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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
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Tahitian Night Taylor, J.C.* 1993 RL 18-7 47 (120) M Purple with yellow signals on all petals, pale reverse. Louisiana Derby X Margaret Lee
Tahlequah Tahlequah Chowning, F. 1978 FC 29 24 (61) L Tan-orange self; old gold line signal. I. foliosa hybrid with some I. nelsonii in pedigree
Take Time Take Time Taylor, J.C.* 1997 UL-13-2 34 (86) ML Stands and style arms light purple; falls dark purple, fine edge and reverse of lighter purple; signals yellow dagger, surrounded by cream. Dancing Vogue X First Favourite
Tamarillo Tango Tamarillo Tango   (Peter Jackson, R. 2005).  Sdlg. LO22-2. LA, 45" (115 cm), EML. S. pink, marbled burgundy pink, fine cream edge; style arms green, heavily washed burgundy pink; F. medium burgundy pink, fine cream edge, green gold signal patch, variable on S.; ruffled. Iron Man X Surprise Offer.
Tanako Morgan, R. 1992 L246-R 33 (84) M Red, large orange-yellow signal on falls and sometimes line signal on stands. L4-A: (Trail of Tears x Bayou Comas) X Chowning 77-6: (Mockers Song x Ann Chowning)
Tantra Dunn, M. 1998 239-7 38 (97) EM Stands light orchid; style arms orchid; falls muted grape. Midnight Drama X Midnight Drama
Tarnished Brass Tarnished Brass Chowning 1961 1958-2 24 L Stands henna, falls henna with terra-cotta overlay; green line signal. (Mary S. DeBaillou x Cajun Joyeuse) X Promised Land sib (PLS-1)
Tchoupitoulas Tchoupitoulas   (Patrick O’Connor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 95-8.  LA, 36" (91 cm), ML. S. flat purple lavender, small red violet lance-shaped streaks near base; style arms purple lavender washed red violet; F.  flat purple lavender, red violet signal area with inconspicuous yellow centerline.  Ice Magic X River Road.
Te Aroha Te Aroha Pryor, H.* 1997 56/90-5 35 (89) ML Soft lemon white with green veining; falls with lime green raised steeple signal with lime green veining; style arms soft butter lemon; ruffled. Designer’s Dream X Gladiator’s Gift
Teacup Chatter Teacup Chatter Pryor, H.* 1997 51/93-J 40 (102) ML Stands soft lavender, veined coffee, paler reverse; style arms soft rose, blushed green, yellow center rib and tips of falls milk coffee, veined burnt terra cotta, rim lemon, raised yellow steeple signal; ruffled. Joie de Vivre X Stylish Socialite
  Tel Aseer Loveridge, G.* 1974 L30 38 (96) L Stands beige edged white; falls violet. Davis seedling X Davis seedling
  Tenach Fabel-Ward, R. 1989 36 (91) E Light pink with violet style arms. (( Bertha Fabel x Bob Ward ) x ( Haile Selassie x I. fulva, yellow )) X Bob Ward
  Tequila Anfosso, P.* 1988 P 80 L 12 24 (61) EM Silvery pearl gray, primrose yellow signal. This I Love x Vow
  Teresa Margaret Haymon, D. 1986 4-83-21 39 (100) M Light yellow, veined green; greenish cream style arms; slight fragrance. Alston X Charjoy’s Mike
  Territorial Rights Morgan, R. 1984 Morgan’s foliosa 06-10 (15-25) ML Violet blue, white spray pattern, yellow green line signal. unknown X unknown
  Tete-A-Tete Ghio, J. 1983 LU-78-271A 32 (81) ML Dusty rose pink, yellow signal. Charlie’s Michele X Bill Levingston
Teven Teven Raabe, R.* 1982 U-80-43 1 33 (84) ML Imperial purple. Crescent City X R-14-75: (E.C. Everingham x 72-T-4)
Texas Toast Texas Toast   (Joseph Mertzwiller, deceased, by Marie Caillet, R. 2005).  Sdlg. DT-87-16. La, 36-40" (91-102 cm), E. S. opens cream, fades to white; style arms cream throat, white tips; F. open cream, fades to white, yellow markings, flaring form; signal yellow spray type, center reaching end of F.; musky fragrance.  Professor Claude X 79-25, unknown.
Thanksgiving Fest Thanksgiving Fest Dunn, M. 1998 237-6 38 (97) M Cranberry self. Rich and Famous X Natural Wonder
  Theresa Dolores Patin 1965 BR12-64 32 L Pale orange-yellow self with brown markings; chartreuse crest; style arms light olive with brown edges. (R-1-61) : I. nelsonii (yellow) x Plain-Folks X Marquis de Lafayette
Thibodeaux Arny 1963 11-62 36 M Yellow ochre self. Louise Arny X Joyce’s Choice
View larger image This I Love Iris
This I Love Chowning, F. 1973 FC 20 25-30 (64-76) M Rose-pink, fading to light pink after first day; gold signal. FC 49-AA: (I. nelsonii x i. foliosa) X FC 1: (W.B. MacMillan x FC 49-AA)
Thunderclap Betts, T.J.* 1981 511F 49(125) L Dark purple violet, gold signal edge black; silvery style arms flushed purple. Pegaletta X Naughty

