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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006

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Babs Barnette
Babs Barnette Campbell, F. 1997  93-124-B 36-42 (91-107) M Stands light rose pink to mauve pink, light rose veining; style arms creamy yellow heavily flushed and tipped rose; falls rose pink to mauve rose, rose veining, yellow crest; lightly ruffled stands; slightly zigzag, slight fragrance. Dural White Butterfly X Lynn Hentel

Babe Ruth    Holleyman, G.  1966 Pink Ruth Holleyman X Mistletoe Garnet

Back Home  Betts, T.J.* 1993 826JB  45(114)  E  Ruffled blue-violet, green and yellow signal; silvery green style arms, lacy violet crests. Ila Nunn X tan seedling

Baguette Taylor, J.C.*  1986      M9-5 35(89)  L  Blue, yellow green signal on Stands and falls surrounded by white area. Cammeray X Secret Spell
Bananas Foster Bananas Foster
Bajazzo  Dunn, M.  1980  L21-75-6 38(96)  EM  Stands deep red violet; falls velvety deep red violet, slightly darker in center. Blue Shield X Black Widow
Bay View DeB-M-92
Bali Nights Strawn, K. 1993  55-1985 35 (89) L  Violet, yellow-orange signal; violet style arms. unknown X Black Gamecock
Banana Flip  Arny, C. 1987  RUF-YY-2-80  30(75)  M Rich deep yellow, inconspicuous greenish yellow signal; green style arms. Charjoy’s Ann X Charjoy’s Jewel
Bananas Foster Vaughn, K. 1998  F-17-4 25-27 (63-69)  ML  Stands bright amber, thin cinnamon edge; style arms amber, infused cinnamon, base green; falls amber, color deepening toward broad (1/2” – 3/4”) cinnamon edge, rose outlined gold signal. Heavenly Glow X Kelly’s Choice

Bandito  Durio, K.  1977  LAC-1-75 30(76)  ML Ruffled very dark violet self; very dark violet style arms and claws, Green-gold line crest. Carman X unknown

Barbare  Anfosso, P.* 1989  P 81 L2  31.5(80) EM  Stands deep pink; cream yellow style arms blushed purple; falls garnet red edged beige. Charlie’s Michele X Cajun Capers

Barcoo Taylor, J.C.*  1997  UL-17-1  43 (110) ML  Stands and style arms rosy pink; falls rosy pink, lighter edge, yellow dagger signal. Dancing Vogue X Dural White Butterfly

Barossa  Taylor, J.C.*  1986  L90-1  35 (89) ML  Purple, yellow green signal on Stands and falls. Valera X Helen Naish
Bastille Day
Bastille Day O’Conner, P. 1992  81-16   42(107)  M Red-violet, yellow signal; light red style arms. Ann Chowning X unknown
Barataria Batataria (Patrick O’Connor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 97-4.  LA, 34" (86 cm), M. Bright rose pink, F. with inconspicuous yellow signal surrounded by indistinct cream and rose veining; style arms cream, tips washed rose.  Buxom X Beausoleil.
Baton Rouge Dunn, M.  1985  L43-78-5 30(75)  M Deep rose, lighter spray pattern on falls, yellow signal. Blue Shield Charlie’s Michele X Blue Shield

