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Louisiana Iris Registrars from 1965 - 2006
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Mac Folio Arny 1969 30 M Tyrian rose self; rose-colored style arms with long narrow green triangle at base; rounded yellow crests. Lavender I. brevicaulis seedling X W.B. MacMillan
Mac’s Blue Heaven MacMillan, W. 1970 N/R 30 (75) M Full violet self; white signal. unknown X unknown
Mad About You Mad About You Pryor, H.* 1995 56/90-1 30 (75) EM Stands maize yellow; style arms and falls saffron yellow; raised green steeple signal on falls, yellow green veining on all petals; ruffled. Designer’s Dream X Gladiator’s Gift
Madcap Davis, C. 1962 54-43 36 EM Royal purple self; crest, three lines of uranium green. seedling X seedling
Magic Style Magic Style Taylor, J.C.* 1994 RL35-E 50 (127) M Stands violet suffused on paler pink-violet ground; creamy style arms; falls violet-purple, lighter edge, green line signal edged yellow; fluted and ruffled. Wine and Dine X Margaret Lee
  Magistral Raabe, R.* 1983 T-81-208 49 (125) ML Stands cyclamen purple, falls erythrite red. Professor Ike X Professor Ike
Magnetic Magnetic Taylor, J.C.* 1996 UL-19-5 47 (120) ML Stands cream, pink edge and central rib; style arms buff, rose pink blush; falls buff, rose pink spray-pattern edge, yellow signal; ruffled; slight fragrance. Desert Jewel X Dural Dreamtime
  Mahogany Brass Hale, P. 1970 14LaH 24 (61) M Stands mahogany red; falls deeper mahogany red with striking yellow veining; yellow signal. From four generations of Dorothea K. Williamson
Maison Maison Dunn, M. 1997 L 216-1 34 (86) M Ruffled mauve pink self, greenish yellow finger signal; style arms tinged pink, light edge and heart. L 157-3: (Elusive Butterfly X L 95-5: Illa Nunn x Professor Ike )) X Gladiator’s Gift
  Major Meet Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL34-4 47 (120) ML Stands light red purple; style arms red purple; falls red purple, yellow signal; ruffled. Poseidon’s Pool X Helen Naish
  Makebelieve World Dunn, M. 1993 L166-2 35 (89) M Stands lilac-lavender; green and ivory style arms; falls deeper lilac-lavender, yellow spear-shaped signal; ruffled. Lavender Ruffles X self
Malibu Magic Taylor, J.C.* 1990 OL133-1 43 (110) M Stands violet blue veined violet blue; falls violet blue veined violet blue, narrow yellow green crest signal. Flight of Fantasy X Helen Naish
Mally Phillips Arny 1963 30 ML Empire rose self; triangle crest. Louise Arny X Lockett’s Luck
 View larger image Margaret Hunter Iris
Marble Cake Taylor, J.C.* 1993 RL 27-1 55 (140) EM Stands cream, heavily irregular marked pink-purple; falls purple, yellow signal. Old South X Margaret Lee
Margaret Hunter MacMillan, W. 1970 N/R 36 (91) E Ruffled light violet self. unknown X unknown
Margaret Lee Taylor, J.C.* 1989 OL137-1 48 (102) ML Stands magenta pink with green influence, buff reverse; buff style arms tipped pink; falls deep magenta pink with green influence, large yellow signal, buff reverse; heavily ruffled. Dazzling Star X Helen Naish
Maribelle Matheny III, E. 2000 L:01-01-97 39 (99) E Stands white; style arms light yellow, crests white; falls varium yellow aging white, olive green signal; slight fragrance. Sea Consul X unknown

