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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
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View larger image Rachel's Request Iris
Rachel’s Request Taylor, J.C.* 1993 OL114-P(PL1) 47 (120) M Heavily ruffled cream, yellow-veined signal with green influence. Koorawatha X Helen Naish
Ragin’ Cajun Durio, K. 1981 TV-6-80 36 (91) M Very dark violet with distinct very pale yellow edging; full canary yellow signal. Professor Claude X Professor Claude
Rainbow Inn Arny 1962 24 M Stands pale cream, blue-purple veining falls light yellow, blue-purple veining. Orange-yellow line crest. Breeder’s Blue X Strutting Canary

Raison d’Etre Dunn, M. 1989 L117-1 36 (91) M Stands ruffled light grape orchid; deep grape style arms; falls deep grape, yellow spear signal. Ann Chowning X Monument

Rally Round Raabe, R.* 1984 B-82-228 30 (75) ML Stands mid-fuchsia purple veined darker; falls fuchsia purple, veined darker, bold gold signal; ruffled. E.C. Everingham X Clara Goula

Rapides Davis, C. 1964 Deep blue-violet, prominent yellow crest.

Rapport Dunn, M. 1990 L107-1 37 (94) M Blue, lime green line signal; self style arms edge light violet. Monument X Handmaiden
Raspberry Rilla Hickerson, R. 2000 91-1-1 36 (91) M Stands light raspberry red, darker veining; style arms raspberry red edged cream; falls medium raspberry red veined darker, yellow steeple signal, green cast deep in throat. unknown X unknown
Raspberry Tart Herbert, T. 1986 78-3 19.5 (50) EL Velvety red purple, dark orange signal. Scamp X G.W. Holleyman
Raving Beauty Raving Beauty Dunn, M. 1995 L208-1 36 (91) ML Stands smooth purple grape; style arms lighter grape; falls smooth purple grape, large green spear signal, green heart, flat form. Plantation Beau X Valera
View larger image Razor Edge Iris
Razor Edge Vaughn, K. 1998 F-17-1 25 (64) EM Stands amber, narrow rose edging; style arms amber, lined and tipped rose; falls amber, ¼” bright rose rime, amber gold signal outlined rose; lightly ruffled. Heavenly Glow X Kelly’s Choice
Re-Enact Taylor, J.C.* 2000 UL27-1 43 (110) EM Purple self; signals yellow. Jeri X Just Helene
Real Easy Real Easy Taylor, J.C.* 2000 UL22-4 39(100) ML Stands white; style arms light yellow; falls light yellow, yellow orange signal; heavily fluted, recurved. Gladiator’s Gift X Dural Dreamtime
View larger image Real Treasure Iris
Real Treasure Taylor, J.C.* 1993 OL 119-P(PL2) 51 (130) ML Purple, strong yellow signals on all petals. (Freddie Boy blue seedling x Grace Scott) X Pintharuka
Rebecca Garber Granger, M. 1974 66-34 35 (89) M Stands white with blue line down middle; falls blue-purple; chartreuse style arms. (Bramble Queen x pink seedling) X Angie Skin

