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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
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View larger image Hail Mary Iris
Hail Mary Dunn, M. 1999 L231 28 (71) M Terra cotta red self, yellow steeple signal. L170-2: (L70-4: (Mary’s Charlie x Ann Chowning ) x sib) X Gladiator’s Gift
Halls of Ivy Dunn, M. 1999 L232 36 (91) M Greenish yellow, green line signal; style arms green. Gladiator’s Gift X L165: (Joel Fletcher x self)
Halo Dolly Halo Dolly Pryor, B.* 1997 43/92-C 36 (91) E Stands lilac, white rim and cream reverse; style arms creamy lemon blushed lilac; falls darker violet, white rim and cream reverse, highly raised steeple signal surrounded by lime and yellow; heavily ruffled. Little Nutkin X Magic Style
  Hand in Hand Dunn, M.1 1998 228-4 36 (91) M Rosy fuchsia with yellow reverse, falls with yellow dart signal; style arms green. unknown x unknown
View larger image Handmaiden Iris
Handmaiden Ghio, J. 1981 LU-272B 30 (75) M Pink, yellow signal. Charlie’s Karen X Cajun Capers
Handsome Cajun Chenoweth, V. 1987 Wy-44 38 (96) M Red violet, yellow signal. Yellow Web X 79-1-W: (Clara Goula x unknown)

Happy-Happy Strawn, K. 1993 26B-1985 41 (104) M Stands yellow-orange; yellow-orange style arms; falls greyed orange, yellow-orange signal. Freddie Boy X President Hedley
Harland K. Riley MacMillan, W. 1970 Ye-1-69 40 (102)1 M Yellow with brown veining on falls; green style arms. unknown x unknown
Harold Grogan MacMillan 19654 34-40 EM Purplish-red, bright yellow line crest.

Hatley Song Chenoweth, V. 1987 YW-4 40 (102)1 M Stands purple red; falls red; yellow signal. Yellow Web X 79-1-W: (Clara Goula x unknown)

Hazel Monette MacMillan, W. 1970 N/R 28 (71) EM Light red-purple; yellow line signal. unknown X unknown>
View larger image Heather Pryor Iris
Heather Pryor Taylor, J.C.* 1993 RL 67-1 51 (130) ML Stands cream, veined and flushed pink, rimmed paler, green-yellow signal; falls cream ground, veined and heavily flushed pink toward paler rim, green line signal surrounded by yellow center area; heavily ruffled. OL 136-1: (( C’est Si Bon x Koorawatha) x Helen Naish ) X Margaret Lee
Heather Stream Morgan, R. 1983 L41-A 42 (107) ML Light violet, green line signal over white ray. Mrs. Mac X Signey Conger
Heavenly Glow Morgan, R. 1988 L201-A 36-42 (91-107) E Orange red, green yellow steeple signal; green style arms. L9-A: (Missey Reveley x Ila Nunn) X Gold Reserve
Heirloom Amethyst 
Heirloom Amethyst Pryor, B.* 1997 43/92-D 36 (91) E Stands violet, lilac rim and pale reverse; style arms lilac; falls violet, lilac rim and pale reverse, highly raised steeple signal surrounded by yellow; heavily ruffled. Little Nutkin X Magic Style
Helen Naish Taylor, J.C.* 1979 JFL 119-1 44 (112) E Stands white, veined green deep in throat; falls white, veined green deep in throat; green style arms, edged white. Clara Goula X Charlie’s Ginny
Helen Reid Granger, M. 2000 MLCS98-8 38 (97) M Stands deep purple violet; style arms light violet with light greenish yellow midrib; deeper violet ruffled crests; falls deep blue veined darker, slight lighter blue violet ruffled edge, medium yellow signal; slight musky fragrance. Margaret Lee X Cajun Sunrise

Heliostat Taylor, J.C.* 1989 N58-1 48 (122)1 M Golden yellow, deep golden yellow line signal on stands and falls. Valera X Koorawatha
View larger image Henry Rowlan Iris
Henry Rowlan Faith, M, D. 2000 S7A 43 EM Stands and style arms blue purple; falls slightly darker blue purple, bold golden yellow signal. Voodoo Song X unknown
Hey Little Devil Pryor, B.* 2000 16/92-C 28 (71) EM Stands soft apricot pink, veined rose; style arms soft lemon blushed pink; falls deep oxblood red, lemon rim and reverse, bright yellow starburst signal; ruffled. Spanish Ballet X Playful Minx
View larger image High Flying Iris
High Flying Dunn, M. 1995 L209-4 37 (93) M Stands medium blue; style arms plae blue, edge and tip darker; falls medium blue, texture veined, small light yellow signal. Plantation Beau X Wine Country
Highland Mist Highland Mist (Heather Pryor, R. 2001).  Sdlg. 94/96-A.  LA, 39" (99 cm), M. Ruffled greyed violet, white rim and reverse, all petals with bright yellow blotch signal with overlaying yellow steeple signal; style arms pastel lemon, tips blushed violet.  Our Dorothy X 006/95: (Louis x Rachel’s Request).
highland Road Highland Road (Patrick O’Connor, R. 2005).  Sdlg. 02-26.  LA, 30" (76 cm), M.S. light purplish-pink; style arms cream, red purple wash and tips; F. red, slight blue-purple suffusion, bright yellow crown signal.  False River X Prytania.
High Grade Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL43-5 43 (110)1 ML Stands lemon, veined; style arms lemon, flushed green; falls lemon, veined, with veined yellow green signal; slightly recurved form. Poseidon’s Pool X Helen Naish