Bayou Angel  Chowning, F.  1990  85-FC-17  32(81)  ML  Stands rose pink with ray signal patterns; falls rose pink, green lancehead signal edged yellow, ruffled. This I Love X unknown
Bayou Bandit Louisiana iris
Bayou Bandit  Weeks, J. 1998  SPEC(Fulva)  28-36(71-91) EM  Light chocolate, pink and lavender tones, silvery glaze; falls with bright yellow crest signal; style arms soft yellow, flushed chocolate. Collected near Denham Springs, Louisiana
Bayou Blue Arny 19624'>  36  M Violet-blue self; white radiating to end of style arms Puttytat X Wheelhorse
Bayou Bluebird  Rowlan, H. 1999  88-LA-16  34(86)  M Lightly ruffled bluebird blue, falls with large yellow steeple signal with green center. unknown X unknown
Bayou Candelabra  Arny, C. 1974  N/R  42 (107) ML Wisteria Blue self; frequently all floral parts have large steeple-shaped, deep yellow signal surrounded by narrow violet margin at tips. Tressie Cook X unknown
Bayou Charm  Rowlan, H. 1984  82-LA-29  37 (93) Aureolin yellow, orange signal; aureolin yellow crest, bright green style arms. Winter’s Vail X Yeloponie
Bayou Classic Faggard, A.  1986  FBL-8-83  30(75)  EM  Deep blue purple, golden steeple crest; wide yellow green style arms streaked blue purple. unknown X unknown
Bayou Comus Arny 1969  (Syn. Comus) 36  ML  Light tan self; bright yellow-orange steeple-shaped crests, outlined with narrow reddish-brown margin. Amber Goddess X unknown
Bayou Dawn
Bayou Dawn  Rowlan, H. 1992  89LA40 34(86)  EM  Stands spinal red; yellow style arms and crests; falls darker spinal red, inconspicuous yellow line signal; ruffled. Bronze Trophy X Amber Dawn
Bayou Fountain  O’Conner, P. 1992  81-1 36(91)  EM  Blue-purple with some white streaking near signal, yellow signal on white ground; dark red-purple style arms. unknown X unknown
Bayou Gold  Herbert, T. 1986  GS-1GLDS-81 24(61) EM  Dark yellow orange. Scamp X G.W. Holleyman

Bayou Goula Fabel-Ward, R. 1986 N/R  36(91)  E  Yellowish brown, narrow orange signal. collected I. fulva X unknown

Bayou HeartthrobFaggard, A.    1980  F-BT-1-76 34(86)  L White with violet overlay, ¼ “ band on stands and falls; yellow gold crest; green yellow style arms. seedling X Mertzweiller 62-137A
Bayou Honey
Bayou Honey Rowlan, H. 1983  80LA 5  37(93)  M Ruffled red brown, medium yellow steeple signal; red brown style arms. Miss Arkansas X G.W. Holleyman
Bayou Mist Arny 1963  42  M  Enamel blue self; orange-yellow line signal New Offering X Louise Arny
Bayou Mystique  Dunn, M.  1988  L46-2A  35(89)  M  Stands laced light lavender; style arms deep green in lower center; falls ruffled and laced deep lavender violet, tiny lime signal line. Mikal X Clara Goula
Bayou Orchid  Mertzweiller, J.  1970 62-47A  40(102)  M Stands orient pink, slight rose veining; falls Venetian pink, rose veining. Peggy Mae X Mistis

Bayou Princess Herbert, T. 1986  3-85 19.5(50) EM  Ruffled white, green line signal. (Clara Goula x Mrs. Ira Nelson)  X flesh pink seedling

Bayou Promise  Faggard, A.  1980  F-RO-4-75  31 (80) M Red violet, large gold steeple crest; blended style arms veined red.  seedling X seedling

Bayou Rose Rowlan, H. 1988  82 LA 40 36 (91) M Stands light rose lavender; deep rose lavender style arms and crests; falls deep rose lavender, yellow steeple signal. Bill Levingston X Glad you Came
Bayou Rouge Durio, K.  1980  TRV-8-79  24-26 (61-65)  M  Stands light red; dark violet style arms with broad yellow band around edge; falls dark red violet, bright yellow signal patch. Professor Claude X Professor Ike
Bayou Self  Andrus, R.  1981  80-1 30 (75) L Stands grayed purple; falls velvety grayed purple, yellow fan-shaped signal. Harland K. Riley X unknown
Bayou Shadow Arny, C. 1978  LavPi-3-76  36 (91) M Lavender-pink self; long orange-yellow signals bordered by narrow maroon margin at tips. Morning Treat X unknown
Bayou Short Stuff
Bayou Short Stuff Faggard, A.  1986  FBL-3-83  23 (58) M Dark blue; narrow dark blue style arms, gold yellow crest; slight sweet fragrance. unknown X unknown
Bayou Spotlight  Holleyman, G.  1964'>  34  M  Deep purple self, large white signal. (Wheelhorse X Peggy Mae)  (Caddo X Peggy Mae)