Ti Tree Raabe, R.* 1982 U-80-34 33 (84) EM White. R-22-78: (Clara Goula x Clyde Redmond X M-41-77: (Clyde Redmond x seedling)
Tickfaw O’Connor, P. 1992 83-17 32 (81) M Lightly ruffled red with some yellow streaking radiating out from yellow signal; red style arms. Glad You Came X Ann Chowning
Tidal Pool Tidal Pool   (Heather Pryor, R. 2003).  Sdlg. 7/97-E.  LA, 48" (122 cm), ML. Pale lavender violet infused blue, yellow blotch with overlaying orange steeple signal, F. with additional violet surrounding area; style arms apple green, violet tips; ruffled.  Regal Ricochet X Rachel’s Request.
Tiger Bengal Betts, T.J.* 1981 613A 29 (74) ML & RE Stands pale Bengal rose with lighter edge; pale yellow style arms flushed rose; falls medium Bengal rose, gold and black tiger-striped signal. Katherine L. Cornay X Faenelia Hicks
  Tiger Butterfly Betts, T.J.* 1985 613C 32 (81) E Stands silvery violet, slightly folded; brown purple style arms; falls violet, signal striped black and yellow; lightly ruffled. Katherine L. Cornay X Faenelia Hicks
  Tiny Bit Tipsy Faggard, A. 1994 FWI-11-92 21 (53) ML Rich dark red-wine, tiny green yellow pencil line signal hidden under dark red-wine style arms; slight sweet fragrance. unknown X unknown
Time Keeper Click on picture for a larger view Time Keeper Taylor, J.C.* 1990 OL108-3 47 (120) L Violet edged violet blue, yellow signal on stands and falls. Lucile Holley X Dazzling Star
  Tokyo Rose Durio, K. 1981 DR-2-80 24-30 (61-76) M Stands red violet; falls full red violet; yellow signal. Carmen X seedling
  Tom Stone MacMillan 1963 Pi-25-62 27 ML Stands moderate pink; falls deep yellowish-pink. (Bayou Glory X Acadian) X unknown
View larger image tomatoe Bisque Iris
Tomatoe Bisque Morgan, R. 1984 L64-P 32-36 (81-91) M Red, yellow line signal. Little Miss Sims X Gold Reserve
Top Notch Arny, C. 1980 Bit-R-78 42 (107) M Stands medium red; falls darker red; deep yellow danger-shaped signal. Mrs. Ira Nelson X Freddie Boy
Top Start Taylor, J.C.* 1990 OL105-1 47 (120) M Stands purple; falls purple, darker midrib, yellow signal, ruffled. Cammeray X L89: (Secret Spell x Helen Naish)

Totally Dreamy Totally Dreamy   (Bernard Pryor, R. 2004).  Sdlg. 37/98-D.  LA, 33" (85 cm), EM.S. pastel yellow with pale pink 1/4" blush at petal edges, lime line signal, cream rims, serrated; style arms very wide, creamy pink; F. same color as S., very large golden triangular signal overlaid lime steeple signal, deep pink surround; ruffled, round form.  Dark and Dangerous X Paramount Star.
Totally Peach Totally Peach   (Heather Pryor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 84/96-A.  LA, 41" (104 cm), EM. Peach yellow, edges blushed darker peach, orange line signal on all petals; style arms deep peach, lime base; ruffled; slight fragrance.  Bushfire Moon X Future Classic.
  Totally Wild Taylor, J.C.* 1996 UL-19-6 39 (100) ML Stands cream, variably marbled purple; style arms cream, blushed purple; falls purple, yellow signal, ruffled; slight fragrance. Desert Jewel X Dural Dreamtime
View larger image Town Council Iris
Town Council Morgan, R. 1982 L42-D 36 (91) M Stands dark red; falls slightly darker, medium gold signal; lightly ruffled. F.A.C. McCulla X Miss Arkansas
Trail of Tears Chowning, R. 1973 1949-L 12 (30) M White self; large orange signal. I. brevicaulis X I. brevicaulis