Reckless Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL5-X 39 (100) M Stands blue violet; style arms white, edged violet; falls blue violet, reverse lighter, yellow signal strong in center; fluted. ‘Bout Midnight X Rachel’s Request
Red Abundance Strawn, K. 1993 O-1985 35 (89) M Stands current red; cardinal red style arms; falls slightly darker currant red, yellow-orange signal. Deneb X President Hedley
Red Dawn Rowlan, H. 1985 83LA-14 34 (86) EM Stands red; red crests and style arms, edged yellow; falls red tan halo around ruffled edge, yellow steeple signal; slight spicy fragrance. Walter Dupree III X Missey Reveley
Red Dazzler Red Dazzler Hale 1969 1-La-H20 28 M Red self with velvet sheen on falls. Red signal. Three generations of breeding involving Dorothea K. Williamson and I. fulva.
Red Echo Rowlan, H. 1983 80LA-6 36 (91) EL Scarlet red; greyed purple line signal, scarlet red style arms and crest. Tarnished Brass X Terra cotta I. fulva
Red Gamecock Chowning, F. 1973 FC-24 24(61) L Henna self. FC 68-A: (Lybrand seedling from Cajun Joyeuse x W.B. MacMillan) X FC 1: (W.B. MacMillan x FC 49-AA)
Red Snapper Arny, C. 1979 Bit-R-1-79 30 (75) ML Red self; yellow-orange signal. Louise Arny X G-1-77
View larger image Red Velvet Elvis Iris
Red Velvet Elvis Vaughn, K. 1996 C-12-5 34-38 (86-97) EML Stands dark red black; style arms near black, slight red shading near tip; falls velvety dark red, orange yellow spear signal partially hidden by style arms, slightly ruffled; slight fragrance. Jeri X Cajun Cookery
View larger image Reflect Iris
Reflect Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL22-9 30 (100) M Violet blue, signals yellow; style arms brushed light violet blue. Gladiator’s Gift X Dural Dreamtime
Regal Rebel Regal Rebel (Heather Pryor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 34/95-B.  LA, 43" (109 cm), M. ruffled bright cyclamen violet, white rim and reverse, long golden steeple signal with white surrounding spray on all petals; style arms white, tip cyclamen violet.  Love Me Do X Obvious Heir.  Iris Haven 2002.
Regal Ricochet
Regal Ricochet Pryor, H.* 2000 63/95-A 38 (97) M, RE Stands medium violet, cream rim and reverse; style arms lemon blushed red violet on sides, cream tip rim; falls deep red violet, white rim and reverse, golden yellow blotch signal with raised steeple. Mad About You X 9/93-B (Sinfonietta x 15/90-1: (Koorawatha x Alluvial Gold ))
Relinquish Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL22-9 39 (100) M Stands violet, midrib darker; style arms yellow green tipped violet; falls violet, darker on midrib and surrounding yellow signal; ruffled. C’est La Mote X Helen Naish
  Remember Paris Jackson, P.* 2000 LOGA 45 (114) E Stands soft gold, center gold veining; style arms light gold, faint pink wash; falls soft gold, washed and veined rose pink, gold signal; ruffled. Our Parris X Gate Crasher
  Renard 1965 (p)
Renee Fleming Renee Fleming (Heather Pryor, R. 2001).  Sdlg. 187/96-A.  LA, 42" (107 cm), M. S. pastel lavender, veined violet; style arms pastel lemon; F. medium violet, golden yellow blotch signal, white rim and reverse; ruffled, scalloped.  La Stupenda X 007/95: (‘Bout Midnight x Rachel’s Request).
  Renewed Friendship Faggard, A. 1986 FRO-3-85 38 (96) E Lavender rose, gold crest; dark lavender rose style arms, deep green at throat. unknown X unknown

Reputation Dunn, M. 1991 L158-6 34 (86) M French lilac, pale yellow signal. C’est Magnifique X L79-3: ((Queen O’Queens x Mrs. Ira Nelson) x Dark Tide)

Return Mail Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL16-2 39 (100) L Stands buff, veined purple violet; style arms reddish tan; falls purple violet, edge lighter, darker around yellow signal. Dancing Vogue X Noble Planet
Rhett Dunn, M. 1982 L27-77-1 30 (75) M Stands mahogany red; falls velvety mahogany red with yellow line crest. Creole Flame X Monument
Rhyme or Reason Dunn, M. 1995 L181-1 36 (91) M Stands smooth smoke plum; style arms pinkish plum; falls smooth smoky plum, bright golden signal, golden reverse; ruffled. L119-3: (Clara Goula x (Charlie’s Michele x Carman)) X L155-3: (Southerner x (Charlie’s Michele x Rhett))