Bayou St. John Fabel-Ward, R.  1983  N/R  43 (110) E  Pink, rose line signal. I.  gaganticaerulea X I. giganticaerulea

Bayou Tiger Strawn, K. 1993  BB1984 35 (89) L Stands red-purple; yellow style arms, falls grayed orange veined darker, orange signal. Charles Arney III X Counterpoise

Bayou Vixen  Rowlan, H. 1985  82LA-30  38 (96) ML  Stands brick red, brick red style arms and crests; falls brick red, green line signal bordered red. Dean Lee X 77LA-1:  (Miss Arkansas x Peggy Mae)

Bayou Waters Rowlan, H. 1979  77LC-15  35 (89) M  Grayed violet-blue; crested yellow line signal bordered full violet. Lake Maumelle X Dixie Deb
Bayou Vixen
Beale Street
Beale Street  Vaughn, K. 1996  D-45-1  40-44 (102-112) EML  Ruffled intense dark blue, falls texture veined deeper, pale primrose yellow signal outlined in black; slight musky fragrance. Bellevue Coquette X Marie Dolores
Beauregard Dunn, M.  1985  70-1 28 (71) M Stands rosy mauve; falls rosy magenta, small spear-shaped yellow signal; ruffled. Mary’s Charlie X Ann Chowning
Beausoleil  O’Connor, P. 1999  82-11 40-44(102-107)  M Stands light pink, broad white lengthwise band; style arms cream with darker pink band along lighter midrib, tips pink; falls pink, white veining more pronounced around small yellow line signal.  Cajun Caper X unknown
Beautiful Bethany Beautiful Bethany (Bernard Pryor, R. 2001).  Sdlg. 62/96-J. LA, 36" (91 cm), EM. S. vilet, rim white; style arms white, violet tip; F. darker violet, white rim and reverse, bright yellow blotch signal with raised golden steeple; ruffled.  New Vogue X Our Dorothy.
Becky   Redburn 1966 (o) 65-24'>   Yellow. Ineligible name.

Beeware  Taylor, J.C.*  1998  UL25-1  43(110)  M  Stands purple violet, yellow signal. Jazz Ballet X Rachel’s Request

Belinda’s Web Betts, T.J.* 1989  821C 35(89)  EM Stands pale ground veined red purple; matching style arms infused on cream; falls veined red purple, cream signal with orange streak. Medore Wilson X Raabe  R14/75

Belle Lou Mertzweiller 1962  56-28 32  EM Stands light pink, rose veining; falls rose, yellow crest. (Kings Gold x Bayou Sunset)  X  Violet Ray

Bellevue Beauty Bertinot, N.  1981  80-11 30 (75) M Stands creamy white faint purple tint; falls cream with faint purple tint; inconspicuous chartreuse signal. Clara Goula X Ila Nunn
Bellvie Beauty
Bellebue Butterfly
Bellevue Butterfly  Bertinot, N.  1983  81-25 44 (112) M  Ruffled cream, greenish gold line signal. Ila Nunn X Clara Goula
Bellevue Coquette
Bellevue  Coquette  Bertinot, N.  1983  81-33 35 (89) M  Heavily ruffled wisteria blue, ivory signal with gold line. Ila Nunn X Clara Goula
Bellvue Medicine Man
Bellevue Medicine Man Bertinot, N.  1983  81-17 40 (102) EM  Stands maroon, tinted purple; falls maroon, tinted light purple, bright mimosa yellow signal. G.W. Hollyman X Ann Chowning

