles Arny III Arny, C. 1976 ViR-1-74 48 (122) M Violet-red self; large orange-yellow signal. Charlie’s Michele X King Calcasieu
Charlie Durio, K. 1987 DO-10-791 36 (91) M Stands light orange red, deeper midrib; dark orange red style arms with broad yellow edge and ruffled appendages; falls dark orange red, veined deeper, deeper midrib, small green yellow line signal. Carman X Marshal Sue
Charlie’s Angel Arny, C. 1979 36 (91) M Creamy white self; light yellow style arms; bright yellow signal. Queen O’ Queens X unknown
Charlie’s Evangeline Arny, C. 1976 BLB-1-76 30 (75) ML Flat wedgewood blue self; large bright yellow signal. Gulf Surf X Clyde Redmond
Charlie’s Felicia Arny, C. 1970 Vi-1-68 30 (91) M1 Stands phlox purple; falls purple with bright yellow dagger-shaped signals; style arms contrasting cream to white. Dora Dey X Katherine L. Cornay
Charlie’s Ginny Arny, C. 1972 N/R 42 (107) M Bright rose bitone with yellow style arms. Louise Arny X (W.B. MacMillan x Tressie Cook)
Charlie’s Gold Arny 1962 1-59 30 M Bright yellow self; zigzag stems. Unregistered blue X Strutting Canary EC60
Charlie’s Karen Arny, C. 1972 30 (75) M Ruffled light amaranth rose sepals; beige petals. Joyce X W.B. MacMillan
Charlie’s Marie Arny, C. 1973 CR2-72 42 (107) M Stands very pale yellow; falls light yellow; yellow signal. Ila Nunn X unknown
Charlie’s Michele Arny 1969 30 M Amaranth rose self, ruffled large yellow crests. Wheelhorse X W.B. MacMillan
Charlie’s Tress Arny, C. 1977 B1TR-1-75 40 (102) M Stands lavender-purple; falls rose-purple; green style arms; large yellow steeple-shaped signals. Charlie’s Michele X King Calcasieu
Charlotte Ann Durio, K. 1972 Y3-4-70 36 (91) M Stands bright light yellow with dark orange-tan suffusion; falls full yellow; dark yellow-orange crest. (Wheelhorse x W.B. MacMillan) X G.W. Holleyman
Charlotte’s Tutu Pryor, H.* 1994 57/90-1 38 (96) EM Ruffled and slightly reflexed cerise, lime green signal lined black on all petals; cerise style arms with green rib creating a star effect. Desert Jewel X Noble Planet
Chateau Michelle Dunn, M. 1985 L28-77-3 24 (61) M Ruffled brick red, large yellow signal, self style arms. Charlie’s Michele X Creole Flame

Chena’s Charm Chenoweth, V. 1987 S2 40 (102) M Light to medium red, orange signal. Yellow Web X 79-1-W: (Clara Goula x unknown)
Chef Menteur Chef Menteur (Patrick O’Connor, R. 2003).  Sdlg. 01-21.  LA, 36" (91 cm), M. S. medium purple; style arms red purple, lower half cream; F. medium purple, large thumbprint signal coarsely veined cream and purple, with orange centerline; lightly ruffled.  False River X Shizuoka Sunrise.
Chef Menteur Pass Chef Menteur Pass (Patrick O’Connor, LA, R. 2003).  Zydeco 2005.
Cherry Cup Morgan, R. 1988 126-A 26-28 (66-71) M Full red, yellow wire rim on falls, yellow line signal. F.A.C. McCulla X Little Miss Simms
Cherrybrook Pryor, H.* 1995 57/90-2 38 (96) M Stands lemon cherry red marginal wash and line signal; style arms cherry red, yellow center rib; falls cherry red yellow dagger signal, paler reverse; ruffled. Desert Jewel X Noble Planet

Cheryl Bourgeois Arny, C. 1985 BIT-LAV-Y-1-83 36 (91) M Stands rosy lavender; falls lightly ruffled rosy lavender with yellow overlay, yellow green signal surrounded by large yellow sunburst shaped color patch. Easter Tide X Clara Goula

Chez Michelle Dunn, M. 1994 L159-11 36 (91) M Stands light violet; falls light violet with lighter area toward yellow signal, pale violet edge. Elusive Butterfly X (Charlie’s Michele x Rhett)

