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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2000
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Queen Adelaide Queen Adelaide (Peter Jackson, LA, R. 2001).  Iris Acres 2001/02.
Queen Jeanne
Queen Calcasieu Holleyman, G. 1960 42 M Yellow-pink self; self veined, buff style arms. seedling X (Peggy Mac x Wheelhorse)

Queen Jeanne (Heather Pryor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 105/96-X.  LA, 41" (104 cm), ML. Deep blue violet, lilac rim and reverse, F. with golden steeple signal overlaid on yellow blotch; style arms white blushed violet, lemon midrib; heavily ruffled.  Alicia Xlaire X 9/93-B: (Sinfonietta x 16/90-1: (Koorawatha x Alluvial Gold)).
Queen Neches Faggard, A. 1988 FBT-9-86 34 (86) M Stands rose; medium Bordeaux red style arms; falls Bordeaux red, large gold signal; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance. Ann Chowning X Neches Royalty
Queen O’ Queens Holleyman, G. 1966 63-39 31 L Almost pure white self with light cream buds; ruffled; chartreuse base from which three lines of same color extend to within two inches of end of floral part. Holley yellow seedling 59-6 x Violet Ray or Brandywine X Lady Florence
Quiet Harbor Louisiana iris.
Quiet Harbor Taylor, J.C.* 1991 OL131-1 39 (100) EM Blue edges lighter blue, greenish yellow signal; white style arms lined and tipped blue. Poseidon’s Pool X Helen Naish