Bellevue Siren Bertinot, N.  1983  81-34 30 (75) M Rose, narrow yellowish line along edge of falls, mimosa yellow signal. Crome Dome X Ann Chowning
Bellvue's Angela +
Bellevue’s Angela Bertinot, N. 1981  81-15 38 (96) M Ruffled creamy white; chartreuse signal. Ila Nunn X Clara Goula

Bellevue’s Dolly Bertinot, N.  1983  81-41 39 (100) ML  Ruffled indigo, mimosa yellow signal. Clara Goula  X  Ann Chowning

Bellevue’s Jason  Bertinot, N.  1983  81-12 39 (100) M  Heavily ruffled cream, small gold signal. Ila Nunn X Clara Goula

Bellevue’s Lorraine  Bertinot, N. 1989  85-62 30 (75) M  Stands dark cream; green style arms tipped with mimosa yellow claws; falls mimosa yellow, golden green line signal; heavily ruffled; slight fragrance. Charjoy’s David X Bellevue’s Michelle

Bellevue’s Matt  Bertinot, N.  1997  92-18D  40 (102) M Stands wine red, underside yellow, narrow yellow partial edging; style arms light mimosa yellow, light green tinge, slight garnet lake streaking; falls light garnet lake, most of falls edged yellow, underside yellow, yellow sunburst signal; ruffled; slight fragrance. President Hedley X 84-2:  (Alibi x Clara Goula)
Bellevue's Michelle
Bellevue’s Michelle  Bertinot, N. 1981  80-2 29.5(74) M  Stands mauve; blush pink style arms fading to lavender toward edge; falls aster violet, mimosa yellow signal; ruffled. This I Love X Clara Goula
Bellebue's Mike
Bellevue’s Mike Bertinot, N.  1982  81-5 33 (84) E  Royal purple, thin line buttercup yellow signal. Olivier Monette X Ann Chowning
Bellevue's Native Charmer
Bellevue’s Native Charmer  Bertinot, N. 1983  81-8  35(89)  E  Amethyst; gold tipped signal shading to ivory. Olivier Monette X Anne Chowning
Ben Durio, K.  1987  D4-1-84  36 (91) EM Stands warm yellow white blend, veined green; long heavily ruffled creamy white style arms appendages; falls warm yellow white blend, veined green, green gold signal; slight spy fragrance. Sam Redburn X Bandito

Bencarla  Taylor, J.C.*  1983  DG-1 30 (75) M  Purple violet. Dick Goula X Mario Mamalakis

Bengal Dawn Betts, T.J.* 1983  917B  36 (91) M  Stands pale rosy red purple; dull green style arms flushed red purple; falls medium rosy red purple, gold signal veined dark red purple. Tiger Bengal X 501A:  (Katherine L. Cornay x Naughty Lady)

Bera Mertzweiller, J.  1996 87-9 30-34 (76-86)  M Stands medium purple, narrow silvery white edge; style arms purple; falls slightly darker purple, veined, narrow triangular yellow signal; slight musky fragrance. Acadian Miss X Easter Tide
Berenice  Besse, E.*  1988  82-4 28 (71) EM  Orange red, large yellow signal, yellow veining on falls; light yellow style arms. Charlie’s Michele X (Harland K. Riley x Creole Flame)
Berit Strawn
Berit Strawn  Strawn, K. 1993  60-1984 36 (91) ML  Stands yellow, style arms same; falls darker yellow, yellow-orange signal. Ila Nunn X Sun Fury
Bernice Ikins
Bernice Ikins Strawn, K. 1993  4-1983 33 (84) M  Stands imperial purple with frilled cream edge, light yellow style arms; falls beetroot purple with frilled cream edge, yellow-orange signal. Grace Scott X Kirk Strawn

Bertha Fabel Fabel-Ward, R. 1984 36 (91) E  Violet, narrow darker violet signal. Collected in isolated swamp outside of Little Rock in 1984.

