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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
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G.W. Holleyman Holleyman, R. 19604 60-41 Yellow self, chartreuse base; yellow style arms. Marquis de Lafayette X Golden Days
Gabriel’s Love Haymon, D. 1987 52-83-3 35 (89) M Ruffled light lavender; brilliant gold dagger shaped signal, sometimes forked at tip; full lavender style arms. Charlie’s Angel X Buttermint Lace
Gaia Taylor, J.C.* 1989 M28-9 43 (110) M Stands light yellow; yellow style arms; falls ruffled yellow, veined green. JJL3-2, Koorawatha sib X Lucile Holley

Garden Bouquet MacMillan 1961 298-60 353 EE Phlox self. Purple Wonder X Wheelhorse

Garden Sprite Bertinot, N. 1986 84-25 36 (91) M Light yellow with light greenish glow, light mimosa yellow signal surrounded by white area; greenish yellow style arms. Bellevue Beauty 82-23: (Ila Nunn x Clara Goula)

Gari Lyn Strawn, K. 1993 49-1885 35 (89) L Dark violet, yellow green signal; light violet style arms, darker on tips. Justa Reflection X Lafitte’s Retreat
View larger Garnet Storm Dancer Iris
Garnet Storm Dancer Pryor, H.* 1994 55/90-6 30 (75) ML Ruffles, slightly reflexed purple-black, green and black midline, gold steeple signal on all petals; purple-black style arms with gold center line, creating a start effect. Gladiator’s Gift X Disigner’s Dream
Gate Crasher 
Gate Crasher Taylor, J.C.* 1991 OL137-21 43 (110) M Stands burgundy; falls same, edged gold; ruffled often blooms double with petaloids. Dazzling Star X Helen Naish
Gatewood Princess Goula, R. 1979 DGXCR1A1 24 (61) ML Stands pale violet; falls full violet, green line crest; heavily veined. Dick Goula X Clyde Redmond
Gaysie Patin 1963 P-4-63 30 M Pink self, chartreuse throat. V-2-61 X Arny 50-VO-60

Gazelle Tan Loveridge, G.* 1974 L28 34 (86) L Tan self; narrow yellow signal. Chowning seedling X Davis seedling
Geisha Eyes Arny, C. 1987 PU-AS-1-84 30 (75) ML Stands dark violet blue, large light greenish yellow irregular signal with extended line crest; falls same; short purple style arms. Acadian Miss X Valera
Genial Giant Taylor, J.C.* 1991 OL113-2 47 (120) M Mauve. Koorawatha X Dazzling Star

Gentle Alice Hutchinson, J.* 1995 SLTS4 33 (84) M Stands off-white, green center line; style arms pale green, crests white; falls off-white, center flushed pale apricot, narrow yellow signal veined green; buds apricot buff; slight sweet fragrance. Laughter X unknown – probably Our Parris
Gentleman Dunn, M. 1983 L52-79-1 36 (91) M Cordovan red brown, green line signal. Delta King X Dean Lee
View larger image Gentleman Caller Iris
Gentleman Caller Dunn, M.1 1994 L 132-1 35 (89) M Adobe-rose red self, falls slightly deeper with deep orange line signal; ruffled. L85-1: (Fantastic x Hager L40, red) X sib.
Georgii Ivanovich Rodionenko Faber-Ward, R. 1985 H(BW)020-82 38(97) ML Ruffled pale blue, large yellow signal: white styles. Marie Caillet X H9BW) 02-80