Rich and Famous Dunn, M. 1993 L156-4 32 (81) ML Stands burgundy wine red; falls ruffled deep wine red, yellow line signal. Easter Tide X L79-3: ((Queen O’ Queens x Mrs. Ira Nelson) x Dark Tide)
Rich and Rare Rich and Rare (Heather Pryor, LA, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 111/96-A.  LA, 39" (99 cm), ML. Ruffled dark mulberry with pronounced white rim and reverse, all petals with very large yellow blotch signal overlaid with raised golden steeple signal, dark ruby red outline; style arms white blushed ruby red, midrib yellow; ruffled.  34/93-D: (46/90-2: (Jazz Ballet x Rosebery) x Exclusive Labell X Little Nutkin.
Rich Incentive Rich Incentive (Heather Pryor, R. 2001).  Sdlg. 170.96-A.  LA, 43" (110 cm), M. Metallic lavender lilac, F. with bluish blaze; beards tangerine, lilac at end; sweet fragrance.  F193-1, Peace Begins sib. X F82-1, Avona sib. Tempo Two 2001/02.
Rich Jewel Morgan, R. 1994 L709-D 32 (81) EM Dark violet, large yellow steeple signal; pale red style arms. Tanako X Charles Arny III
Rich Tradition Taylor, J.C.* 1990 OL142-3 47 (120) EM Heavily ruffled violet, lighter edge and reverse, yellow signal on stands and falls. M24-2: (C’est Si Bon x Charles Arny III) X Helen Naish
Richard's Pink Richard’s Pink Hutchinson, J.* 1995 SL/RP 49 (125) ML Stands bright mallow pink, paler buff pink linear edge, narrow salmon buff center line; style arms mallow pink over white; falls slightly darker than stands, signal rich gold over white, green at throat; lightly ruffled; slight sweet fragrance. Soft Laughter X unknown
Rogolets Rigolets (Patrick O’Connor, R. 2004).  Sdlg. 01-11.  LA, 36-38" (91-97 cm), M.S. light yellow; style arms light green tipped and edged light yellow; F. medium yellow, lightly ruffled, signal deep orange thumbprint, lighter orange near edge.  94-1: (Hurricane Colin x Irish Bayou) X Our Parris.
River Ridge Butler, R. 1980 N/R 36 (91) M Ruffled brownish terra cotta; yellow signal. Marjorie Brummitt X Gold Reserve
River Road O’Connor, P. 1992 83-3 36 (91) M Medium blue, yellow line signal on white ground; medium blue style arms with cream markings. Southdowns X Clyde Redmond
River Shadows Wyatt, C. 1978 N/R 36 (91) L Deep violet, no signal. Blue Shield X Seedling
View larger image Roasted Pecan Iris
Roasted Pecan Vaughn, K. 1998 F-17-8 25 (64) ML Bright copper, dark rose veining overall, falls with gold signal edged rose; style arms bright copper. Heavenly Glow X Kelly’s Choice
Rob's Ann Rob's Ann (Myrtle Murray, deceased, by David Murray, R. 2006).  Sdlg. 1/83/2. LA, 33" (85 cm), EM.S. bishop’s violet (HCC 34/2); style arms lilac purple (031/2); F. cobalt violet (634/2), signal narrow tapered, golden patch extending down 1/3 of F.; slight fragrance.  Araluen X Mighty Rich.
Rochester Lilacs Rochester Lilacs (Heather Pryor, R. 2001).  Sdlg. 118/96-B.  LA, 38" (97 cm), EM. S. lilac, dark lilac line signal, white rim and reverse; style arms dark lilac, creamy white fringe and tip; F. slightly darker lilac, white rim and reverse, yellow orange steeple signal; lightly ruffled.  Alicia Clare X Now and Forever.
Rocket Launch Betts. T.J.* 1997 902E 28 (71) ML Red becoming brown, falls with long yellow steeple signal; style arms brown. Sun Fury X Shrimp Creole

