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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
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Jacaranda Lad Pryor, H.* 1996 17/92-A 40 (102)1 M Stands and falls soft jacaranda blue, veined darker; falls with bright lime green steeple signal; style arms jacaranda blue, cream side rim; lightly ruffled. Sea Wisp X Spanish Ballet
View larger image of Jack Attack Iris
Jack Attack Taylor, J.C.* 1993 RL 3-1 51 (130) EM Stands light purple; falls purple, strong yellow signal; ruffled. C’est Bonne X Margaret Lee
James Faith 
James Faith Faith, M.D. 2000 S54A 42 (107)1 M Stands blue purple. Lightly ruffled; style arms blue, reddish cast; falls darker blue purple, large golden yellow signal edged creamy white. Bayou Dawn X unknown
Jane McSparrin Arny, C. 19724 42 (107) ML Slightly ruffled lemon yellow; yellow-green signal which has sunburst pattern; green style arms tipped yellow. unknown X unknown
Janice Claire Fabel-Ward, R. 1985 H(BW)01-81 36 (91) EM Stands pale violet, falls red brown, large yellow signal. Miss Arkansas X Ann Chowning

Jarrahwood Betts, T.J.* 1984 826AA 49 (124)1 EM Dark red purple, gold line signal; red purple style arms. Ila Nunn X unknown tan seedling

Jazz Ballet Taylor, J.C.* 1986 L89-1 31 (80) ML Stands violet, rimmed lighter; falls violet, rimmed lighter, yellow signal on stands and falls; ruffled. Secret Spell X Helen Naish
View larger image Jazz Hot Iris
Jazz Hot Pryor, H.* 1994 60/90-8 35 (89) ML Stands red edged white, bright yellow raised steeple signal on all petals, pale yellow reverse; green style arms with yellow center rib and smoky red tips. Gladiator’s Gift X Desert Jewel
Je Naye Durio, K.> 1992 PAT #12 30 (75) L Stands very dark violet; self style arms and appendages; falls darker velvety violet, yellow cathedral signal. Bandito X Ann Chowning
View larger image Jean Bush Iris
Jean Bush Haymon, D. 1994 87-88-1 36 (91) M Stands red with yellow halo and large irregular yellow signal; creamy yellow style arms; falls red with yellow halo and large sunburst yellow signal; serrated edges. 29-85-1: (Teresa Margaret x (Uptight x Lucile Holley)) X 111-86-1: (Easter Tide x Swamp Flame)
Jeri Bertinot, N. 1984 84-3 38 (96) EM Velvety dark grape violet, inconspicuous citron line signal. Bellevue’s Mike X Full Eclipse
Jerry Clower Fabel-Ward, R. 1986 H(BW)79-02 42 (107) EM Stands violet; falls darker violet, green yellow signal. Easter Surprise X self

Jessica’s Jade Betts, T.J.* 1990 718J 43 (110)1 E Stands violet blue; pale green style arms; falls white, heavily veined biolet blue, bright green signal. Mac’s Blue Heaven X LaPerouse

Jet Ace Taylor, J.C.* 1986 L103-4 31 (80) M Stands white; falls light yellow, yellow signal. Commandment X Valera
Joel Fletcher Goula, R. 1979 PP77-2809 28 (71) ML Stands light lavender-violet; falls full lavender-violet; green line crest; ruffled. Clara Goula X Freddie Boy
John Neugebauer Neugebauer, J. 1980 N68-33 18-19(46-48)1 M Stands light greenish yellow; falls medium to deep greenish yellow. unknown X unknown
View larger John's Lucifer Iris
John’s Lucifer Taylor, J.C.* 1986 JJL-2-1 35 (89) ML Black purple, yellow signal. Ann Chowning X Charles Arny III
Joie De Vivre 
Joie De Vivre Pryor, H.* 1995 60/90-22 35 (89) ML Heavily ruffled deep rose, flushed purple, paler reverse; raised yellow steeple signal on all petals. Gladiator’s Gift X Desert Jewel
Josephine Shanks Josephine Shanks Taylor, J.C.* 1990 OL107-11 47 (120) M Fluted deep pink, lighter edge and reverse, yellow signal veined green. Gentleman X Limited Edition
  Josie’s Pearl Betts, T.J.* 1990 181C 47 (120)1 M Stands creamy white; lime yellow arms; falls creamy white infused lavender when fresh, green signal tipped orange; ruffled. 941A: ( Ila Nunn x unknown white) X 938A: (Deneb x Shrimp Creole)
Joy Flight Taylor, J.C.* 1986 JIL3-6 35 (89) EM Stands pale yellow; falls pale yellow, yellow greenish veining on stands and falls. Dural Charm X Clara Goula
Joyful Charm Morgan, R. 1994 L527-R 32 (81) EM Rose pink, yellow steeple signal. L262-P: (This I Love x Parade Music) X This I Love

Judgement Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL24-2 39 (100)1 M Stands white, veined light red purple; style arms buff; falls red purple, buff edge and reverse, signal yellow; ruffled. Gladiator’s Gift X Screen Gem
Jules Patin Arny, C. 1985 BIT-Y-1-82 36 (91) M Stands lavender pink, veined dark lavender; falls light gold yellow, dark lavender radial veining around large gold signal and greenish style arms. Valera X Easter Tide
Julia Strawn Strawn, K. 1993 S-1985 35 (89) ML Stands violet; paler yellow style arms; falls darker-violet, bright yellow signal. C’est Magnifique X Charjoy’s Mike
Just for Joe Chenoweth, V. 1981 79-3-L 36 (91) M Ruffled lavender, gold signal. Clara Goula X unknown
View larger Just Helene Iris
Just Helene Mertzweiller, J. 19904 36 (91) M Stands blue yellow blended ground, heavily veined dark blue purple; greenish styles; falls yellowish ground veined light blue, green yellow signal; musky fragrance. Harland K. Riley X unknown
 Just Imagine
Just Imagine Hutchinson, J.* 1998 WH/OP/ST 41 (104) ML Stands white, veined lilac, green base; style arms pale lime green, white crests lightly veined lilac; falls white, sanded and veined lilac, white line edge, green and white reverse, signal medium yellow, short, broad, raised green center line extending outward; lightly ruffled, picotee edge; slight fragrance. White Heaven X Our Parris
Justa Reflection Arny, C. 1980 BIT-LAV-11-77 30 (75) M Lavender bitone with pronounced veining, light yellow radial signal; greenish yellow style arms. Lucile Holley X lavender seedling
Justin's Dixie Pride Justin's Dixie Pride (Sherry Seabrook, LA, R. 2002).  Seabrook 2002.