Childhood Sweetheart Childhood Sweetheart   (Heather Pryor, R. 2001).  Sdlg. 33/95-A.  La, 38" (97 cm), M. Soft lavender violet (RHS 85B) with darker violet veining, white rim and reverse, raised golden steeple signal surrounded by lemon starburst; style arms winter white blushed violet, base green; ruffled.  Nutcote X Obvious Heir.  Iris Haven 2001.
  China Magic Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL 13-4 39 (100) M Stands marbled purple violet; style arms buff, marbled light purple violet; falls dark purple violet, lighter edge, signal yellow with lighter edge. Dancing Vogue X First Favourite

Chosen Love MacMillan, W. 1977 Lp-19-63 36 (91) EM Light red-violet with deeper veining; violet-green style arms; green to chartreuse lime crest bordered with green-white patch; ruffled. unknown X unknown
Chuck Begnaud Haymon, D. 1999 52-92-1 25-28 (64-71) EM Rich lavender, edged white, falls velvety; gold ray signal edged white; style arms dark lavender, light tip; ruffled, serrated. Kay Nelson X 32-85: (Lafayette Honey sib. X Charjoy’s Mike)
Circe Miss Circe Miss M.D. Faith, R. 2005).  Sdlg. S67 B-1710.  LA, 34-36: (86-91cm), EML. S. and F. white; style arms white, greenish midribs; signals yellow gold infused with lime green lines; ruffled, flat form.  Henry Rowlan sdlg. X Cajun Angel.  Faith 2005.
Circe's Appeal Circe's Appeal (M.D. Faith, R. 2005).  Sdlg. S127 B-2060.  LA, 36-40" (91-102 cm), ML.S. and F. bluebird blue (RHS 94B); style arms dark purple; signal yellow-gold steeple; ruffled; flat form.  Dural Bluebird X Jeri.  Faith 2005
Citadel Taylor, J.C.* 1986 CT2 39 (100) E Stands purple; falls purple, yellow dagger signal. Charlie’s Tress X self

City Twilight City Twilight Hutchinson, J.* 1998 GL/B/3 45 (114) M Stands white, purple veins, heavy center line, edges washed rosy purple, lightly ruffled; style arms white and rosy violet, green center, violet crest; falls rich velvety violet, strong darker center line, small light green signal, pale reverse; slight fragrance. Glowlight X unknown
  Claire de Lune 1965
Clara Goula Arny, C. 1975 4 42 (107) EM Ruffled white to very light cream self; yellow signal. Charlie’s Michele X ruffled white seedling
Classical Note Taylor, J.C.* 1990 OL114-1 43 (110) M Ruffled and fluted yellow, yellow green veining intensifying at center. Korrawath X Helen Naish
Claude Davis Neugebauer 1966 (o) 48 E Light lemon yellow, stands fading to white. Wheelhorse X G.W. Holleyman
Clown About Morgan, R. 1991 L46-A 28 (71) M Stands light red violet edge yellow; yellow style arms dusted rose; falls yellow with medium red overlay extending from green yellow line signal. Gypsy Moon X Bayou Comus
Clyde Ikins Strawn, K. 1993 25-1984 37 (93) M Stands lilac-purple; beetroot purple style arms and falls, yellow-orange signal; ruffled. Merry Whirl X Sun Fury
Clyde Redmond Arny, C. 1970 BL-2-69 30 (75) M Cornflower blue self; yellow signal.
Cobweb Concerto Cobweb Concerto (Heather Pryor, LA, R. 2003).  Iris City 2006.
Coffee Drip Arny, C. 1974 N/R 30 (75) ML Stands Spanish orange; falls burnt orange; large, deep yellow, steeple-shaped signal. Amber Goddess X Dean Lee
Colorific Mertzweiller, J 1978 70-38 32-36 (81-91) M Stands white with very pale lavender flush and lavender centerline; greenish white syle arms, flushed lavender at tips; falls medium reddish purple, lighter toward center, darker purple veining; small yellow line crest. Crescent City X Sioux Le Jeune
Commandment Taylor, J.C.* 1979 JFL4-1 40 (102) EM Stand lavender-pink with darker spray patter; falls magenta-purple edged lavender-pink; darker lavender-pink style arms; large yellow steeple crests. F.A.C. McCulla X Delta King
Compound Taylor, J.C.* 19981 UL14-9 39 (100)1 M Light tan, signals yellow. Dancing Vogue X Watch Out
Concours D’Elegance Dunn, M. 1988 L79-4 36 (91) M Bright magenta plum, hint of yellow line signal. L18-16: (Queen O’ Queen x Mrs. Ira Nelson) X Dark Tide
Confederate Flag Fabel-Ward, R. 1988 29.5 (74) ML Light violet narrow yellow green signal, white rays halfway down falls. Morgan L116 X Black Gamecock