Rocky Marriage Rowlan, H. 1988 85LA8 37 (93) M Rhodonite red, raised orange line signal bordered cream; self style arms and crests. Dr. Dorman X Charlie’s Michele

Rokki Granger, M. 1981 CC72-10 16-18 (41-46) M Cream chartreuse, fading to white as blossom opens; double. Double Talk X (Creole Can-Can x Queen O’ Queens)
Rokki Rockwell Haymon, D. 1992 12-84-17 38 (97) M Stands medium yellow, streaked gold; medium yellow style arms tipped dark yellow, green deep in heart; falls medium yellow, streaked gold, slight brown overlay, gold line signal; ruffled; slight fragrance. Valera X President Hedley
View larger image Roll Call Iris
Roll Call MacMillan, W. 1975 FB-9-73 30 (75) EM Stands light violet; green style arms, violet appendages; falls full violet, large white triangular patch, shading to green-gold crest in center. unknown X unknown
Roman Warrior Taylor, J.C.* 1996 UL-23-2 39 (100) ML Stands rose, reverse lighter; style arms rose, white highlights on edge; falls magenta edged white, reverse lighter, signal yellow; ruffled; slight fragrance. Gladiator’s Gift X Rachel’s Request
Romantic Glow Romantic Glow Dunn, M. 1998 175-2 36 (91) M Stands and style arms rose red, falls rose red with yellow sunburst pattern, chartreuse signal tipped red. Cessiopee C Bonaparte
  Romantic Memory Pryor, B.* 2000 34/95A 30 (76) M Red purple, winter white trim and reverse, darker purple veining with white line spray pattern around signal; yellow sunray signal with raised golden steeple on all petals, giving star effect. Love Me Do X Obvious Heir
Romantic Poet Romantic Poet (Heather Pryor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 68/95-A.  LA, 47" (120 cm), ML. S. pale yellow, edge blushed white; style arms medium yellow; F. medium yellow, edge blushed pale yellow; golden orange line signal on all petals; heavily ruffled; slight fragrance.  Mad About You X 005/95: (Gladiator’s Gift x Dural Dreamtime).  Iris Haven 2002.
Rose Cartwheel Granger, M 1980 CC 70-31 18 (46) M No Stands, falls rose. Involves a long line of unnumbered seedlings
Rose Royal Conger 1963 34 ML Stands orchid-pink overlaid rose pink; falls orchid-pink, large yellow signal. (Bayou Glory x Roses and Wine) X Perry Mac

Roseberry Taylor, J.C.* 1986 M8-1 43 (110) ML Stands white, veined yellow green; falls pale yellow, veined yellow green. Koorawatha X Lucile Holley

Roseina Pettit Herbert, T. 1986 2BR85 19 (49) EM Stands purple; falls purple violet, inconspicuous yellow fan-shaped signal. unknown x unknown
Rosie Pink Arny, C. 1978 Pi-2-74 30 (75) M Rose-pink self; cream style arms; yellow line signal. Charlie’s Michele X unknown
View larger image Rosy Moon Iris
Rosy Moon McCown, E. 1975 1-74-1 36 (91) M Brilliant yellow flushed rosy purple. Dove of Peace X G.W. Holleyman
Rougette Goula, R. 1992 G-84-R1 30 (76) EL Stands medium red; falls velvety bright red, large bright yellow signal; slight spicy fragrance. Holleyman X Charjoy’s Jewel

Royal Angel Faggard, A. 1975 F-Lav-I-74 24 (61) M Soft white, uniformly marked with pale red-violet shading, radiating from center of both stands and falls; style arms same tipped white; small yellow crest. Queen O’ Queens X Angel Skin

Royal Appeal Chowning, F. 1985 FC-80-10 33 (84) ML Bishops violet, yellow line signal; self style arms and crest. (Ann Chowning x Missey Reveley) X FC-42, yellow seedling of unknown parentage

