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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
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I Remember You I Remember You (Harry Wolford, LA, R. 2004).   Plantation Point 2006.
Icarus Taylor, J.C.* 1995 RL 9-Y 35 (89) M Primrose yellow occasionally infused white; green signals surrounded by yellow. Green Elf X Margaret Lee

Ice Angel Ice Angel Faggard, A. 1988 FV-1-81 36 (91) M White, diamond dusted icy blue; pure white style arms, pencil line gold crests. Light Blue seedling X unknown
Ice Magic Taylor, J.C.* 1991 OL128-1 43 (110) M Cream white, veined darker, orange signal line. Warramunda X Helen Naish
Ichiban Faggard, A. 1984 FF-2-80 36 (91) E Wine red to fuchsia red, long and narrow green yellow-gold crest on all parts; blended green yellow style arms. Delta Star X seedling
Idle Gossip Rowlan, H. 1987 84 LA 2 33 (84) M Ruffled dark red purple, large gold lancehead signal; self style arms and crests. Dr. Dorman X Bold Copy
Ila Nunn Arny, C. 1967 IC-64 36 White self with bright yellow line crest; edges ruffled. Louise Arny X (Snow Pearl x Puttytat)
Image Dunn, M. 1998 240-6 33 (84) EM Blue lilac; style arms cream. Lina X Makebelieve World

  Impassioned Taylor, J.C.* 19954 35 (89) M White with heavy green veining; green signals surrounded by yellow; style arms green. unknown X unknown
  Imperial Magician Taylor, J.C.* 1990 OL138-A 47 (120)1 M Stands marbled light purple with purple veining, reverse and edge lighter; falls mid-purple; ruffled. Dazzling Star X Watch Out
Inez Conger Arny, C. 1973 FW3-71 42 (107) M White self; large orange signal. Ila Nunn X Gulf Surf
Initiation Reid, H.* 1995 90-23 34 (86) ML Orchid pink self, faint chartreuse line signal on falls. (Ann Chowning x Full Eclipse) X unknown

Inn-Keeper Inn-Keeper Taylor, J.C.* 1997 UL-29-4 47 (120)1 ML Stands and falls violet blue, yellow gold signal; style arms violet, edged lighter. Louie X Rachel’s Request
  Inner Beauty Dunn, M. 1990 L110-3 34 (86) M Violet with deeper veining, yellow spear signal; light style arms. C’est Chic X Ester Tide
  Insider Taylor, J.C.* 1996 UL-20-2 43 (110)1 ML Stands yellow, edged red brown; style arms red brown; falls yellow spray pattern, red brown border; triangular form; slight fragrance. Desert Jewel X Margaret Lee
  Inspiring Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL34-1 39 (100)1 M Purple violet, yellow signal on all petals. Poseidon’s Pool X Helen Naish
View larger image Instant Replay Iris
Instant Replay Granger, M. 1981 CC72-12 20-22 (50-56)1 M Medium to deep blue violet (double including petaloids). Double Talk X CQ69-1: (Creole Can-Can x Queen O’ Queens)
Intense Study Betts, T.J.* 1986 746H 36 (91) E Vibrant dark violet blue, yellow pipe signal; dark violet style arms. Starry Dusk X Clyde Redmond

Interplanet Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL12-1 39 (100)1 M Light yellow; signals yellow. Dancing Vogue X RL41-2: (N61-A: (unknown red sdlg. X Koorawatha) x Margaret Lee)
Ione Arny, C. 1976 RoPi-2-72 42 (107) Flat rose-pink self; large triangular-shaped yellow signal. Deneb X Dora Dey
Ira S. Nelson Arny 19694 36 ML Rose Bengal self; bright yellow triangular crests. Mrs. Mac X Joyce’ Choice
Irish Coffee Betts. T.J.* 1982 826J 40 (102)1 M Very dark dusky purple, gold signal; creamy style arms. Ila Nunn X tan seedling
Irish Channel Irish Channel (Patrick O’Connor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 00-06.  LA, 37" (94 cm), M. Lavender blue, F. with deeper central line markings and conspicuous orange thumbprint signal.  Hurricane Colin X Tchoupitoulas.
Irish Spirit Morgan, R. 1997 L397-G 26 (66) M Stands blue; falls blue, large greenish yellow lancehead signal. L100X: (Winter’s Veil x Acadian White) X L64-A: (Everett Caradine x Clyde Redman)
It’s A Boy Hamyon, D. 1989 23-84-2 27 (69) M Fluted and lightly ruffled pale lavender blue, gold steeple signal edged dark blue; cream style arms shading to lavender tipped blue; slight fragrance. Charjoy’s Jan X Strange Romance

Iron Man Iron Man (Peter Jackson, R. 2002).  Sdlg. LEG1.  LA, 43" (110 cm), EM. S. purple; style arms red purple on cream base; F.  deep purple, velvet finish, small raised gold signal; lightly ruffled.  Extraordinaire X Gladiator’s Gift.
View larger image It's a Knockout Iris
It’s a Knockout Pryor, H.* 2000 21/93-B 42 (107)1 EM Stands cream, mauve veining, rim and blush; style arms mauve, cream tips; falls darker mauve, white rim, golden steeple signal with yellow sunburst; ruffled. 60/90-X: (Gladiator’s Gift X Desert Jewel) X Gate Crasher
It’s Cool Taylor, J.C.* 1991 OL-143-1 39 (100) EM Pale mauve, veined darker mauve; green and mauve style arms. OL101-1: (Joel Fletcher x Limited Edition) X Helen Naish
View larger image It's Lilac Time Iris
It’s Lilac Time Jackson, P.* 1997 LWM1 34 (86) ML Stands pale lilac, soft lilac center wash; style arms cream, tipped soft lilac; falls soft lilac, fine yellow line signal; lightly ruffled; slight fragrance. Watch Out X Malibu Magic
Italian Affair Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL15-2 43 (110)1 ML Purple violet, light buff edge and reverse; signals yellow; style arms buff; heavily ruffled. Dancing Vogue X Dural Dreamtime