Gerald Darby Darby 1968 Originally registered as a Sib-La hybrid. Corrected in 83 AIS R&I to change the classification to LAEV I. versicolor X I. Virginica
Gerry Marsteller Raabe, R.* 1988 8-82-2101 32 (80) ML Light magnolia purple, fading to cream edge. Uralba Mist X Trionfo
Gertie Butler Arny, C. 1989 BIT-LAV-1-84 30 (76) ML Slightly flaring lavender purple, large yellow radial signal. Mrs. Ira Nelson X Carolyn Lapoint
Getaway Taylor, J.C.* 1996 UL-5-9 47 (120) ML Purple self, falls with yellow signal; ruffled; slight fragrance. ‘Bout Midnight X Rachel’s Request
Ginger Fudge Ginger Fudge Pryor, H.* 1997 40/90-10 40 (102)1 EM Stands and falls Spanish orange veined darker, with raised yellow steeple signal; style arms lighter Spanish orange; ruffled. Alluvial Gold X Gladiator’s Gift
Ginger Nutkin Ginger Nutkin Pryor, H.* 1997 33/93-A 35 (89) M Stands ginger apricot, darker apricot line signal; style arms golden apricot, blushed pink; falls ginger apricot, raised orange steeple signal; ruffled. Ginger Fudge X 66/90-29: (Gladiator’s Gift x self)
Ginger Punch Morgan, R. 1997 L642-K 28 (71) EM Bright orange-red, falls with yellow-orange signal. Brushed Gold X Little Miss Leighley
Girl Crazy Dunn, M. 1993 L142 30 (75) M Stands deep yellow; green style arms; falls deep yellow, deep orange-gold line signal. L44-2: (Charlie’s Michelle x Harland K. Riley) X L44-5 sib.
Glad You Came Chowning, F. 1973 FC 5 30 (75) ML Raspberry self; prominent gold lance-head signal patch. Spangled Organza X W.B. MacMillan
Gladiator's Gift Gladiator’s Gift Taylor, J.C.* 1990 OL121-1 39 (100)1 ML Ruffled greyed red, lighter reverse and edge, yellow signal on stands and falls. L94-2: (Edith Fear x Valera) X Limited Edition
  Gladys Bertinot Bertinot, N. 1981 80-3 26(66) M Lightly ruffled white self; inconspicuous citron line signal. Katherine L. Cornay X Clara Goula
Glittering Prize Taylor, J.C.* 1991 OL106-B 43 (110) EM Stands purple; falls purple. John’s Lucifer X L94-2: (Edith Fear x Valera)
Gloria Blake Gloria Blake (Harry Wolford, R. 2002).  Sdlg. GGAG-98-1-B.  LA, 30" (76 cm), E & RE.  S. smoky mauve; style arms yellow, tinted light mauve; F. light smoky mauve infused yellow entire length.  Gladiator’s Gift X Alluvial Gold.
Gloria Cortez Bertinot, N. 1997 92-1 40 (102)1 E Stands maroon, lightly veined purple; style arms maroon; falls maroon, bright gold short steeple signal; ruffled; slight fragrance. 85-83: (Ann Chowning x Charlie’s Michele) X 85-86, sib
Glowlight Taylor, J.C.* 1986 M12-1 39 (100) M Stands white; falls deep violet, yellow green signal. Dizzy Lizzy X C’est Si Bone
Godzilla Durio, K. 1987 G#2R26 36 (91) E Very dark violet, bright full yellow signal; light violet style arms, edged light yellow. King Kong X Ragin’ Cajun
Going Baroque 
Going Baroque Jackson, P.* 1999 LAW 45 (115)1 EM Smoky amethyst, gold star signal on all petals; style arms buff, washed soft amethyst; lightly ruffled. All Agaze X Watch Out
  Going for Gold Jackson, P.* 1999 LDV 41 (105)1 M Ruffled light gold, raised dark gold signal on all petals; style arms light gold, deeper gold center. Dancing Vogue X valera
View larger image Going South Iris
Going South Taylor, J.C.* 1993 RL 28-1 44 (112) EM Stand cream flushed pink, veined mustard; falls darker cream flushed pink, heavily veined mustard, greenish line signal. Our Parris X Margaret Lee
Gold Dollar Chowning 1996 (o) Low growing, small intense yellow. Maringouin Fulva X Kramer Yellow

Gold Plaque Arny, C. 1980 Y-1-80 30 (75) M Light yellow, medium yellow signal; serrated edges. Charjoy’s Jan X unknown
Gold Reserve Chowning, F. 1973 FC 21 24-30 (61-76) M Gold self; prominent gold signal patch, finely veined orange. Missey Reveley sib.
Golden Days
View larger image Golden Fireworks Iris
Golden Fireworks Pryor, B.* 2000 35/92-F 30 (76) M Heavily ruffled straw yellow, veined green, green line signal on all petals, style arms based green. Volcanic Wildfire X Spanish Ballet
Golden Oldie 
Golden Oldie Dunn, M. 1994 161-1 35 (89) M Stands light yellow with texture veining and slight mauve stain; falls ruffled light yellow, texture veining, deeper yellow signal area. Sun Fury X L82-5: (Fantastic x Hager L20)
View larger image Golden Ponds Iris
Golden Ponds Hutchinson, J.* 1995 (BxVaLa1)Dz 41 (104) ML Stands pale yellow, deeper edge, irregular lemon tip blotching, yellow veining and center line; style arms yellow; falls rich lemon yellow, paler linear edge, heavy green and yellow veining, signal small, strong green over yellow, yellow center line to falls tip; edges serrated; ruffled; slight sweet fragrance. (Buxom x Valera) X Danza
Goldwater Holleyman, G. 19944 34 M Light green-yellow; green throat; orange-yellow signal, Sibling of Queen O’Queens. seedling 59-6 X Lady Florence (AIS reports as Sam Redburn’s seedling)

Golly Holly Neugebauer 1966 (o) Large flat red.