Contraband Days Granger 1968 65-11 36-38 M Stands white with wide deep purplish-pink flush on border and down midrib; falls strong reddish-purple; white style with arms with base and midrib green; claws strong reddish-purple 60-3 (Bayou Street x Gay Deceiver) X Wheelhorse
Cool Customer Cool Customer Hutchinson, J* 2000 CC1 42 (107) M Pallid lemon cream fading to white, falls with green veins, green over rich yellow signal; style arms lime green, crests pale cream; edges slightly frimbriate. unknown X unknown
  Cool Nite Morgan, R. 2000 L 767-V 24 (61) EM Stands and style arms medium blue violet; falls dark blue violet, small yellow steeple signal Sea Knight X Lake Sylvia
Coonawarra Claret Jackson, P* 1999> LGD2 41 (105) ML Deep velvety wine red, deep gold star signal; style arms cream, tipped light wine. Gladiator’s Gift X Desert Jewel
Coorabell Raabe, R* 1988 BT-82-406 32 (81) M Stands amethyst violet, style arms washed purple over green cream ground; falls imperial purple, yellow signal. Professor Ike X Magistral
Coraki Raabe, R.* 1983 U-80-6 28 (71) EL Aster violet. R-14-75: (Crescent City x violet seedling) X M-26-76: (Marie Caillet x Crescent City)

Corrie Ten Boom Fabel-Ward, R. 1984 H-06-82 (2) 34 (86) E Violet blue, veined blue white, yellow signal Gypsy Moon X Clyde Redmond

Cosi Fan Tutte Anfosso, L.* 1991 L 82 4L 26 (66) L Stands bright fuchsia pink; galls slightly darker, short triangular signal, deep fuchsia mid-line. Charlie’s Michele X This I Love

Cotton Plantation Dunn, M. 1994 167-2 34 (86) M Pure white, lime yellow signal C’est Magnifique X Mary’s Charlie
Count Pulaski Chowning, F. 1978 FC8 40 (102) E Copper blend with long, prominent gold ‘bar’ signal; greenish gold style arms. Amber Goddess X Delta Country
Counterpoise Mertzweiller, J. 1970 66-79A 40 (102) E Stands cadmium orange with mauve veining; falls mauve with darker veining. 61-71A: (Peggy Mac x Belle Lou) X 63-140B: Crescent City sib)
Coup D’ Etat Dunn, M. 1990 L120-2 32 (81) M Stands golden copper orange; greenish copper style arms; falls copper orange, serrated edge stand color, yellow signal. Gold Reserve X Counterpoise
Coup de Grace Dunn, M. 1990 L158-9 36 (91) M Stands dark orchid, texture veined pale style arms; falls wine orchid, veined lighter serrated edge, small yellow sunburst signal. C’est Magnifique X Plantation Beau
Coup de Ville Dunn, M. 1990 L117-2 32 (81) ML Stands light rose; matching style arms; falls copper rose, large yellow green signal rimmed darker. Ann Chowning X Monument
Coushatta Campbell, F. 1998 95-124-A 27 (69) EM Stands lavender, veined lavender mauve; style arms yellow green, tips and edges flushed lavender mauve; falls lavender mauve, creamy white spray pattern, soft yellow signal with green crest; ruffled. Dural White Butterfly X Goula sdlg. (Margaret Hunter x Ann Chowning)
Cozy Moment Morgan, R. 1999 L 607-V 25 (64) EM Ruffled medium violet, falls with green yellow lancehead signal; style arms light violet; buds grey blue. 152-V: (Bayou Waters x (Mac’s Blue Haven x Blue Shield)) X Royal Velour
Crawfish Pie Vaughn, K. 1996 D-101-1 34-39 (86-99) ML Stands bright red violet edges primrose yellow, signal sometimes present; style arms primrose yellow center and tips red violet; falls bright red edges primrose yellow, bright primrose yellow signal; petals serrated; slight musky fragrance. Cajun Sunrise X Cajun Cookery
Crayfish Betts, T.J.* 1980 522C 21 (53) E Stands dark violet blue, falls dark violet blue, tiny gold signal. Wood Violet X Clyde Redmond
Creamed Coffee Arny, C. 1975 54 (137)> M Pale clay brown self; large yellow signal. Tressie Cook X unknown
Creative Edge Vaughn, K. 1998 G-93-1 34 (86) EM Stands light lavender, ½” dark lavender border, ¼” cream halo; style arms light lavender, deeper lavender midrib; falls light lavender, ½”-5/8” dark lavender border, ¼”-3/8” cream halo, cream signal edged lavender. Old South Ball X Marie Dolores
Crème Freeze Jackson, P.* 2000 LWMA 37 (95) M Ruffled cream, darker veining in center, gold line signal; style arms dark cream, green base. Watch Our X Malibu Magic
Creole Canary Granger, M. 1976 CC68-221 18-20(46-51) M Yellow with orange-yellow line down center of falls and darker orange-yellow elongated church-steeple signal patch; double, usually 6 falls and extra petaloids in center of bloom. CC64-30: (Creole Can-Can x (Creole Can-Can seedling x Candlegrow)) X 64-1: (Delta Star x Wheelhorse)
Creole Fantasy Granger, M. 1988 82-2H 22-24 (56-61) M Stands dark violet blue; falls slightly darker violet blue, small orange yellow signal; lightly ruffled. Blue violet I.foliosa seedling of unknown parentage X BR77-23: (((BQ64-24 x Louisiana Sambo) x King of Clubs) x Charlie’s Michele)
Creole Flame Wyatt, C. 1973
Creole Queen Dunn, M. 1985 L64-80-2 28 (71) ML Falls blue purple, blended red in heart and center, black line running from yellow signal to edge. L1-73-I: (Blue Shield x Katherine L. Cornay) X L8-73-1: (Black Widow x Katherine L. Cornay)
Creole Rhapsody Mertzweiller, J. 1998 DT 87-34-B> 30-34 (76-86)1 M Stands creamy white, wine red midrib and veining; style arms green base, yellow green midrib, wine red tips and edges; falls deep wine red to rose red, large yellow signal; lightly ruffled. Colorific X Tetraploid sdlg. C-75-26
Creole Satellite Holleyman, G. 1960 60-48 40 L Dark red-purple; large yellow signal patch. Plain-folks X self
Crescent City Mertzweiller, J. 1970 63-150A 32 (81) M Stands mallow purple, darker purple veining; falls mallow purple, darker purple veining. 61-54B: (59-113 x Wheelhorse) X MacMillan cream-yellow seedling
Cricket’s Chirp Morgan, R. 2000 L 904-VB1 24 (61) E Stands and style arms dark red violet; falls dark violet, large gold sunburst signal. L 848-R: (Gincer Punch sib x Vermillion Treasure) X Trail of Tears