Marie Antoinette Holleyman, G. 66 (o) Wheelhorse X Brandywine
Marie Caillet Conger 1963 38 ML Stands blue-violet; falls light blue-violet. Acadian X W.B. MacMillan
Marie Delores Hayman, D. 1986 15-83-7 40 (102) E Ruffled white, veined orange, orange signal; cream style arms; pronounced sweet fragrance. Acadian X White Ila Nunn
Marie’s Choice Haymon, D. 1986 19-84-2 33 (84) M Stands light pink with some darker pink veining, slight yellow signal; cream style arms edged and tipped dark pink; falls full pink with some rose veining, large yellow signal; ruffled; slight fragrance. Charjoy’s Jan X Charlie’s Tress
Mario Mamalakis Arny, D. 1976 Pu 3- 73 36 (91) M Purple self; large bright yellow signal. Blue Duke X Royal Lady
Marjorie Brummit Chowning 1967 20 E Stands lightest tint of nasturtium red; falls ruby red with orange signal patch. Breeding involving Cherry Bounce and I. brevicaulis.
Mark Fontenot Patin 1965 BV-10-64 38 M Blue-violet self; golden crest; styles lavender-cream to lavender at edges. Pagaletta X R-2-61
Maroon Monarch 
Maroon Monarch Sloan, R. 1984 81-R1 40 (102) M Stands full red-violet with yellow infusion in center vein; falls full violet-red, yellow signal surrounded with white area; full red-violet style arms with yellow infusion. Bayou Candelabra X Dr. Dormon
Marsha Sue Mertzweiller, J. 1975 Y-OR-72 34-36 (86-91) M Orange-yellow, blending to terra-cotta; greenish yellow style arms; white signal blending to yellow. Counterpoise X (Wheelhorse seedling x I. giganticaerulea white)
Martha Lisa Bertinot, N. 1986 85-6 36 (91) EM Very dark red-violet; self style arms narrowly edged buff. Bellevue’s Mike X Full Eclipse
Martha Mistric Clary Bertinot, N. 1981 80-9 28 (71) M Stands mauve; falls royal purple, buttercup yellow signal; ruffled. Clara Goula X Ann Chowning
Martin Redmond Arny, C. 1970 N/R 48 (122) ML Stands Chinese yellow; falls Chinese yellow, distance orange line signal. Tressie Cook X unknown
Marvell Gold Waddick, J. 1991 30 (75) M I. fulva species collected in 1932 by Frank Chowning near Marvell, AR
Mary Dunn Hager, B. 1974 L30A 24 (61) M Palest orchid-violet; yellow signal. Sidney Conger X Her Highness
Mary Elizabeth Hamilton Arny, C. 1972 N/R 42 (107) M Orchid-purple self; orange line signal. Louise Arny X Tressie Cook

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Mary G
Mary G Ostheimer, R. 1991 Bit-P-85 34 (86) ML Pinkish lavender, yellow signal surrounded by white area. This I Love X unknown
  Mary Louise Strawn, K. 1996 48-1985 38 (97) M Stands methyl violet; style arms pale lilac; falls deep lilac, Indian yellow signal. Charles Arny III X Easter Tide
  Mary Mag Granger 1962 M Stands purple; falls deep purple, pointed yellow signal outlined with reddish-purple line; purple style arms and claws. Royal Lady X Gee Whiz
Mary’s Charlie Dunn, M. 1980 L15-74-1 36 (91) M Plum red, yellow signal; slightly ruffled falls. Charlie’s Michele X Mac’s Blue Heaven
Mary’s Marvel Dunn, M. 1998 239-6 36 (91) EM Rosy red with yellow rim, yellow spear signal; style arms green. Midnight Drama X Midnight Drama

Masterful Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL10-2 43 (110) ML Ruffled blooms with standards marbled light and darker violet-purple and the falls a darker purple. Yellow signals and marbled, variable violet styles. Lighter colored edge and reverse; rounded form. Concourse D’Elegance X First Favourite

