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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
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U.S.L. No. 9 Nelson 1965 24 M Small orchid-pink.
Undercover Click on picture for larger view
Undercover Taylor, J.C.* 1996 UL5-4 39 (100) ML Purple violet, falls with yellow signal; ruffled; slight fragrance. ‘Bout Midnight X Rachel’s Request
Unique Style Click on picture for a larger view Unique Style Pryor, H.* 1998 42/93-A 39 (100) EM Stands soft lemon, edges blushed pink; style arms lemon, intensely feathered, horned at end, feathers and horns with pink tips; falls medium pink, veined deeper, rim pale lemon, raised lime green steepleg.
  Up Town MacMillan, W. 1975 PAC-15-73 36 (91) ML Stands pale red-violet; falls light red-violet with pale yellow edge; yellow line crests with creamy yellow thumbprint patterned signal. unknown X unknown
Upbeat Click on picture for larger view. Upbeat Rowlan, H. 1988 85 LA 52 35 (89) ML Chartreuse green, veined green, green line signal; slightly darker chartreuse green style arms and crest. 77-G-1: (Mrs. Ira Nelson x Gypsy Moon) X Ila Nunn
  Upgrade Taylor, J.C.* 1998 94-38 47 (120) EM Stands and falls purple violet, edged lighter, yellow signal; style arms purple violet, edged buff; fluted. unknown X unknown
  Uptight Arny, C. 1970 N/R 48 (122) M Primrose yellow; yellow-orange signal. Tressie Cook X G.W. Holleyman
Uptight Cream White Arny, C. 1978 N/R 42 (107) EM Cream-white self; deep yellow signal. white seedling X Uptight
Uralba Gold Click on picture to view larger view.
Uralba Gold Raabe. R.* 1979 M-6-75 26 (66) M Straw yellow with campanula violet veining and buttercup yellow line crests and style arms. Crescent City X R-7-73: (Crescent City x E.H. Martyn)
  Uralba Mist Raabe, R.* 1980 R-27-78 23 (58) ML White with pastel mauve veining. R-20-75: (Queen O’ Queens x Emma Hansen X R-16-76: (70-58 x Crescent City)
  Uralba Rose Raabe, R.* 1980 R-03-79 23.5 (58) ML Chinese rose. R-22-77: (Deneb x R-17-76) X R-6-77: (64-18 X 76-62)
  Uralba Storm Raabe, R.* 1984 U-80-60 33 (84) EL Stands amethyst violet, darker in center; silver edge; white style arms; falls slightly darker amethyst violet, silver edge; ruffled. E.C. Everingham X Tevern