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Projects that we have touched.


We have sold and distributed thousands of  Louisiana  Irises, over the years,  to nurseries,  home gardens,  commercial establishments, and  recreational facilities.   We have listed below a few of the projects we have been involved with to give you an idea of the versatility of the plant.
Coushatta Casino Louisiana Garden   More of the Coushatte Iris Garden

Click on image for a larger view

Lake and Home of Dr. Jeffery Laborde,  Lafayette, La.

Dr. Jeff Laborde's home   Another view of Dr. Laborde's home.
Click on picture for a larger view.
A lovely field of irises on Dr. Labode's home.

Pond and Gardens at 103 Kimball Dr.,  Lafayette,  La.

Pond Pump Irises garden   Another view of the Pond Pump Irises

Pond surrounding the Lafayette Convention & Visitors Center,  I-49.

Louisiana Irises grown in garden in combination with rose garden,  Lafayette, La.

Louisiana  Irises at the home of Pat Broussard,  Milton, La.

Judy Cole and Eolian irises in garden Lafayette, La.