Matthew Matthew Durio, K. 2000 FLA#5 36 (91) ML Stands dark violet red, deeper red veining; style arms deep violet red; falls dark rusty blood red veined deeper, narrow light cream edging, large bright yellow signal, green gold crest. Cajun Dome X Daniel
Maumelle Evening Butler, R. 1980 33 (84) M Ruffled deep red-violet; bright yellow signal. Marie Caillet X Charlie’s Michele
May Roy Granger 1969 BQ-66-15 24 M Stands pale purplish-pink flush over white background; falls moderate purplish-pink around signal, balance light purplish-pink; signal medium yellow. Bramble Queen X King of Clubs
May Thibeaux
May Thibeaux Arny, C. 1987 Y-3-79 30 (75) M Full medium yellow, bright yellow signal. Matin Redmon X Fading Beauty
Mayan Chief Granger 1965 61-5 30-36 M Stands brick red with light brown overlay; falls same with bright yellow elongated signals. Pegaletta X Baby Ruth
Meadow Frost Morgan, R. 1991 L255-W 20 (50) M White, green yellow signal; green style forms. Bayou Waters X Finders Keepers
Medicine Wheel Morgan, R. 1985 L75-A 36 (91) M Red violet large orange yellow signal. Ira S. Nelson X Marjorie Brummitt
  Medora Wilson Granger, M. 1970 66-33 36 (91) M Stands light pink; falls medium pink; small greenish yellow signal. 64-21: (Bramble Queen x pink seelding) X Angle Skin
  Mellow Mauve Strawn, K. 1993 BBB1985 37 (93) ML Stands purple; yellow style arms blushed pink; falls darker purple, yellow-orange signal. Clara Goula X Easter Tide
  Melon Party Chowning, F. 1978 FC4 30 (75) M Orange self; dull gold signal; melon sepals. Henna seedling: (Copper-colored foliosa hybrid x W.B. MacMillan) X W.B. MacMillan
Mellon Time Melon Time Morgan, R. 1983 L42-E 38 (96) ML Full red, green yellow line signal. F.A.C. McCulla X Miss Arkansas
  Memory’s Valley Davis, C. 62 58-9 30 M-ML Stands heliotrope; falls same, veined violet; crest, chartreuse line in light field. Bienville X Maringouin Fulva
Mentida Mentida Norris, S. 1981 N/R 38 (96) M Deep cobalt violet, yellow signal. Specied seed exchange #680215 OPG
Merci Beaucoup Dunn, M. 1994 165-1 35 (89) M Smooth smoky lilac-violet, yellow line signal. Joel Fletcher X self
Merry Whirl Arny, C. 1980 TILAZ-3-77 36 (91) M Rosy lavender, yellow line signal. Louise Arny X King Calcasieu
Meteoric Rise 
Meteoric Rise Pryor, H.* 1999 56/90-E 47 (120) ML Ruffled golden yellow, lime green line signal on all petals; style arms yellow. Designer’s Dream X Gladiator’s Gift
  Mexican Tile Strawn, K. 1993 37-1984 37 (93) L Stands dark greyed orange; darker style arms; falls greyed red, yellow-orange signal. Sun Fury X Shrimp Louis
Midnight Drama Midnight Drama Taylor, J.C.* 1990 OL142-1 43 (110) EM Ruffled violet, lighter reverse, yellow signal on stands and falls. M24-4: (C’est Si Bon x Charles Arny III) X Helen Naish
Mighty Rich Arny, C. 1982 RPU-1-77 36 (91) ML Velvety ruby red, large bright yellow signal. Price Redmond X Freddie Boy
Mikal Dunn, M. 1980 L20-74-7 36 (91) ML Ruffled blue, yellow green signal. Myra Arny X unknown

Milk Maid Raabe, R.* 1982 U80-51 47 (120) EM Stands sulfur yellow fading to white; falls sulfur yellow. Mertzweiller seedling 70-58 X E.H. Martyn
Mischief Maker Pryor, B.* 1997 35/92-D 32 (81) EM Stands and falls soft pink with white rim, darker pink veining; signals lime yellow, veined lime, surrounded by darker pink; style arms soft lemon; ruffled. Volcanic Wildfire X Spanish Ballet
Miss Arkansas Chowning, F. 1973 FC 1 30 (75) M Carnelian self with gold signal. FC 49-AA: (I. nelsonii x I. foliosa) X W.B. MacMillan
Miss Gertie’s Bonnet Haymon, D. 1999 81-92-2 44 (119) M Stands cream, edged lavender, veined brown; style arms dark lavender, tipped lavender cream; falls light lavender, edged dark lavender, veined brown, gold steeple signal outlined brown; ruffled strongly flared; slight sweet fragrance. Charlie’s Karen X All Agaze
Miss Verret Goula, R. 1992 G-85-R1 36 (91) ML Ruffled bright rose red, large bright yellow signal; slight spicy fragrance. Freddie Boy X Ann Chowning

Missey Reveley Chowning 1996 30 M Stands cadmium orange; falls same with overlay of light red. Sibling of Gold Reserve (Syn: Gold Top) seedling X seedling
Mississippi Gambler Dunn, M. 1985 L73-80-1 34 (86) M Stands rusty brown; gold style arms flushed rust; falls rusty brown, large area in center washed, gold, lime green signal. L13-74-14: (Ila Nunn x Her Highness) X Ann Chowning
Mitzie Lou Neugebauer 1971 (o) HC71