Bethany Douglas Raabe, R.* 1978  AB 36 (99) EM Ruffled lobelia blue self. Clyde Redmond X self
Better Believe It
Better Believe It Taylor, J.C.*  1996  UL-20-6  47 (120) ML  Stands yellow spray pattern, border red; style arms yellow, blushed red; falls yellow spray pattern, red border, green ribbed yellow signal. Desert Jewel X Margaret Lee
Better Watch Out
Better Watch Out Taylor, J.C.*  1994  RL33-1  25 (64) EM  Stands light pink veined darker pink; carmine rose style arms edged yellow; falls dark carmine pink edged light pink, yellow signal; ruffled. Watch Out X Margaret Lee
Betty Ann Betty Ann (Peter Jackson, R. 2004).  Sdlg. L004-1.  LA, 37" (95 cm), M. Deep yellow self, S. tinged apricot; dark greenish gold signal, ruffled.  Lucy Payens X Gladiator’s Gift.  Iris Acres 2004/05.
Betty Blockbuster
Betty Blockbuster Taylor, J.C.*  1994 RL-35-D  50 (127) M Stands violet-pink; falls carmine red-pink, yellow signal; fluted. Wine and Dine X Margaret Lee
Betty Tucker Matheny III, E.  1999 L:01-02-96  40 (102) ML  Stands grape; style arms light raspberry; falls raspberry, yellowish green signal.  Roseberry X unknown

Bicentennial Beau Faggard, A.  1980  F-BT-1-74 35 (89) M Stands pale blue violet veined violet; falls pale yellow veined pale blue violet, golden yellow steeple crest. Marie Caillet X Tressie Cook
Big Easy
Big Easy  Dunn, M.  1995  L209-1  36 (91) ML Stands luminous fuchsia; style arms lighter fuchsia; falls luminous fuchsia, large gold signal. Plantation Beau X Wine Country

Big Interest  Hale 1969  10LaH 24  M Stands brownish-yellow-pink; falls deeper brownish-yellow-pink; slight yellow cast to signal. Second generation cross of Dorothea K. Williamson X I fulva

Bill Levingston  Granger, M. 1970  BQ 66-16  40-42 (102-107)  M  Stands light pinkish lavender with slightly deeper pink edge; falls medium pinkish lavender; style arms edged deep purplish pink, claws same; small greenish yellow signal patch edged deep purplish pink. Bramble Queen X 46-20:  (dark blue-violet seedling x Wheelhorse)
Bill Neill
Bill Neill Strawn, K. 1993  8-1985 36 (91) E  Stands grayed purple; grayed red style arms; falls red-purple, yellow signal. Grace Scott X Kirk Strawn
Billy Bertinot, N.  1986  84-7 40 (102) M Ruffled and finely serrated full red violet, bright canary yellow signal. Ann Chowning X Charles Arny III
Bit of Blue  Arny, C. 1975  N/R  36 (91) ML  Wisteria blue self; falls marked with small, short line signals surrounding deep blue-purple radial coloring; yellow line signal. Clyde Redmond X Bayou Candelabra
Black Gamecock Chowning, F.  1978  FC77-12  24 (61) L Blue-black self; narrow gold line signal. unknown X unknown
Black Rhapsody  Rowlan, H. 1986  84LA12 35 (89) M Ruffled midnight blue, yellow sunburst signal. Roll Call X 77LA4:  (Miss Arkansas x Peggy Mae)
Blanchette Goula, R.  1984  QOQ-909  30 (75) EM  Smooth cream white, gold line signal; cream yellow style arms. Queen O’ Queen X (Ila Nunn x Mrs. Mae)
Blue Beacon  Mountford, D.*  1978  D.K.W.-Y 1  50.5 (127)  M Blue self backed with creamy yellow. Dorthea K. Williamson X yellow seedling