Crisp Lime Dunn, M. 1982 L18-74-7 32 (81) M Pure white, lime green style arms and lime crests. Queen O’ Queens X Mrs. Ira Nelson
Crome Dome Arny, C. 1976 N/R 48 (122) M Canary yellow self; deep orange-yellow signal. Martin Redmond X unknown
Cronulla Taylor, J.C.* 1986 M9-2 35 (89) L Deep blue, yellow signal on stands and falls surrounded by white. Cammeray X Secret Spell

Crow Durio, K. 1992 GR#1 26 (66) M Stands light red-violet; falls very dark red-violet. Tokyo Rose X Ann Chowning
Crushed Ice Pryor, H.* 1995> 44/90-1 39 (100) EM Ruffled white, opening pale cream with yellow to green line signal, veined petals; style arms white, yellow ribs. Dural White Butterfly X Alluvial Gold
Cuban Rumba Taylor, J.C.* 1993 RL 35-2 47 (120) M Stands cream, veined purple; falls purple, strong yellow signal. Wine and Dine X Margaret Lee
Cuisine Dunn, M. 1985 L100-2 28 (71) ML Ruffled violet, large white ray pattern on falls, yellow line signal. Mary’s Charlie X Professor Ike
Curled Cutie Arny, C. 1987 RO-1-83 30 (75) M Rusty rose, large mid-yellow irregular signal. unknown X unknown
Currency Taylor, J.C.* 1993 RL-9-1 44 (112) EM Stands cream, veined and flushed pink; yellow style arms; falls buff-pink, heavily veined maroon-pink, green lime signal around yellow center; ruffled and slightly recurved. Green Elf X Margaret Lee
Cyclamint Pryor, H.* 1995 54/109-B1 30 (75) M Ruffled cyclamen purple; style arms soft mauve, green center; signal on all petals giving star effect, bright green center, yellow edge, ribbed purple. Ann Chowning X Jazz Ballet
Czar of Russia MacMillan, W. 19704 28 (71) ML Reddish purple self; huge bright gold signal. unknown X unknown