Mocker’s Song Chowning, F. 1973 FC31 25 (64) L Dark maroon self. Pomp and Glory X W.B. MacMillan

Mohave Dusk Chenoweth, V. 1987 M-6-83 30 (76) M Dark red-purple self. E.H. Martyn X 79-1-W: (Clara Goula x unknown)

Mohave Moon Cheoweth, V. 1987 M-6-83 30 (75) M Dard red purple. E.H. Martyn X 79-1-W: (Clara Goula x unknown)
Mon Cheri Dunn, M. 1986 L47-78-15 34 (86) M Stands pink grape; greenish style arms tipped lavender; falls grape orchid, green signal. Buxom X Clara Goula
Monet’s Magic Pryor, H.* 1995 60/90-13 35 (89) M Ruffled deep maroon, raised orange signal pattern, beige petal reverse; style arms deep maroon tipped beige. Gladiator’s Gift X Desert Jewel
Moneymaker Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL19-9 43 (110) ML Stands buff, edged light purple violet; style arms buff, green base, purple violet backing; falls peach tan blending to purple violet edge, yellow signal. Desert Jewel X Dural Dreamtime
Monument Dunn, M. 1977 L9-73 34-36 (86-91) M Lightly ruffled warm white, yellow signal; creamy style arms. Charlie’s Michele X Ila Nunn
Moon Bayou Wyatt, C. 1978 N/R 34 (86) M Deep medium yellow self. G.W. Holleyman X seedling

Moon Lake Granger, M. 1985 69-61 18 (46) M Stands cream white; falls cream white with light greenish tint, stronger greenish veining, white signal veined green. Queen O’ Queens X Gypsy Moon
Morning Treat Arny 1960 27-59 30 M Stands peach to salmon; falls salmon; orange line crest, margined maroon. Louise Arny X Lockett’s Luck
Movealong Taylor, J.C.* 1998 UL14-3 43 (110) ML Stands and style arms light tan; falls light tan, darker midrib and around yellow signal. Dancing Vogue X Watch Out

Mr. Marvin Neugebauer 1966 Flat blue. Twilight Mist X Snow Cap
Mrs. Dupe Arny 1969 36 M Light to medium rose self; yellow crest. Louise Arny X Dora Dey
Mrs. Frank Chowning Arny 1969 30 ML Butterfly blue self, distinct yellow line crest; style arms pale blue. Puttytate X Taylor blue I. giganticaerulea
Mrs. Ira Nelson Arny 1969 36 ML Mineral violet self, large triangular crests. Louise Arny X G.W. Holleyman
Mrs. Mac Arny 1963 36 M Violet-blue self, large yellow signal. Louise Arny X Dora Dey
Mudbug O’Connor, P. 1999 91-3 28 (71) M Stands medium purple, 2-3 darker lengthwise lines extending halfway; style arms red purple; falls medium purple, yellow orange line signal centered in large white thumbprint signal overlaid with purple veining. Dr. Dormon X I. brevicaulis
Mumma's Marmalade Mumma's Marmalade (Heather Pryor, R. 2002).  Sdlg. 8/96-B.  LA, 40" (102 cm), EM. S. lemon, edges blushed orange; style arms yellow, orange tip and around midrib; F. medium orange with lemon rim and reverse, yellow steeple signal surrounded orange red, red tip and line extension; ruffled; slight fragrance.  Lost For Words X Lucy Payens.
My Ann Hale, P. 1970 28 LaH 24 (61) M Dark purple with velvet sheen; dark signal. Four generations of Dorothea K. Williamson
My Friend Dick Butler, R. 1998 RCB#1 35 (89) M Current red, bold gold yellow signal. Ann Chowning X Ann Chowning
My Mascot Taylor, J.C.* 1986 JJL17-3 31 (80) L Stands magenta, edged bone, red purple midrib; falls red purple, edge bone, large yellow signal veined green. Clara Goula X Dural Gold

My Sea Spray Carroll, C.* 1995 89-B-C 33-34 (84-86) M Stands deep mauve, veined brown; falls mauve, veined, with white spray pattern, yellow signal. (Gypsy Moon x Marie Caillet ) X unknown
Myra Arny Arny 1969 42 M Stands pale pink, almost white; falls rhodamine pink, ruffled; cream-colored style arms with ruffled tips; yellow line signal. Louise Arny X Mistis