Blue Blaze Holleyman, G.    1962 (o) (Possible syn. Of Blue Daze)

Blue Chip Blue Chip
  Blue Clipper  Hale 1969  2La-H  M Deep velvet blue self with sheen of red; blue signal with slight yellow edge. Three generations of breeding involving Dorothea K. Williamson and I. fulva
Blue Duke  Arny 19634'>  36  M Moorish blue self. Puttytate X Her Highness
Blue Jean Baby  Arny, C. 1987  Lav-B1-1-79 36 (91) M Lavender blue bitone, large irregular greenish yellow signal. Alston X Mrs. Ira Nelson
Blue Shield Davis, C.  1971  N/R  35 (89) M Velvety dark navy blue self; yellow-orange signal. New Offerin X seedling
Blue Tantalizer  Hale 1969  3LaH 12-14 M Stands deep blue, reddish cast; falls deep blue, reddish cast; yellow stripes on 1/3 in center; yellow signal. Three generations of breeding involving Dorothea K. Williamson and I. fulva

Blue Trixie Hale 1970  39LaH 15  M Stands light clear yellow-green; falls light blue; light yellow signal.  Five generations of breeding involving Dorothea K. Williamson and I. fulva

Blue Water  Durio, K.  1977  BigBlueBB1 36 (91) M Full violet self; falls veined darker; green-violet style arms and full violet appendages; green throat; yellow line crest with white triangular signal patch. unknown X unknown

Blue Wyble Durio, K.  1987  LA6-V87 36-42 (91-107)  M  Full violet, full yellow signal; ruffled violet to white style arms and appendages with white reverse; pronounced spicy fragrance. Professor Claude X King Kong
Blue Water
Bluebonnet Sue  Chenoweth, V.  1986 EB-1  28 (71) M Wisteria blue, yellow signal. 79-7B:  (Clara Goula x unkown) X Eolian
Blushing Yellow Feather  Faggard, A  1986 FYE-7-85  37 (93) M  Stands light yellow, fading to cream; cream yellow style arms; falls light cream to yellow, large round gold crest. unknown X unknown

Bob Ward  Morgan, R. 1982  L41-B  36 (91) M Stands white; falls very pale violet, white style arms. Mrs. Mae X Sidney Conger

Bobbie Lou  Shepard, D.  1986  LA863 29 (74) E  Rose pink, green reverse, leaving slight green rim on falls; yellow steeple signal; green yellow style arms. unknown X unknown
Bold Cajun Arny, C. 1980  BIC-R-YPI 1-78 42(107) M Stands pinkish yellow; falls red, large orange yellow signal. Myra Arny X Laurel Bridgeman
Bold Copy  Rowlan, H. 1983  80 LA 10 35 (89) M Stands red; falls red, medium yellow steeple signal. Miss Arkansas X Peggy Mae
Bold Gamble Bold Gamble (Heather Pryor, R. 2003).  Sdlg. 167/96-B.  LA, 42" (107 cm), ML. Dark violet blue (RHS 89B) self, S. with lime steeple signal, F. with lime steeple signal on white blotch; style arms dark red violet, edges white; ruffled, overlapped form.  61/91-E: (Ann Chowning x Sea Lord) X 007/95: (‘Bout Midnight x Rachel’s Request).
Bold Pretender Morgan, R. 1983  L42-G  36 (91) M Stands light red; falls dark red, large yellow signal. F.A.C. McCulla X Miss Arkansas
Borealis Rex
Borealis Rex  Granger, M. 1991  FB-self-91-11    28(71-76)  M Stands light lavender pink; style arms deep green at base, cream white just below light lavender pink claw; falls light lavender pink with white rays coming out below style arms, lower half deep lavender purple, deep orange yellow signals; slight fragrance. FB-self-88-8:  (Freddie Boy x self)  X FB-self-88-8:  (Freddie Boy x self)
Boris Pasternak  Fabel-Ward, R.  1987  H83BW/016  16 (41) M  Red, yellow steeple signal. Little Miss Sims X President Hedley