Tranquil Spirit Taylor, J.C.* 1986 M19-1 31 (80) M Mallow pink with mauve influence, yellow signal on falls, bordered white. C’est Si Bon X Koorawatha

Transit Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL32-3 39 (100) ML Stands light yellow veined; style arms light yellow; falls light yellow, veined, with yellow veined signal. Natural Wonder X Dancing Vogue

Treasured Memories Morgan, R. 1988 L42-C 28-30 (71-76) M Rose red, yellow steeple signal. F.A.C. McCulla X Miss Arkansas

Treecie Patin 1965 RV-6-64 45 M Stands light red-violet; falls full to dark red-violet; cream upright style arms with light lavender veins; orange crest. W-1-61 X Katherine L. Cornay

Treecie’s J.J. Patin, J. 1974 Y-2-67 32 (81) M Yellow self, chartreuse base. G.W. Holleyman X RV -6-64

Trend Setter Taylor, J.C.* 1984 JJL 14-2 31 (80) M Stands pink with light yellow feathering; falls pink, yellow signal. Pam Truscott X Clara Goula
Tressie Cook Arny 1962 42 M Pale orange-yellow self; prominent yellow line crest. Louise Arny X King’s Gold
Trevor Trevor   (Rusty Ostheimer, R. 2001).  Sdlg. Vio-91, LA, 38-42" (97-107 cm), M. Violet (RHS 83B), F. with large triangular yellow (7A) signal; musky fragrance.  Blue Duke X Mrs. Ira Nelson.  Bois d’Arc 2001.
Tribal Fire
Tribal Fire Pryor, H.* 1997 292/93-D 40 (102) M Stands and falls hot sunset red, lemon rim and reverse, raised lime green steeple signal; style arms lemon, red basil blush; heavily ruffled. Vocalnic Wildfire X Fashion World
  Trionfo Raabe, R.* 1982 U-80-41 49 (125) ML Orchid pink. (Clara Goula x Crescent City) X Clara Goula
  Triple Treat Welshans, R. 1972 66 20 (50) L Medium blue-violet; orange signal on white patch. (64 chrom.) Clone of I. brevicaulis; unknown origin.(Originally registered in 1959 as Hexagona Blue)
  Trittico Raabe, R.* 1983 U-80-66 36 (91) ML Stands orchid purple; falls orchid purple, ruffled. Crescent City X R-19-76: (Deneb x Crescent City)
Tru-Glo Arny, C. 1975 30 (75) ML White self, dark yellow-orange signal. Gulf Surf X unknown
Trucking Gary
Trucking Gary   (T. J. Betts, R. 2000).  Sdlg. 012A.  LA, 40" (101 cm), M. S. cream (RHS 158C) washed pale lavender; style arms greyed yellow with pale lavender infusion, laced crests; F. cream (158A) washed pale lavender; all petals with green veining concentrated into signal.  492A: (Pat’s Velvet x Walter Dupree III) X Carioca Carnival.
True Quest True Quest Taylor, J.C.* 1997 UL-22-7 35 (89) ML Ruffled purple, light tan edge and reverse; signals yellow-green; style arms yellow, edged light tan. Gladiator’s Gift X Dural Dreamtime
View larger image True Reward Iris
True Reward Dunn, M. 1994 L169-2 36 (91) M Stands purple violet, lighter toward center, white style arms; falls purple violet, lighter at edge, white in heart, signals green-gold. Plantation Beau X Easter Tide
Truly Lovely Strawn, K. 1993 CC-1985 35 (89) M Stands dark violet-purple; yellow style arms; falls dark red-purple, dark yellow-orange signal. Charles Arny III X Counterpoise

Truly Scrumptious Truly Scrumptious   (Heather Pryor, LA, R. 2003).  Sdlg. 20/97-A.  LA, 39" (100 cm), ML. White with fine violet veining overall, edges blushed lilac, white rim and reverse, raised lime line signal on all petals.  S. with additional triangular are of solid violet from signal to petal edge; style arms white, base blushed apple green; ruffled, rounded and slightly reflexed.  Guessing Game X Website.
  Twilight Mist Neugebauer 1964 61-2 62 M Light violet self. Her Highness X Gulf Mist

Twilight Tango Pryor, B.* 2000 27/94-A 30(76) M Stands soft rose pink, veined red; style arms butter y ellow; falls lemon base blushed terra cotta, intense red all over veining, lemon rim and reverse, raised orange line signal. 74/91-C (Desert Jewel x Piece de Resistance) X Mad About You
View larger image Twirling Ballerina Iris
Twirling Ballerina Rowlan, H. 1986 84 LA3 35 (89) M Ruffled pearl pink, cardinal red 6-point star signal. Roll Call X Clyde Redmond