Good Day Strawn, K. 1993 B-1985 32 (81) ML Stands yellow; yellow style arms; falls slightly darker yellow, orange signal. Mighty Rich X President Hedley
View larger image Good Doctor Iris
Good Doctor Mertzweiller, J. 1990 78-89 38-40 (96-102) E Stands pure white; green style arms; falls pure white, strong green brown veining, green signal; musky fragrance. Ashley Michelle X Clara Goula
Good Heavens 
Good Heavens Dunn, M.1 1997 L 228-2 36 (91) M Smooth lavender blue, small yellow signal; style arms greenish white. unknown X unknown
View larger image Good Vibes Iris
Good Vibes Taylor, J.C.* 1990 OL 108-1 51 (130) M Fluted violet, yellow signal on stands and falls; carwheel form. Lucile Holley X Dazzling Star
Grace Duhon Haymon, D. 1987 37-84-5 40 (102) M Ruffled and fluted ver dark red violet, veined black around large brilliant yellow gold signal. Full Eclipse X Ann Chowning
Grace Scott Arny, C. 1979 PU-1-77 36 (91) M Deep purple self; large, dark yellow, steeple-shaped signals which extend beyond purple style arms. Louise Arny X W.B. MacMillan
Graceland Dunn, M. 1979 L12-73-1 32-34(81-86)1 M Bright deep blue, blended deeper in center of falls; no signal; slight reddish cast to style arms. Clyde Redmond X New Offering
  Grackle Chowing 19734 42 E Iridescent dark purple; faint gold line signal. Imperialis X Cathedral Blue
  Grape Fluff Mertzweiller 1962 56-22 44 E Grape violet self; long orange line crest. (King’s Gold x Bayou Sunset) X Barbara Elaine Taylor
View larger image Great White Hope Iris
Great White Hope Haymon, D. 1999 28-92-1 51 (130)1 M Stands dark blue violet; style arms near black, edged cream; falls very dark purplish violet; ruffled, flared. Jeri X Easter Tide
Green Acres Granger, M. 1980 72-W311 24-26 (61-66)1 M White, small light greenish yellow signal, green veining; lightly ruffled; light blue shadow near center of blossom when fresh, medium green style arms. Sam Redburn X unknown
Green Elf Taylor, J.C.* 1986 M8-3 30 (75) M Light yellow, veined green. Koorawatha X Lucile Holley
Green Eyes 1972 (p) Ineligible name.
View larger image Green-Eyed Love Iris
Green-Eyed Love Faggard, A. 1980 F-YE-2-76 36 (91) M Stands light yellow with green line down middle; green style arms tipped light yellow; falls light to full yellow with some bright lavender veining, gold steeple crest. Bayou Comus X Harland K. Riley
Green-Eyed Surfie Betts, T.J.* 1997 OO5C 36 (91) E Stands pale yellow; style arms yellow; falls pale yellow, veined green, long green steak signal; ruffled. Lime Dash X Joy Flight
View larger image Guessing Game Iris
Guessing Game Taylor, J.C.* 1994 RL 66-2 58 (145) ML Ruffled pale mauve, veined and dotted blue-violet, green line signal surrounded by pale cream. OL133-1: (Flight of Fantasy x Helen Naish) X Margaret Lee
Gulf Coast Granger, M. 1972 67-22 30-36(76-91) M Stands white ground, blue edging and veining toward center, making a ray of white; falls white with pale blue edging; small greenish yellow signal. Bramble Queen X Violet Ray

Gulf Mist Levingston 1966(o) Powder blue; long chartreuse line crest. I. giganticaerulea
View larger image Gulf Moon Glow Iris
Gulf-Moon Glow Faggard, A. 1994 FBT-31-91 40 (102) EM Stands light lavender-blue edged yellow; green style arms, yellow edge and claws; falls yellow-green, heavily veined green, hint of lavender around edge, darkening toward center, long yellow-green signal; slight spicy fragrance. Easter Tide X Old South
View larger image Gulf Shores Iris
Gulf Shores Dunn, M. 1982 L12-72-2 30 (75) ML Dark blue, yellow line signal crest. Clyde Redmond X New Offering
Gulf Surf Arny 1962 11-62 30 ML Gentian blue self, deep yellow crest surrounded with white. (Louise Arny x Dora Dey) X Joy Roberts
Gulpha Gorge Morgan, R. 1991 203-C 26 (66) M Serrated bright red, yellow signal. Mellon Time X Chowning 77-6-C: (Mockers Song x Ann Chowning)
Gunner Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL29-1 43 (110)1 M Fluted violet; signals yellow. Louie X Rachel’s Request
  Gypsy Moon Granger 1965 62-18 20 M Orange-yellow with purple veins; light purple flush on stands. Violet Ray X Her Highness
  Gypsy Violet Carroll, C.* 19834 36 (91) M Stands slightly ruffled mauve; falls violet. Marie Caillet X Gypsy Moon