Bourbon Street  Dunn, M.  1985  L74-4  26 (66) M  Stands tan brown; falls red brown, large yellow eye signal. L13-74-14:  (Ila Nunn x Her Highness)  X Ann Chowning

Bourgogne Besse, E.*  1989  E 82 4  27.5 (69)  M Stands light burgundy; falls wine, deep yellow signal and style arms.  Charlie’s Michele X (Creole Flame x Harland K. Riley)
Bourbon Street
Bout Midnight 
Bout Midnight Dunn, M.  1988  L79-3A  36 (91) M Stands very dark purple; falls same overlaid deep velvety black, tiny gold line signal. L18-16:  (Queen O’ Queen x Mrs. Ira Nelson)  X Dark Tide
Bowie Durio, K.  1981  TL-7-79 30-36 (76-91)  M Stands pale violet; falls light violet; bright yellow signal. Professor Claude X Professor Ike
Boy Crazy
Boy Crazy  Dunn, M.  1994  L 110-1 34 (86) M  Deep red purple, darker textured veining; style arms with pinkish edge; falls with bright yellow line signal; wide form. L 42-2: ((Blue Shield x Katherine L. Corney) x (Black Widow x Katherine L. Corney)) X Easter Tide
Bozo  Durio, K.  1981  TR-16-81  30-36 (76-91)  ML Full red violet, canary yellow signal; slightly ruffled stands; red violet style arms edged bright yellow. Professor Claude X Professor Ike

Braemer  Taylor, J.C.*  1997  UL-14-4  39 (100) M Stands smoky pink (red-purple); style arms smoky pink, center white; falls smoky pink, signals yellow with pink halo; lightly ruffled. Dancing Vogue X Watch Out

Bramble Queen Granger, R.  19626'>  M Stands pale purple, light edge; falls tan overlay, strong purple veins, greenish-yellow signal. (Snow Goose x Abbeville red)  X Easter Surprise

Brazen Raabe, R.* 1983  U-81-324  33 (84)   ML  Aureolin yellow. Uralba Gold X R-11-75:  (white seedling x E.H. Martyn)
Brazos Abundance
Brazos Abundance  Strawn, K. 1993  7-1985 40 (102) ML Stands yellow; style arms same; falls slightly darker, bright yellow signal. Southerner X President Hedley
Brazos Angelica  Strawn, K. 1993  38-1985 36 (91) M Stands purple, hint of yellow on edge and center; yellow style arms, with purple blush; falls purple blushed yellow, yellow signal. Sun Fury X Easter Tide

Brazos Charmer  Strawn, K. 1993  1-1985 36 (91) M  Stand red-purple; yellow style arms; falls red-purple, yellow-orange signal. Charlie’s Ginny X Charles Arny III

Brazos Delight Strawn, K. 1993  11-1985 45 (114) M Stands purple; purple style arms; falls darker purple, yellow-orange signal. Carmen X Charjoy’s Jan

Brazos Early Strawn, K. 1997'>  39 (100) VE Stands violet; style arms and falls slightly deeper violet, slight musk fragrance. unknown X unknown
Brazos Charmer
Brazos Gold Louisiana iris.
Brazos Gold  Strawn, K. 1993  6-1985 33 (84) E  Stands bright yellow-orange; falls slightly darker yellow-orange, golden-orange signals. Southerner X President Hedley
  Brazos Knockout Strawn, K. 1993  57-1985 36 (91) L  Stands red-purple; purple style arms; falls red-purple, yellow signal. unknown X Black Gamecock

Brazos Peppermint Strawn, K.  1993 51-1984 33 (84) M Stands purple; yellow-orange style arms; falls greyed purple, yellow signal. Merry Whirl X Sun Fury