Royal Choice Hale 1969 11LaH 22 ML Deep purple-blue self; velvety; self signal. Second generation cross of Dorothea K. Williamson x I. fulva

Royal Delight Rowlan, H. 1984 82 LA 52 32 (81) ML Lilac purple fading to magnolia purple by second day, lime line signal edged yellow; self style arms edged pale green. Bryce Leigh X Winter’s Veil

Royal Embrace Rowlan, H. 1983 77 LA-5 32 (81) M Magenta rose, small yellow line signal under self style arms.
Royal Empress Arny, C. 1982 VPU-1-82 30 (75) M Velvety purple with large yellow orange signal. Charles Arny III X Ann Chowning
Royal Imp Rowlan, H. 1991 II-LA-26 37 (93) ML Campanula violet, creamy yellow steeple signal. 85-LA-24 X unknown
Royal Lass Chenoweth, V. 1987 V-LR-2 34 (86) M Stands amber, red streak down center; falls reddish purple, yellow signal; lightly ruffled. Valera X 79-1-W: (Clara Goula x unknown)
Royal Love
Royal Love Rowlan, H. 1985 83 LA-43 36 (91) EM Stands magenta rose; magenta rose crest and style arms; falls magenta rose, large yellow lance-head signal. Bryce Leigh X Winter’s Veil
  Royal Madam Chenoweth, V. 1987 YW-3 36 (91) M Dark velvety purple with yellow signal on falls and stands. Yellow Web X 79-1-W: (Clara Goula x unknown)
Royal Music Royal Music (Peter Jackson, LA, R. 2001).  Iris Acres 2001/02.
View larger image Royal Sparkle Iris
Royal Sparkle Rowlan, H. 1985 82 LA 55 35 (89) ML Stands lilac purple; lilac purple crest and style arms, blending to green in throat; falls lilac purple, large yellow spear type signal; slight sweet fragrance. Bill Levingston X Pomp and Glory
Ruby’s Love Rowlan, H. 1985 83 LA 62 32 (81) ML Ruffled ruby red, green signal bordered yellow; ruby crest and style arms, blending to yellow and green in throat; slight sweet fragrance. Bryce Leigh X unknown
Rue Royale Dunn, M. 1985 L44-5 21 (53) M Ruffled golden yellow, small deep yellow line signal; green style arms tipped yellow. Charlie’s Michele X Harland K. Riley
Ruffled Cream Goula, R. 1979 CR-77-2609 25 (64) ML Stands pale cream-white; falls full cream, gold line crest; heavily ruffled. Clara Goula X Mrs. Ira Nelson
Ruffled Honey Strawn, K. 1993 24-1985 32 (81) ML Stands mimosa yellow; Dresden yellow style arms with purple blush; falls yellow-orange, bright yellow-orange signal. Freddie Boy X President Hedley
Rusty O. Arny, C. 1991 BitR-2-89 42 (107) M Stands claret rose; falls claret rose, large deep yellow radial signal extending beyond tip of short narrow light rose style arms. Charles Arny III X Charlie’s Ginny
Ruth Anne Sahuc 1962 59-104-1 31 E Stands deep purplish-pink; falls moderate purplish-red. Louis Arny X Wheelhorse
Ruth Garwell Raabe, R.* 1978 M-26-76 27.5 (69) M Spectrum violet self. Marie Caillet X R-12-74: (Crescent City x M-17)
Ruth Sloan Sloan, R. 1984 83 Y1 36 (91) M Full yellow, veined green in normal signal area; full yellow style arms infused green. President Hedley X E.H. Martyn
Ruth Waterhouse Ruth Waterhouse (Janet Hutchinson, LA, R. 2004).  Iris Haven 2005/06.
Ruuzita Neugebauer 1968 La-65-3 42 E Violet-pink self. Twilight Mist X Nancy Rugh