High Pitch Dunn, M. 1991 L139-2 36 (91) M Velvety deep red wine purple, bright orange yellow signal. Full Eclipse X Gold Reserve

High Powered Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL8-X 51 (130)1 Stands blue; style arms white, edged violet; falls flue, yellow signal surrounded by white spray pattern. C’est La Mote X First Favourite
View larger image High Rank Iris
High Rank Dunn, M. 1990 L155-3 36 (91) M Stands henna red infusion over golden ground, light edge; lime green style arms; falls deeper henna red infusion over golden base, light serrated edge, yellow green signal. Southerner X L95-15: (Charlie’s Michele x Rhett)

High Road Chowning, F. 1973 FC16 30 (75) M Pale buttercup yellow flecked and spotted with tiny maroon spots. Missey Reveley X Missey Reveley

Hollywood Ending (Joseph Ghio, LA, R. 2002).  Bay View 2003.

Holley Beauty 1970 (p)

Home Cookin’ Raabe, R.* 1984 B-82-20 26 (66) M Stands Rhoda mine purple with smoky cast, dark midrib; falls slightly darker Rhoda mine purple over salmon base color, veined olive, dark midrib. Sextet X Trittico

Honey Bunch Holleyman. G. 19624 36 M Stands orange buff; style arms orange bugg, infused black and green toward base; falls dark honey, veined and overlaid bright amber, orange buff edge, lime green steeple signal; ruffled, waved. Louisiana Teddy Bear X Gladiator’s Gift
Honey Galore Honey Galore (Ron Betzer, LA, R. 1999).  Deep South 2000.
View larger image Honey Jumble Iris
Honey Jumble Pryor, H.* 1998 56/93-B 39 (100)1 ML Majolica yellow, overall brown veining, yellow rim, falls with yellow and lime line signal changing to brown at petal edge; style arms lighter majolica yellow, deeper crests; ruffled. Monet’s Magic X unknown
View larger image Honey Star Iris
Honey Star Hutchinson, J.* 1991 89-MHB21 34 (86) M Stands cream, veined buff wine giving a pale apricot effect; falls cream blushed and veined buff wine, rich yellow signal. Margaret Hunter X unknown
Honoured Guest Taylor, J.C.* 1991 OL142-A 39 (100)1 M Ruffled purple, yellow signal white center on sepals; ivory brushed mauve style arms. M24-4: (C’est Si Bon x Charles Arny III) X Helen Naish
  Hopelessly Devoted Pryor, H.* 2000 22/94-A 43 (109)1 M Mustard lemon with mustard veining, lime green line signal on all petals; style arms lime green, lemon tips. 14/92-A (31/90-A: (Myra Arny x Lucy Payens) x Exclusive Label) X Hot and Spicy
Horden's Henry Hordern’s Henry Pryor, H.* 1994 20/90-11 43 (110) E Lightly ruffled soft brandy, washed and veined slightly darker, yellow-greens steeple signal on all petals; honey reverse; yellow style arms. Southerner X Fine Worror
View larger image Hot and Spicy Iris
Hot and Spicy Pryor, H.* 1995 60/90-64 35 (89) M Lightly ruffled tomato red with fine yellow rim, lemon reverse; raised yellow steeple signal surrounded by yellow dagger signal; style arms bright green tipped yellow. Gladiator’s Gift X Desert Jewel
Humpty Doo Loveridge, G.* 1974 L7 31 (80) E Violet-rose self. Davis seedling X (Chowning seedling x David seedling)
Hurricane Colin O’Connor, P. 1992 80-3 37 (93) M Rose-orange, yellow crown-shaped signal ending in deep red line extending short distance down falls. unknown x unknown
Hurricane Party Haymon, D. 1986 5-83-2 39 (100) M Lightly ruffled full red violet, slightly darker around large triangular yellow gold signal and down center of falls; cream style arms shading to full dark red violet; slight fragrance. Blue Duke X Ann Chowning
View larger image Hush Money Iris
Hush Money Dunn, M. 1998 224-2 36 (91) M Stands cream with blue cast; falls cream, raised gold line signal. L164-2: (Clara Goula x Clara Goula) X 107-12: (Monument x Handmaiden)