Brazos Prize  Strawn, K. 1993  13-1985 42 (107) EM Stands pale yellow; yellow style arms; falls slightly darker yellow, yellow-orange signal. Clara Goula X President Hedley
Brazos Prize
Brazos Shrimp Strawn, K. 1993  72-1984 30 (75) L Stands greyed red; greyed red style arms; falls greyed red, yellow-orange signal. Sun Fury X Shrimp Louis
Brazos Wine Brazos Wine  Strawn, K. 1993  K-1985  31 (80) L  Purple, yellow-green signal. unknown X Black Gamecock
Breakthrough Arny 1963'>  36  ML Stands Chinese yellow; falls chrysanthemum crimson, large steeple crest. Joyce’s Choice X Violet Ray
Breathe Easy Louisiana iris
Breathe Easy Dunn, M.  1998  240-7 34 (86) EM Lime yellow self, green signal. Lina X Makebelieve World
Bricatine  Holleyman, G.  1960 40  M  Dark red self, veined; fine signal. I. nelsonii (red) X Wheelhorse
Bright Parasol Louisiana iris.
Bright Parasol  Jackson, P.* 1999  LDV2  35 (90) M  Ruffled deep rose pink, yellow gold raised spear signal on all petals; style arms cream, washed light rose; umbrella form. Dancing Vogue X Valera
Brindabella Taylor, J.C.*  1997  UL-44-1  39 (100) ML  Ruffled light yellow, darker around yellow signal blending to green center; style arms light yellow. Noble Planet X Dural White Butterfly

Broadcast  Taylor, J.C.*  1998  UL5-10  43 (110) M Ruffled purple violet, signals yellow. Bout Midnight X Rachel’s Request

Bronze Trophy  Rowlan, H. 1985  80LA-25  31 (80) EM  Yellow overlaid red, greenish yellow lancehead signal; red style arms and crests, blending to green yellow at outer edge; slight spicy fragrance. Miss Arkansas X G.W. Holleyman

Brookvale Bouquet Murray, M.  1982  77/12/3  38 (96) EM  White with blue tinge, gold signal; white style arms. Ila Nunn X Mrs. Ira Nelson

Brookvale Brocade Murray, M.  1982  77/12/2  38 (96) EM Campaula violet, gold signal; light violet style arms.  Ila Nunn X Mrs. Ira Nelson

Brookvale Nocturne Murray, M.*  1982  77/9/1  36 (91) E Deep blue violet, reddish markings below cream and bright yellow signal; white style arms edged violet. Mrs. Ira Nelson X Mac’s Blue Heaven

Brookvale Overture  Murray, M.*  1982  77/12/1  38 (96) M Pale creamy yellow, long gold signal; cream style arms. Ira Nunn X Mrs. Ira Nelson

Brookvale Reward Murray, M.* 1982 77/19/18  36 (91) E Ruffled bluish white, tangerine beard. Como Surprise X Wedding Vow
Brother Sam Arny, C. 1972  N/R  36 (91) ML  Scarlet self; yellow signal. Louise Arny X Royal Lady
Brown Patch Arny, C. 1976  N/R  24 (61) M Light tan self; large greenish yellow signal. Dean Lee X  unknown
 Brushed Gold
Brushed Gold  Morgan, R. 1982  L28-A  34 (86) M Gold yellow. Bayou Comus X Tarnished Brass
Bryced Leigh Louisiana iris
Bryced Leigh Chowning, F.  1973  FC32 30 (75) M Pale lavender self; narrow gold line signal bordered with narrow maroon line. seedling X Louise Arny
Bubble Gum Ballerina Haymon, D.  1989 38-85-1 37 (93) M  Stands lavender pink veined darker pink; falls darker lavender pink, diffused yellow signal ending in white spray pattern; ruffled and fluted. (Faenelia Hicks x Marie Caillet)  X  (Alston x Charjoy’s Mike)
Buoyant Buoyant
Byron Bay Byron Bay